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"Helga stop it!" Arnold demanded. He almost cringed at the tone he took with his angel but he had to stop her. What was right was right and he wanted to do what was right.

"What hair boy? In case you haven't noticed I don't want to talk to you right now I'd rather be doing other things." Helga said. She lunged at him, her lips at the ready, but he dogged.

"Helga sit on the bed," Arnold said. Helga was so taken aback by his unusually harsh tone that she sat down immediately.

"We need to talk," Arnold demanded.

Helga gulped and quickly sat down.

"A-abuout what?" Helga asked nervously shuffling her feet. She didn't remember the last time she had felt this nervous around her prince.

"Well, Helga, I just wanted you to know that we belong together. I mean we get along great, we're always making each other laugh and I love spending time with you. You make me happy and I think I make you happy too." Arnold said.

"Yes, my beloved, of course you make me happy. You make me happier than I've ever been in my life." Helga said smiling at him with a love sick smile.

Arnold gapped at her. He wasn't expecting this reaction from her, than again he couldn't think of a time when she hadn't surprised him. He loved her unpredictable ways.

"But, what about Brainy?" Arnold said. He really loved Helga but he wasn't going to let her use him to cheat on her boyfriend.

"What about Brainy? Arnold we never went on a date. I mean...I guess we did kind of but it never meant anything," Helga said.

"Wait... what?" Arnold said. Her and Brainy went on a date but it didn't mean anything? He honestly couldn't see how that could possibly make any sense. How could a date not mean anything, especially one where the boy and girl held hands? He knew that Gerald would never lie to him and he couldn't imagine that Big Bob would either.

Helga froze for a minute. Her dad had lied to Arnold but she thought he would have told him the truth after he gave Arnold the ticket, it was the only right thing to do.

"You mean my dad never told you the truth?" Helga asked. Crimeny, did she have to do everything around here?

"The truth about what?" Arnold asked. He looked at Helga's honest eyes and he felt a glimmer of hope rush through him.

Helga looked down at her shoes. She was really embarrassed to have to admit that she even kind of went on a date. She didn't know how he would see what happened. She was so sure it didn't mean anything but she was new to the dating world. What if she did something wrong without meaning to? Why oh why didn't she just give up Wrestlemania? She would have given up wrestling all together if it meant that she could have saved him a scrap of pain.

Arnold noticed the sad embarrassed look on her beautiful face. He wanted to know what had happened. He would forgive his angel for anything if it meant that he could keep her as a girlfriend.

"Helga, what happened?" Arnold asked putting an arm on her shoulder.

Helga looked up at his face and smiled sadly.

"I-I, I'm sorry Arnold, the date never meant anything. I didn't even think it was a date. It's just that Big Bob told me I had to go on a date and I told him I'd never go on a date with anyone but you but than he threatened to not let me go to Wrestlemania and I...well I needed something to look forward to when I thought the love of my life wasn't replying to my letters. It wasn't a date though, and I didn't even know it would be with Brainy. My dad set me up on a blind date. I made it clear to Brainy that it wasn't a date and I even wore my locket outside of my shirt to make sure everyone knew I belonged to you." Helga said.

Arnold smiled the biggest smile since he talked to Gerald that fateful night. He believed every word she was saying. She had always been painfully honest even when he really didn't want to hear the truth so he could trust her to be honest now.

"Helga, I don't blame you for doing what you did, your dad made you do. I don't see it as a date either and I don't blame you for not wanting to miss out on Wrestlemania." Arnold said.

"Really?" Helga asked smiling at her king.

"Of course," Arnold said, "but Gerald said he saw you two holding hands." Arnold really truly did believe his queen but he had to be completely sure.

"W-what? Gerald saw us?" Helga said. She felt an extreme amount of anger at tall hair boy.

"Yeah, he called me and he said that he saw you and Brainy at Che Paris. He said you were all dressed up and that you even held Brainys' hand." Arnold said.

Helga wanted to smash Gerald's face in when she heard the pain in Arnold's voice. She didn't understand why Gerald had told Arnold that without talking to her first.

