POV: Spider-Man

So Miles and I are sitting next to each other in a S.H.I.E.L.D. holding cell. We were told we aren't allowed to speak until Nick Fury gets here. He walks in.

"What are we doing here?" surprisingly, that was Miles's voice.

"Calm down, kid. You're not the bad guys. We just had to get you out of there before some people started thinking you were."

I hang my head.

"If you're just trying to help us then why are we in a cell?" asks Miles.

"See any bars? This look like a cell to you?"

"No sir."

"Good. Because it isn't. It's a questioning room."

"Where are the Sinister Six?"

"I'm asking the question. But you have a right to now at least that, so they're being held on the Triskellion."

"Oh." Says Miles, defeated.

"I know how pasty over there got his powers, but what about you, son?"

Did he just call me pasty?

POV: Nick Fury

"Well," he started "Our friend, Mary Jane, and I were working with a sample of Peter's blood to see why he was losing his powers."

"Did you find out why?" he blurted in.

"Shut up!"

He did.


"Well, we found out that his cells were normal and he still had the spider DNA. But all the stress was getting to him. So I got up and looked at the spiders Professor Warren was genetically altering and I noticed one was missing, so-"

"Wait, kid. Did you say 'Warren'?"

"Yeah. Miles Warren." The white one said that.

I put my finger on my headset.

"Attention all S.H.I.E.L.D. personal Miles Warren is working at Empire State University. I want four units guarding the place until he arrives."

"What was that about?" asked the black one.

"None of your business. He's a completely different story. Now continue with yours."

"Well the missing spider bit me and I got my powers like right away and I went to help Peter stop the Sinister Six."

I examine each of them closely.

"You're both meant to be heroes. You're both fit for it. But, we've had enough trouble with one web-head and we don't need another."

"Miles can do it. I saw him fighting, he has what it takes. I've run my course, I've done my time as Spider-Man, but I'm done. I can't handle it anymore."

We both stare at him. Miles more excited than shocked. Kids.

POV: Spider-Man

"You mean I get to be Spider-Man now?"

"Yeah, sure. You can even use that new costume."

"The black one?"

"Yeah. The black one."


"Alright, I've had enough teenager for one lifetime. Get off my aircraft."

Both of us walk to a door and an agent opens it and they push us out. Like it matters. We both shoot a web and go swinging back to my place.

I find MJ, Gwen, and Aunt May all waiting for me. Gwen hugs me right away and I can barely see MJ over her shoulder. I can see the misery in her eyes. The sadness.

POV: Miles Morales

So it's been about a week since the torch has been passed to me. I'm just here perching on a gargoyle. Wow. I'm doing this. Me. I'm Spider-Man! I jump off the gargoyle and let myself fall until I'm almost touching the ground when I shoot a web and go swinging through New York City.