Gemini tilted her head to the side slightly; eyebrows meshed in confusion "I'm confused, you loved both our mothers?" She slumped back onto Stiles "I don't understand anything anymore"
"Are you saying you cheated on mom with Gemini's mom?" Stiles asked, his voice was unsure.
The Sheriff sighed "No I didn't cheat on your mother with Gemini's mother" he gave a small sigh "that would be pretty amazing considering both of you have the same mother" he let that sink in for a moment. Slowly Gemini moved away from Stiles, she avoided looking in his direction as she stood up slowly.
"Stiles is my brother?" She asked at the same time he said "I have a sister?"
"Yes to both questions" he nodded, he watched as Gemini and Stiles stared at each other.
"Is there a law against incest?" Stiles asked suddenly looking at his father; Gemini gave a broken hiccup of a laugh and dived down to the trash can to throw up. Stiles winced but didn't move to comfort her or hold her hair back; he was busy fighting down the bile in his own throat.
"Is there something I should know?" The Sheriff asked sitting back
"Nothing much" Stiles said staring at Gemini
"I lost my virginity to my brother" She moaned into the trash can
"Just...that" he used his hands to gesture lamely at Gemini
The Sheriff put his head in his hands and fought the urge to weep.

When everyone had calmed down they moved their conversation to the living room. Gemini sat curled up in the floor with a can of ginger ale leaning against Stile's leg. The Sheriff sat across from them.
"How's your stomach?"
"Empty" she said softly "are you gonna tell me about my mom?"
"I'm going to tell both of you everything. Gemini, my name is Simon, and before I was a Sheriff I was a hunter."
"A hunter? Like with animals and stuff?" Stiles asked
"Or with like monsters and stuff" Gemini finished
"Monsters" he smiled at the kids "I hunted werewolves, wendigos, demons, vampires, and witches"
Stiles bumped Gemini and grinned at her "I told you Vampires were real"
"Now is not the time" she hushed him
"There was a witches council meeting here about 20 years back, your mother was one of the witches. She lived here before I did and she owned a little bakery in town called Cream On, she was a big Aerosmith fan." he chuckled "I had just moved to the town about six months before and was living in a small apartment with your mother. We had only been dating for two months but we were already in love."
Gemini and Stiles cooed
"I hadn't told her I was a hunter and she didn't tell me she was a witch. We both had our secrets but we had a system and it worked. While I was with her I didn't hunt, I didn't look for cases and run around killing things. She kept me grounded, she was like an anchor while I was lost at sea. Things were fine until an old hunting buddy of mine called me up. Told me there was a witches meeting scheduled and that I should keep my eyes open, said he might come up with a few friends to help. That was probably the only reason I realized the way your mother was acting. She was flitting out and around the house more often the week before the meeting. She told me all the herbs she was burying were for recipes she wanted to try out, if i was a lesser man I would have believed her. The meeting was on Saturday so on Thursday I confronted her about it. She broke and told me everything, told me she was a witch. She told me she knew I was a hunter but she loved me, and God help me I loved her too. I called up my hunting buddies and told them I had everything under control."
Gemini cooed this time "That's cute as hell"
"We were" The Sheriff nodded "she kept the witches under control like she promised and in turn I kept her safe, everything went beautifully. For three years things went like that, I pretended to beat the witches and they kept there councils. We got married that forth year and the fifth year was when she finally told me what happens at the meetings." His face fell "Witches have a tendency not to mate with other witches. At the meetings they take two witches, based on power and social status, and they put them together for them to mate, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. That fifth year your mother was chosen, they finally found a witch to match her powers. She cried for days and destroyed half the forest when she found out." He gave a small smile "I told her that I understood, it was her duty to carry on the line of witches. That was the first time she ever did magic for me, she started to glow and things started to float all over the place. That night she went with Sebastian Moon and two months later she conceived. Gemini was born almost a year later on March 11th 1995. A month later she got pregnant again and Stiles was born on February 19th" he smiled at the kids "the two of you were you're mothers world, she pampered you and spoiled the both of you rotten." The smile fell off his face "then your father came by to visit you Gemini, the first time in 4 years he comes to visit you. He throws a magical fit and leaves with you, trashes out loft and breaks out things and just leaves. Hell he put me in the hospital for a week" His eyes looked hollow "being away from the two of you at such a young age drained her completely. Witches raise their children by lending them their magic until they're old enough to sustains magic on their own. When they get old enough they give the magic back to the parent, but the parent can siphon off some of the magic as long as the child is close. When Sebastian took you Gem, your mother lost half of her magic. You were too far away for her to share the magic between the two of you so she gave it all to you. Then Stiles went quiet without you around, he was mute until the age of 8 when his mother was first diagnosed with cancer. She could have healed herself but then she would have left you both without magic. Stiles was still having separation anxiety from losing Gemini so you're mother used the last of her magic to wipe his memory, She gave the rest of her magic to you and let the cancer take her." The sheriff was crying, tears were streaming down his face at a steady pace.
"So this is my fault"
The sheriff looked up sharply as both of the kids spoke together
"We killed mom" Stiles said sliding onto the floor next to Gemini
"No!" The Sheriff moved to the floor "Look at me you two, you are in no way responsible for your mother's death."
The two teens looked at him with blank faces and dead eyes
"Stiles, Gemini listen to me" he took them both by the chins and made them look at him. "You did not ask to be brought into this world, you are not responsible for the things that happened when you couldn't even talk."
"John" Gemini said suddenly "I didn't kill my mother"
"Right" he smiled at her encouragingly "neither of you are responsible for your mother's death."
"My father killed my mother" she said, her eyes flickering between normal and blue green, Stiles looked at her in sudden realization.
"Your father killed our mother" he repeated, his eyes flickering as well
"No" John shook his head "No one is responsible for your mother's death, we can't blame people in anger"
"Sebastian Moon" Stiles said at the same time as Gemini "Killed our mother"
"God damn it" John cursed and stood up looking around at the levitating things. They were illuminated in blue, green, and purple and vibrating in the air. "You need to calm down"
"I don't know about you but I'm calm as a button" Stiles said getting up
"If there's anyone calmer than me he's dead" Gemini said getting up as well "Just like Sebastian Moon is going to be" she hissed, a vase broke behind her
"You can't kill your father" John said stepping towards them
"I'm not killing my father" she said
"She's killing a sperm donor" Stiles spat, something crashed into the wall. Both of the kids were glowing and growling, John didn't know what he expected. Tears maybe, a few curse words and some screaming, but murderous intent? That's not what he was expecting at all. He did the only thing he could and pulled out his cell phone, he dialed Derek.

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