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Helga woke up to the sound of her dad laughing.

"You really are a freak aren't you Olga? Waking up to a shrine made for a boy who hasn't even tried to talk to you in three months." Bib Bob said.

Helga knew that she should be used to this by now. Ever since Arnold left to live with his parents, Helga hadn't been able to sleep because she missed him too much. She just kept tossing and turning and replaying their first kiss over and over and over. Usually at about three o'clock in the morning she'd drag her blanket to her Arnold shrine and fall asleep in front of it. That really sucked though because it meant that her dad usually found her in the morning and made fun of "Olga's sick obsession," as he liked to call it.

"You know Olga, it's time you moved on. It's obvious the boy has." Big Bob said.

Helga growled at her dad. She and Arnold had shared a very special kiss in San Lorenzo and then they spent every waking moment between the time that they returned to P.S. 118 and Arnold moving to San Lorenzo to live with his parents together. Those months of being Arnolds' girlfriend had been the best of Helga's life and a real dream come true but now Arnold was gone and she hadn't heard from him since she left. She wrote him a letter every day but she never ever got one in return and as much as it hurt she had no idea why.

"You know Olga that kids no good for you. He's an orphan from a poor family, with an annoying grandpa and he has the dumbest looking head I've ever seen, even if he did really care about you I'd never let you marry him." Bib Bob said.

"It's Helga dad Helga! Crimeny what is wrong with you Big Bob? How many times do I have to tell you? He's not an orphan anymore. I already told you he found his parents. You never got over his grandpa beating you because you can't play golf well and you, Big Bob have a much much dumber looking head that he does." Helga said every word with enough venom to kill a small child. She was sick of Big Bob and she was sick of this conversation. She was also sick of how he never listened or even paid attention to anything she ever said. Helga just ignored her dad and went to take a shower.

She turned on the hot water and felt it run down her body. This was one of the only times where she really felt at peace since Arnold had left. No one was around her. She was completely free to let her guard down and just enjoy the water. It's not like her constant stocker Brainy was going to randomly pop out of the wall and annoy Helga with his dumb loud breathing. Her minty green shampoo smelled so good and she enjoyed the way it felt in her hair. Of course, she was using the same shampoo as her blond haired foot-ball head so she could be reminded of the way he smelled.

Helga was enjoying every moment of the hot water when suddenly the water stopped running. Helga growled at the shower head like it had done something wrong even though she knew what happened. She stomped out of the shower and poked her head out of the door.

"Mariam!" Helga yelled furiously. "Why did you forget to pay the water bill? You always forget, crimeny it's not that hard."

"Oh well, I just didn't know that was due today Olga." Mariam said.

"It's Helga! Mariam it's due the same day every month. It's been that way since we moved here." Helga snarled.

Mariam gave her a blank look. She had at least raised her head from her sleep stupor.

"Every month since we lived here." Helga said.

"Well would you mind taking the check to the water people today?" Mariam asked.

Helga growled. She knew that if she didn't it would get paid tomorrow afternoon when Bob got to it.

"Crimeny Mariam, I'm soaking wet and sudsy, oh and I have school in less than thirty minutes. What am I supposed to do?" Helga was seething. In those amazing two months between that fateful kiss with Arnold and him moving to San Lorenzo to live with his parents she almost looked forward to mornings where the water ran out. She would just call her angel and ask to come over to take a shower at his boarding house. That way she could see him early in the morning and they'd walk to school together. Now those days were over. So she had to fend for herself.

"Oh well, I don't know Olga you could use the water bottles," Mariam said.

"No Mariam I am NOT going to use the water bottles." Helga said.

Five minutes later Helga found herself in the shower with five bottles of water around her.

"I cannot believe I'm washing myself off with water bottles." Helga said as she grabbed water bottles and washed the soap off of her body with them. After Helga was done she stepped out of the shower and quickly got dressed and put her hair up her pink ribbon. She looked at the clock, only three minutes before the bus came. She quickly ran to the door.

"You have a date tonight so try not to get dirty. I hate to see you waste any more time on that dork." Big Bob said.

Helga gulped she had no idea what her dad was talking about and no time to ask him. She knew she would NOT be going on a date tonight especially not one her dad had set up for 'Olga.' She stepped out of the door of her house and saw that she made it in time. She got onto the bus and looked at Gerald. He quickly looked the other way. Helga knew he was watching her; he had been since Arnold left. She had no idea why but it really really bugged her. Helga tried to ignore that and quickly found a seat by Brainy. Yeah, he was annoying but at least he didn't make Helga talk about anything. Brainy kept up his typical heavy breathing and took off his glasses. This was how Brainy always greeted her, so Helga didn't break him glasses if she decided to hit him. But without Arnold around she felt too sad to even hit Brainy.

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