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Sitting in his chair in front of his computer, sipping a cup of Earl Gray, Q stared at the screen, trying to decipher the complex code before him. One problem though, it was in a language he had never seen before.

Language was not his job, never had been and never would be, so he never really saw any point in learning any language other than a little bit of French and a tad bit of German.

But waiting for hours on end for the most infuriating Linguist in MI-6 was making him regret not learning. She was the best, no doubt about it, the best in the world and God did she know it. Finally, he slammed his laptop shut and rose, seething.

"This is ridiculous. Where the hell is L?"

"Remember what I taught you. Don't lean too far to your left."

"I'll try."






"One more time"




"I said one more, not three."

Deep in the basement of the newly rebuilt MI-6, James Bond watched as the newly hired Linguist shot, or tried to shoot, the target across the way. Every time she shot, her hands would twitch sharply, sending the bullet in a completely different direction. L ran her hands through her closely cropped red hair.

"Damn, every time!"

"Here, I'll show you."

Bond walked up behind her, closing the gap between them. His callused hands encased her fragile, petite ones with ease. He aimed her hands at the target.

"You've got to relax your shoulders, ease up on the grip, there you go. Control your breathing. In. Out. And…FIRE!"

His fingers squeezed hers slightly causing her to pull the trigger. The bullet shot from the gun and hit the target square in the head.

"There, that wasn't so hard, was it?" he whispered in her ear.

"Ease up on the grip, Bond." L huffed as the heat reached her cheeks. James chuckled and stepped back.

"Now let's see you do it."

L stared at the target, eased her grip on the gun and relaxed her shoulders. In. Out. And-


Spinning around, L pulled the trigger and fired at the furious Quartermaster, causing both him and James to leap to the floor. The bullet ricocheted off the walls of the room before shooting through the crotch of the cardboard target. Slowly, carefully standing up, Q's face regained its look of fury.

"What the hell are you doing down here, L. I've been waiting for hours for you to decipher that code."

James stood up and dusted his suit off before fixing Q with a look.

"She was practicing, god knows she needs it."


"Ever since he got away, no one is safe in MI-6."

Q looked down at his shoes and scratched nervously at the back of his head. It had been quite a blunder on the part of MI-6, letting a criminal of that caliber just waltz out of Scotland. Terrible luck really.


James stared down at the lifeless body of M in his arms and sighed, wiping away the stray tears from his already dirty face. She looked peaceful as he watched her, and so it should be. She had done her country a great service for many years. But it wasn't about the country. Not about England, her queen or any of it she was just trying to make the world a safer place and she had gotten killed for it.

The sound of choppers filled the air from outside. He picked up her small, frail body and left the chapel, not sparing one glance at the dead man on the floor. As he walked back out into the open air of Scotland, he saw Mallory running up the hill towards him, closely followed by a medical team.

Mallory stopped when he saw the look on James's face, then his eyes trailed down towards the lifeless body of the former leader. He swallowed the lump in his throat and jerked his head towards the chopper.

"Let's get you back to headquarters."

Putting M's body on the stretcher, the medics covered it with a white sheet and led it away to the chopper.

"Can you…give me a moment, Mallory?" James asked. Jerking his thumb towards the chapel he said, "There's something I've got to do."

Mallory nodded and started back towards the medical team. James trudged back up the hill and towards the Chapel. When he entered it, his eyes widened at the sight before him. Kincade lay unconscious on the floor, knocked out by the butt of a gun and the body of Raoul Silva was nowhere to be found. James raced to the window to look outside at where he had gone but a dense fog was already descending on the whole of Scotland. Hopping through the window, he raced through the fog, looking every which way.


He was met with nothing but silence.


"Bond, what's wrong?" shouted Mallory as he ran towards the screaming agent.

"He's gone, Mallory."


"Silva, he's knocked out Kincade and disappeared."

"We'll take care of it once we get back to base."


"Now, Bond."

James shoved his hands in his pockets and followed Mallory back towards the Helicopters, sparing one last glance out into the fog.

End Flashback

"Yes, a bit of bad luck there," Q muttered, wringing his hands.

"More than a bit I'd say." L responded, looking pointedly at Q. "Though you'll catch him, I'm sure."

"I would have caught him already if I hadn't been reassigned."


Bond took the gun from L and put it on the table.

"I've got another assignment in Italy, which reminds me." He walked up the stairs to Q. "You need to debrief me."

"Right, and you-" Q sneered at L. "Don't think your getting off so easy. The computer is in my office, the door is unlocked. Do. It. Now."

"Aye-Aye Captain!"

After the two men exited the room, L went back to the table and picked up the gun. She stood at the centre of the room and aimed at the target. She eased her grip on the gun and relaxed her shoulders. In. Out. And-


Staring from behind the smoking gun, L looked to where her bullet had gone and lo and behold there was a hole dead centre of the targets head. She smiled to herself and placed he gun back on the table before running out to decipher Q's code.

From the darkest corner of the room, a figure stepped out, clad in a janitors uniform. The mysterious man grinned maniacally and an all to familiar chuckle escaped his lips. He sighed to himself.

"So old fashioned."

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