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Plugging her USB into Q's computer, L sat down and cracked her knuckles.

"Time to get to work."

The code was relatively simple; she didn't see why Q couldn't do it himself. Staring at the screen, she found it was a type of ancient language, Japanese most likely, no doubt sent from one of the more well known gangs. L scanned through the language, easily translating it and was done in just under an hour.

'Not bad.' she thought to herself.

As she waited for the copy of the page to print, she sat back in Q's chair and thought about how she had gotten into all this "secret agent" business. She had just been a normal little girl born into a wealthy Irish family. She never really noticed or cared where her father went every weekend or why her mother was so upset all the time.

Whenever her parents got into arguments, she would always run down the hill outside her house and into the forest until she was sure they were done. Yes, she had always been a happy child. But like all those who joined MI-6, the happiness did not last long.


A seven year old L ran through her house, her braids flying out behind her as she flew through every door.

'Wait till mommy and daddy see my braids.' she thought. 'I did them all by myself.'

She reached the door to the main foyer and threw it open.

"Mommy, Daddy, look what I-"

She stopped and stared at the scene before her. Her mother had her head in her hands and was sobbing uncontrollably while her father paced menacingly across the room. Something was horribly wrong, even L could tell that. Her mother looked up at her with horror before looking to her husband.

"Philip, we can't let them know she's here!" her mother cried.

"Let who know?" L asked. "What's wrong mummy?"

"Nothing sweetie," her father answered. "Don't worry Abigail; we'll get her out of-"

Suddenly there was a loud bang on the door and her parents head whipped to it in terror. Her father turned back to L and gripped her shoulders as the banging continued.


Not two seconds later, the door burst open with a huge CRACK. L didn't need to be told twice as she ran as fast as she could back through the door she came from. She stopped to catch her breath when she started to hear shouting coming from the room. She stared through the crack of the door, watching the scene unfold before her.

Two tall muscular men held the arms of her father while another one held a gun to her mother. Soon, the clicking of heels echoed through the house. A very well dressed man entered the room, his expensive shoes clacking away on the stone floor. He neared her father and pulled out a knife, holding it to his throat. L swallowed the lump forming in her throat.

"I'd hoped it wouldn't have to come to this Philip." the man said, "You said you'd have the money to me by the end of this week."

"And I will, I still have two more days, I'll get it to you, just please, let my wife go!" he pleaded desperately.

The man stepped back and shook his head almost sadly.

"It's too late for that, Philip. Ah, I hoped it wouldn't have to come to this. I like you Philip. I don't want to do this, but you really give me no choice."

The man nodded to the burly man holding the gun to her mothers head. L watched as her father began to shout out and struggle against the men holding him.

'What's happening?' L thought. 'Why is mommy crying? Don't cry mommy, I don't like it when you-'


Philip was screaming now, crying and trying to battle his way out of the hold of the men holding him back from the body of his wife. L just stared from her hiding spot. She didn't want to stay anymore. Backing away from the door, she tried to make her way upstairs, but something completely cliché happened. A loose floorboard creaked.

"What was that?" the expensive man shouted. "Kemp, go check it out."

Kemp, the man with the gun, started walking towards L's hiding place and she began to back up, but it was too late, she had nowhere to go. The door flew open and L found herself staring into the eyes of the mountain of a man. He reached down and picked her up, almost dragging her out of the room as she kicked and screamed.

"It's a kid boss."

"Oh a kid? You got a kid, eh Philip?"


"You know what I'll do, Philip? I'll let you keep your life and since you can't pay, I'll just take the kid."

"YOU BASTARD!" Philip shouted. Kicking his two captors in the knees, Philip jumped forward, releasing himself from their grip and ran at the expensively dressed man. But before he could make it two steps-


Philip fell dead to the floor, the man sneering down at his dead body.

"C'mon boys lets get outta here. Bring the kid."

And so young L was forcefully dragged out of her house at the age of seven, screaming for her dead parents, by men she had never seen before.

End Flashback

Shaking the depressing thoughts from her head, L grabbed the paper from the printer and walked out of the office.

'That was a long time ago.' she thought to herself. 'I've changed since then.'

She walked down the hall and saw Q walking towards her. She met him halfway.

"Well, it seems that a few Japanese terrorist are going to try to blow up Big Ben. I'd get on that if I were you." She said shoving the paper into his chest and walking away, leaving him baffled.

L walked into the office of her friend Eve Moneypenny. "I'm heading home, Eve. Call if you need anything."

"Always will, L. See you."

Later that evening

Climbing out of the shower, L dried her hair with her towel and slipped into her pajamas. (A Christmas present from James) Suddenly, she heard a knock at the door.

"Who would come around at this time of night?"

Opening the door, she saw a tall, well built man in a UPS uniform. His hat was pulled down over his face and he held out a clipboard.

"A package Miss." The man said. Spain, L thought. She took the clipboard and signed it. The man's eyes roamed her body from under the brim of his hat and smiled slightly. Noticing the man's roving eyes and smile, L huffed.

"Is something funny?"

"No," he chuckled. "Nothing at all, Miss."

"Then there's nothing to laugh about, is there?" she sneered, grabbing the box from the man and slamming the door in his face. He blinked a couple of times after the door had slammed and furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. But sighing dramatically and shrugging his broad shoulders, he walked back down the hall and into the elevator.

Inside the apartment L walked over to her table and opened the box but found nothing inside.

"What the hell?"

Rushing to open the door again, she found that the man had gone, and just like the man, she sighed dramatically, shrugged her shoulders and slammed the door again.

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