"I-I, I'm sorry Arnold, my dad made me dress up. And I never ever held Brainy's hand. I talked to him for a long time about how much my family was bugging me, how alone I felt, and how much I missed you. It felt amazing to actually have someone to talk to and I felt so much less alone, than I thanked him for listening and he put his hand on top of mine. It was only for a few seconds though and it wasn't anything romantic at all. It was something that he did as a friend to comfort me." Helga said.

"Ohhh," Arnold said. Now everything was making sense. Helga had gone to Che Paris on a blind date that her dad had made her go on (when she wasn't even aware that Brainy was the other guy). She was dressed up because her dad had made her and she never held hands with Brainy, he was merely placing his hand on hers as a comforting friend gesture. Helga smiled when she saw how Arnold looked like he had finally figured out a puzzle. The confident happy look on his face made her heart speed up.

"So, um, I must look preety stupid dressed like Brainy." Arnold said blushing.

"You look incrediably dumb," Helga said playfully.

Helga grabbed Arnold's fake glasses and pulled Arnold close kissing him with all of her strenght. She threw his fake glasses on the floor and enjoyed the satisfying smashing sound that resulted in them being broken. Arnold kissed her back with his full strenght, now that he knew the truth he wasn't holding back at all. Several moments passed before they broke the kiss so they could breath. They smiled at each other nervously, each of them had so many butterflies in their stomachs.

Helga was high off of Arnold's lips which wasn't helping her process any of her other emotions and she had so many that she thought she might explode. She was sad that Arnold had gone through so much pain because he believed Gerald. She was furious beyond belief at Gerald. She was honestly pretty upset that Arnold thought she would ever cheat on him. But most of all Helga was just happy, ecstatic, that her king was here. She knew she would always be happy as long as he was close by.

"Gah! Why on earth would Geraldo ever tell you that, I mean what that hell? I'm going to have to straighten him out with Old Betsy and the Five Avengers at school tomorrow." Helga said, letting her natural state of anger override her other emotions. Arnold cringed a little, he still wasn't used to hearing curse words, especially not from one of his peers and he was always surprised on the few occasions she cursed in front of him.

"Helga, don't be mad. I know Gerald and he wasn't trying to do anything wrong or hurt you. He just didn't want me to get hurt. He's kind of protective of me like that. Sure, he jumped to conclusions which was wrong but in all of my time of knowing Gerald he's never done anything to purposely try to hurt anyone. Besides, he's okay with us dating as long as it makes me happy. I'm sure he'll start to like you once he realizes you'd never hurt me. It's hard to not like someone as awesome as you," Arnold said.

Helga got very angry very easily and once she was pissed she stayed that way, sometimes for years, but Arnold was the only person who knew how to make her stop raging. He knew she wouldn't be so mad if she knew that Gerald was just trying to help him. Arnold also knew that nothing melted her heart and her anger as quickly as hearing him compliment her.

"Helga, I'm really sorry for believing your dad and Gerald, they were wrong and I should have known that. You love me so much and you've proved that every day since we started dating and even longer than that." Arnold stood up, put his hands on her cheeks, and looked her straight in the eyes.

"Will you forgive me?" Arnold asked.

Helga sighed in love when she saw his gorgeous jelly-bean green eyes looking at her and felt his soft hands touching his face.

"Of course, my handsome king, I'd forgive you for anything," Helga swooned.

"That's what I like to hear," Arnold said.

He sat on the bed and held her close to him while playing with her soft blonde hair, that he adored.

"And don't worry I promise to spend every second with you until I leave on Sunday to make it up for you." Arnold said after they cuddled for several minutes.

He was expecting her to be overjoyed or at least happy, but he wasn't expecting her to start crying. He had never seen her cry since kindergarden and Harold stole her cookie. He never liked to see her cry but it had been better in kindergarden, at least than he knew what to do. Now he didn't even have an idea why she was crying.

She moved away from her beloved teddy bear and laid face down on her blue pillow. Stupid football head, she thought. He had made her walls come down and brought her out of her shell so that she was venerable. She hated this! She wasn't supposed to be weak especially not in front of Arnold. She was supposed to be tough and strong and fearless, so than why was she sobbing her eyes out in a pillow with her beloved in the room. She just couldn't be selfless anymore. She felt his hand on her back, trying to comfort her.

"H-Helga, what's wrong?" Arnold asked.

