I'm back with another challenge! :D After reading a review of Chubby Bunny from Mystery Girl Who Writes, I decided to continue this in a sort of series. Since only three people followed Chubby Bunny, but many people enjoyed it, I decided to publish them on their own.

You can read Chubby Bunny beforehand, but it's not necessary. This is pure fun :)

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"Nuh uh. I'm not doin' that." Bunnymund eyes the spoon full of cinnamon warily.

Jack extends the spoon a bit more. "Come on!"

"That's not a tablespoon, mate. That's more like three." Bunnymund protests, trying not to breath in the spice.

Jack shakes his head. "Nope, you lost the bet. And Sandy watched me put it on, right Sandy?"

Sandy smiles and gives Bunny two thumbs up.

The rabbit still looks apprehensive as Jack inches the spoon closer. "All right, all right! But let me do it myself, ya bloody show pony." He snaps, grabbing the spoon and being careful not to lose any of the cinnamon.

He has a stare down with the spoon, while Jack and Sandy wait.

"Come on, kangaroo. Not getting any younger."

"Ya ain't gettin' older either." Bunny replies drily.

"Just put the spoon in your mouth, and swallow. It's not that hard." Jack explains, crossing his arms over his chest as he stares the 6 foot 1 rabbit down.

Bunny takes a deep breath, and puts the spoon in his mouth before closing his lips around it and pulling it back out triumphantly.

At first, it isn't that bad. He thinks of the benefits he'll be reaping once –

Oh, bloody hell!

It's like fire in his mouth, and he coughs. The cinnamon leaves his mouth in a cloud, and he breathes in more, setting his lungs and throat aflame.

Jack and Sandy watch him cough. Jack's laughing, while Sandy looks torn between joining the mirth and helping the cotton-tailed Guardian.

"Water!" Bunny rasps, which makes Jack laugh louder, and he grabs a goblet from a passing elf. It isn't until he takes a big gulp that he realizes that it wasn't water – it was eggnog.

The nutmeg increases the spice ten-fold, and he can barely get a hold of his coughing enough to open a tunnel directly to the kitchens. His eyes are watering – he can't see where he's going, and he stumbles to the closest thing to a sink. He attempts to put his head under the spout before realizing his ears get in the way.

"Here!" A glass is thrust into his hands, and he gulps it down. Another is placed, this time without a comment, and he downs that too. The fire is dulled, but not completely gone, and he looks through watery eyes at the blurred figures of Jack and Sandy.

"32 seconds. Wimp." Jack says, grinning as he holds out another glass of water, which Bunny takes gratefully and downs.

Bunnymund glares at the winter spirit. "Oh, yeah? How'd you do?" He demands.

"63 seconds." Jack says proudly.


"You wanna bet?"

"Yeah, I do, mate."

"Get the cinnamon."

"I'm measurin' this time."

Sandy watches the exchange like a tennis match.

"No, I am."

"No, you're not. I'm gonna do it."

"No, I did it last time."

"Not this time, mate."

Sandy sighs, and floats out of the kitchen to get his portion of the betting pool from Phil.

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