Sebastian was not a happy camper. It was Friday he had no test to study for no homework to copy because he too lazy to do it even if he knows the answer.

He wanted to stay in his dorm room, maybe go to Scandal with his boyfriend and get drunk and have sex...but no instead said boyfriend the co-captain of the Warbler: military brat Hunter Clarington decided that he would drag his boyfriend and two other Warbler members Jeff and Nick to the New Directions performance of Grease.

Hunter wanted to scoop the computation before sectionals and to see this legendary Blaine Anderson, the two sat in the middle. Jeff and Nick were a few seats away from them. The show was about to start when Sebastian laid his head on Hunter's shoulder.

"Why did I have to come?" He whined, Hunter snorted and laid his head on top of Sebastian's'.

"Because two heads are better than one."

"Two? What about the other two making out a few seats away."

"Those two kind of just came on their own." Hunter joked, cause Sebastian to snort.

"You know sex isn't going to make up for the torture you're putting me threw."

"Really," Hunter smiled grabbing Sebastian hand. "Then what will."

"You paying for Breadsticks and you know the history paper do Wednesday? I want you to do mine."

"Fine, but you'll only get a C."




"I can live with that." Sebastian smiled and kissed Hunter.

"Good because the show is starting." Hunter stated lifting his head, Sebastian whined at the loss of contacted and deiced to scoot closer. Letting go of Sebastian's hand hunter draped his arm on the back of Sebastian's seat, though it wasn't the most computable way to sit Sebastian was now feeling better about having to watch the show.