She just scooted away from him and kept crying. She wasn't trying to reject him she just hadn't been comforted when she was crying since she was three and she was too embarrassed to accept the help she so desperately needed.

"Helga, what's wrong? Come on, you can tell me." Arnold asked, as he gently tried to move her shoulders so that she was forced to look at him. He had never really seen her cry and he was really worried.

Several minutes of Arnold trying to ask her questions and her just crying in response passed. Finally, he just gave up and resorted to holding his angel as she cried. As always, he was just going to wait until she felt like talking to him. There really wasn't anyway to get Helga G. Pataki to tell you anything she didn't want to. After three minutes she faced him and started to cry into his shirt as she held him like he was a life jacket. He was surprised for a moment but than he just smiled and kept rubbing southing circles onto her back, while saying 'shhh,' 'shhh,' 'it's going to be okay,' 'I'm here,' and any other generic but hopefully comforting thing he could think of to say to his angel. After ten minutes of just being held she looked at him and wiped her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Arnold I just... I guess I just can't stand the thought of you leaving." Helga said.

"It's ok, I'm so sorry angel," Arnold said as his heart broke under the crushing weight of her sadness.

"I just..." Helga couldn't even describe how sad she was.

Her prince had come. Her dad had said kind words and even said he loved her. She had agreed to try to be friends again with Phoebe and she knew the Japanese girl would like that. After all that she just didn't know how to go back to being alone.

"I'm good at being alone, I guess, I just don't want to to have to be." Helga said.

"You're not alone, I'm here for you. I'll be here until Saturday Helga and I promise I'll write you a letter every day," Arnold said.

"Crimeny, can't you see that's not enough," Helga said.

She quickly told Arnold about the conversation she had with her dad this morning and how she was afraid that he'd revert back to his old self after all of that and how she would need Arnold to be there in person to survive that told him about promising to give up her shrine and how they were going to paint his picture in her closet, which flattered him. She told him about how she had broken off her friendship with Phoebe but promised her dad to gain her as a friend again. She told him how scared she was that after being given so much false hope from today that she'd go back to being alone with only letters and Brainy to keep her company. Every word she spoke broke Arnold's heart a little more.

"I mean I know I'm not a princess like little Miss Perfect Lila or super popular like Olga but why do I have to be alone all the time? I mean yeah, it was fine when I had always had it this way before I started dating you but than I realized how nice is it to not always be alone and after that I just can't take it anymore." Helga said. She had stopped crying now but she was still completely miserable.

"I'm really sorry Helga, you may not feel like a princess but to me you are. You don't deserve to be alone." Arnold said as he put his hands on her checks. "I promise we'll have so much fun today that you'll forget all about it." Arnold said.

"You don't understand," Helga said. She looked Arnold straight in the eyes and he saw the desperate look on her face. "I need you football head. I need you every moment of every day. I'm going to need you when I wake up and see Maiaim passed out drunk on the sofa in the morning. I'm going to need you when I'm walking to school in the rain and I don't have an umbrella. I'm going to need you if Big Bob ever calls me Olga again. I'm going to need you when I go to school and want to clobber Harold for making fun of my unibrow and only you can calm me down so I don't get a detention for doing so. I'm going to need you when class is painfully boring and I need someone's adorable head to throw spitballs at. I'm going to need you when I'm watching TV after school and just wish you were around to have fun with. I'm going to need you when I can't sleep at night and I've listened to that darn CD so many times I can quote the first Percy Jackson book in my sleep. Long story short I need you, not letters, you, in the flesh, right here in my arms, right now, and always. That won't change ever and no one fun day will make up for missing you football head." Helga almost yelled the last part and she almost started crying again.

Arnold was taken aback but flattered just like he was whenever Helga made a long speech about how much she loved him, which happened quite frequently. This time was different though, usually Arnold just responded by kissing her on the check or saying he loved her to but he didn't know how to respond to this.

"Do you really need me that badly?" Arnold asked even though he already knew the answer.

"Doi hair boy, why else would I be crying right now?" Helga said.

