As requested by The Serene Dancer...I hope you like it.

After trying desperately to talk to Kurt, Blaine decided to drink his troubles away at Scandal and did he drink Blaine in the three hours he was there Blaine must have drank at least three times his body weight as he stumbled around the bar and right into an old friend.

"Sebastian!" Blaine yelled happily leaning on to the teen. "What hic, what are you doing here?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing killer, how much have you drank?" Sebastian asked as he paid for his drinks.

"I-I lost count." Blaine admitted after a few seconds of though.

"Okay no more for you, come on I'm getting you out of here before you end up in some alley with an STD."

"'re no fun. Come on one dance. Please?" Blaine begged, trying to lead Sebastian to the crowded dance floor.

"No Blaine, if you don't leave with me now, I'll leave you here." It was an empty threat of course, Sebastian could never leave his friend here.

"Fine then a kiss at least." Blaine demanded pressing against the other boy.

"Wh-what? No, Blaine stop." Sebastian stated trying to push him off. "No I'm not kissing you."

"Fine." Blaine pouted and stop his advance an allowed the Warbler co-captain to lead him out of Scandal, towards the parking lot.

Once they reached Sebastian's car and the teen opened the back door, Blaine pushed Sebastian into the back seat, and was on top of him Kissing him, he was so lost in the moment he didn't register that Sebastian's was trying to push Blaine off of him.

"What the fuck are you doing!" that was the only warning Blaine got before he was thrown from the car onto the pavement.

"Hunter!" Sebastian yelled.

"Are you alright baby?" Blaine's attacker-Hunter turned his back, Blaine working on adrenal, got up from the ground and wrapped his arms around Hunter, they both fell to the ground both fighting to get the upper hand.

"Hunter! Blaine! Stop!" Sebastian yelled as he jumped form the car, and hurried to separate the two.

With one last punch Hunter got off the ground, and turned back to Sebastian, eyes trained on the angry red mark on Sebastian neck.

"You okay?" Hunter asked, again carefully holding his boyfriend.

"Are you crazy? You're the one with a black eye and you're asking me if i'm okay?" Sebastian demanded,

"He was about to rape you Sebastian."

"No he wasn't, he's drunk Hunt."

"That's no excuse, you may be used to people using you and dumping you but I'm not going to let some cheating skank hurt you."

"That would be sweet if you didn't beat the shit out of him. Help me put him in the back, I'm not leaving him here."

"Bas-" Hunter was angry that his boyfriend would help this piece of shit.

"I'm serious, Hunter."

With a deep breathe; Hunter loaded the knocked out Blaine into the back of Sebastian's car. Against Hunter's wishes, they somehow managed to get him threw Dalton without anyone seeing them...well anyone Sebastian and Hunter couldn't threaten or bribe.

Hunter dumped Blaine on the floor, saying that the punk's lucky he's not sleeping in Sebastian's car. As Hunter changed out of his purple shirt of sex that was stained with Blaine's blood, Sebastian lifted Blaine onto his bed, and glared at Hunter daring the Captain to say anything.

Growling Hunter, got into his bed, sleeping on the right side so he was between Blaine and Sebastian. Rolling his eyes, Sebastian got into bed and kissed Hunter's cheek.

"Good night babe." Sebastian said, and curled up around his boyfriend to sleep.

"Good night baby."

Blaine awoke the next morning with the worst headache he ever head and was in a strange room, though the bed he slept on smelled like Sebastian.

"Good you're awake." Hunter stated louder than necessary, and slammed the door. It was around noon, Sebastian was being distracted by Nick and Jeff, while Hunter dealt with Blaine.

"What the happened last night?" Blaine asked,

"You don't remember?" Hunter scoffed, and grabbed Blaine roughly by the arm. "Let me make this perfectly clear, you are not welcome to join Warbler anymore. You are not welcome here at Dalton because by this time tomorrow everyone will now what you did."

"What did I do?" Blaine asked, staring Hunter down.

"You were drunk, completely pissed, and you were about to rape my boyfriend." Hunter answered, pulling Blaine from Sebastian's bed. "Now you are going to leave Dalton you are not going to saw anything to Sebastian, hell if you even say or look at him in a way I don't like well looks like your wheelchair boy is going to get a dance partner. Do I make myself clear?"

Blaine only nods his head to terrified to speak.

"Good. Now get out before my good mood passes."

Blaine was out the door and out of Dalton in record time. Smirking, Hunter walked down the hall towards Niff's room, he entered without knocking to see the three of them watching 'Supernatural'

"Hey you said you were going to get snacks." Jeff complained.

"What sorry they were all out." Hunter stated, and joined Sebastian on Jeff's bed.

"Hey so I'm guessing you toke care of Blaine?" Sebastian asked.

"No, the bastard was gone before I even got there. Didn't even apologize or thank me for not leaving his ass in the parking lot."

"Thank you Hunter." Sebastian told him kissing him sweetly.

"Only for you babe." Hunter kissed him back.