"Well, Helga, I need you too, my princess. I need you every single second of everyday. I need you when I doubt that I'm artistic or talanted and you're there to remind me that I am. I need you when I give someone advice and they just ingore me but you remind me that my classmates would be lost without me. I need you when it's raining before school and I need to see your beautiful bow to brighten my day. I need you when I wake up and think about how much I miss kissing your georgeous face. I'm going to need you when class is horribly boring and I need someone to throw spit balls at my head so I can be annoyed instead of bored. I need you when I need to laugh and only your infamous impersonations of people will do the trick. I need you when I'm being bullied by some jerk and only you're strong and brave enough to protect me. I need you after school when I have homework to do and it's only fun to do with you. I need you when I'm tired but need someone to read to before I can really relax. Long story short Helga I need you, writing letters isn't enough for me, I need you with me, in my arms, right now and always. That will never change ever, I promise." Arnold said.

Helga just looked at him and smiled. It meant so much that he said that. She memorized every word and was going to write it down in her journal as soon as she could, that way she could read it whenever she was lonely. Arnold took a deep breath before he spoke.

"Helga, I didn't want to tell you this until Friday because it was supposed to be a surprise but I hate to see you so upset." Arnold said.

"Wh-what?" Helga asked afraid to hope.

"I missed everyone so badly but mostly you that I had a hard time being happy in San Lorenzo. I tried my hardest to have a positive outlook because I was still with my parents which had been my dream for as long as I can remember and I even made some friends but it was still hard. I told my mom and she and dad decided it really wasn't fair to keep me away from all of my friends and my grandparents. They said if I wanted to we could all move back, my parents have some connections with the college here and they could get jobs teaching archeology. Still, I knew they were really happy and I didn't want to be the reason they had to leave a place they loved." Arnold said.

Helga sighed dreamily, that was so like Arnold to think of others before himself.

"When I heard you were cheating on me with Brainy I knew that moving back would be the right thing to do. I mean we're nine for crying out loud, I don't think we're mature enough for a long distance relationship yet and I love you too much to do anything that would hurt our relationship. I told my parents I needed to move back. If I could win you back than I could ensure that I'd never have to risk loosing you because of distance again and if I couldn't win you back than at least I could be around you and maybe one day you'd break up with Brainy and I could be your shoulder to cry on." Arnold said giving Helga a flirtatious smile that made her giggle like the school girl she was.

"So you're moving back to Hillwood!" Helga screeched, she felt like she was about to hyperventilate.

"My parents thought it would be best if I finished the school year in San Lorenzo and my parents need some time to arrange stuff with their jobs and, of course, we need some time to pack, so we won't be able to move back for two months but we'll be here in June, but my parents promised we'd move than. They thought spending the summer with my friends would be a nice treat for me cause I was away from everyone for so long." Arnold said.

"SO YOU'RE MOVING BACK TO HILLWOOD!" Helga screamed. She couldn't help it. She had spent months praying for this. She jumped on top of Arnold and kissed him.

"I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I LOVE YOU!" Helga said kissing his nose, checks, lips, hair, ears, forehead, basically every single part of his face. She started crying again but this time it was from pure joy. She knew that the two months apart would be hard but she could handle it if she knew he would be with her once the months were done. Heck, she could walk through hell with a smile on her face if she knew he was waiting on the other side.

Arnold laughed out of joy. It felt so good to know that his queen loved him after the two long months he spent doubting and wondering, and just recently the week he spent being convinced that she didn't and had moved onto a new guy.

"I love you to Helga," Arnold said, after he spent about fifteen minutes just enjoying being kissed by his queen. "So are you ready to go to the restaurant?"

"Hey, if it's all the same to you football head why don't we just stay in. We can cuddle and eat pop tarts and watch cartoons. I'm not going to share you now that I have you my sweet prince. Later we can go on a walk and I guess after school I can share you with our classmates for a bit so you can tell them the good news." Helga said, kissing him some more and giggling at the thought of Arnold being hers alone.

"Okay perfect, I love you," Arnold said.

"I love you more football head," Helga said holding his hand.

Helga smiled, the plan really did sound perfect. She couldn't wait to spend the rest of the day and possibly even the rest of her life with her divine angel. Gerald and Big Bob may have thought they would keep Helga and Arnold apart (even if they had good intentions) but love means you can't separate people, and they had only made Arnold realized he couldn't be apart from his queen, so truly they had just brought the couple closer.

The End

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