McKinley Au. Sadie Hawkins

"Hey." Hunter smiled, meeting Sebastian in front of the Lima Bean. "I haven't talked to you since Sectionals, what gives? Jealous that we won?"

"I've just been busy, that's all. I'm sorry." Sebastian answered, tapping his foot

"It's fine, what's wrong you seem nervous."

"No, no reason. Can we go inside I'm freezing." Sebastian answered,

"Here." Hunter unknotted his tie and wrapped it around Sebastian. "Much better, Dalton colors are defiantly your color."

"Funny." Sebastian laughed, as Hunter opened the door. The two stood in line for coffee, Sebastian was about to order when Hunter gave both of their orders. After getting their coffee the pair found a table.

"So what's new with the New Directions?"

"After your victory, we lost the choir room, Tina became an even bigger bitch which I thought would be impossible, everyone kind of blamed Marley for the lost but even if we performed our set list the Warblers still would have won."

"You might have stood a better chance if they let you sing at Sectionals." Hunter stated,

"Please, they didn't even want me on the stage; haft the time Finn forgets I'm part of the club."

"So why stay?"

"I don't want to talk about show choir. I wanted to ask you something."

"Go ahead."

"God this is stupid." Sebastian laughed at himself. "So...Tina got the student council to hold a Sadie Hawkin's dance this week."

"Really? Sounds fun."

"And, I was wondering if you would go with me?" Sebastian asked, his head facing the table."

"I'm sorry I didn't catch that." Hunter stated,

Gulping Sebastian looked up at Hunter and asked again.

"I must say I'm shocked, I figured Sebastian 'fuck me' Smythe would wait for me to ask him." Hunter joked, "I would love to go."

"You are a jerk." Sebastian chided, laying his head on the table.

"You're cute when you're mopping." Hunter laughed, causing Sebastian to go pinker. "I have to go back to Dalton. Do you want me to pick you up, or as the strong independent man you would want to pick me up?"

"Fuck off."

"I'll meet you there then. 8 o'clock?"


(Time skip)

Sebastian parked his car nervously, and checked his phone, Hunter had yet to text him. Maybe it was a mistake to meet at school, what if this was just a joke, what if he won't show up?

"Calm down Smythe, don't be such a fucking girl. So what if he doesn't come." Sebastian told himself,

'knock knock' Sebastian looked out the window to see Hunter, holding a Gladiolus in his hand, smiling Sebastian got out of the car.

"Marley told me they were you're favorite. She said you get very picky about you're flowers." Hunter explained.

"My mom, loved flowers." Sebastian admitted, smelling the plant.

"Shall we go in or are you going to stand out here assaulting your flower?" Hunter joked; laughing nervously Sebastian placed the flower on his dash board.

Most of the new directions members were unsure about Hunter but as the night processed them all got warmed up to him, except Blaine and Sam.

After the guys performance Marley and Wade dragged Sebastian up on stage with them. Sebastian ended up preforming 'Lock out of Heaven' with the girls he was awkward about it first but after Hunter winked at him Sebastian loosened up.

Though some where during the performance Sebastian lost sight of Hunter. When they number was finished, and Marley went to go get punch Jake confronted Sebastian.

"He probably needed a break after your performance."

"You think?"

"Please the way you two were dancing, he's defiantly into you." Jake smiled, then went to go find Marley.

After a while, Sebastian decided to go look for Hunter, he was closing in on the locker room when he heard it. Trent, was talking about Hunter using steroids and forcing the other to.

Sebastian wasn't sure what to think, the thought of Hunter forcing his friends drugs, threatening them, telling them he wouldn't let them preform, he almost felt sick. All he could think about was Jeff, the blond teen was probably terrified about it, Nick angry that he couldn't help his boyfriend.

It made him feel sick. 'This is your fault' Sebastian thought, 'If you hadn't fuck up the Warblers the Board wouldn't have a reason to hire Hunter. You're friends are being drugged and it's all your fault.'

"Sebastian, there you are." Hunter smile feel when he saw the sick look on Sebastian's face. "Seb what's wrong?"

"Don't touch me!" Sebastian yelled fighting off Hunter, "How could you!"

"What are you talking about? Seb I didn't leave, Flint called during the dance I had to take it, I'm sorry."

"Flint called? What he couldn't find the steroids?"

"What are you talking about?" Hunter asked, his face twisted in confusions. God how good of an actor was Hunter? Did he even care about him? Or was it all just a part of Hunter's plan?

"Just leave."

"No not till you explain what's wrong?"

"You. You're what's wrong! How the fuck could you do it! Huh, make the Warblers take steroids because you just wanted to win so badly!"

"Sebastian, we didn't take any steroids."

"That's not what I heard Trent say." Sebastian sobbed.

"Bas, Sebastian look at me." Hunter was on the ground in front of him, holding Sebastian head up lightly. "We didn't cheat okay, Blaine and Sam were making accusations, and just the rumors of us cheating would be enough to ruin the Warblers reputation okay. What Trent told Finn was a lie, okay?"


"Here, let me call him. We'll go back to Dalton so I can explain better okay?" Hunter asked,

"Right, okay." Sebastian stated. Hunter helped Sebastian stand but he was week, the two walked slowly back to the gym where they ran into Ryder and Jake.

"Sebastian!" They called, running towards them.

"He's feeling faint, I found him pasted out in the hall." Hunter explained,

"He's been acting weird all week, we all though he was just his nerves." Ryder clarified, as Jake draped Sebastian's free arm over his shoulder.

"I'm going to take him to Dalton, I could use some help getting him to my car." Hunter asked,

"Yeah sure,"

With Ryder and Jake's help Hunter got Sebastian into his car safely.

"He probably had too much punch," Jake stated, "I saw my brother spike it."

"Hopefully, he's just drunk." Hunter agreed, "Thank for helping me guys."

"Hunter. Sebastian is our friend, you hurt him. Military school or not we will kick your ass." Ryder explained.

"I'd like to see you boys try." Hunter joked, "But I get it."

"Good, when Sebastian wakes up tell him to text Marley. She'll be worried." Jake added before leaving.

Sebastian woke up the next morning, with two strong arms wrapped around his waist, blinking a few times Sebastian saw that his face was pressed up against some guys neck.

"What the fuck?" Sebastian asked pulling back; he quickly recognized Hunter's face.

'Did we have sex' Sebastian asked himself, 'I hope not because I would have like to remember our first time.'

"We did have sex Seb, you crawled into my bed haft way through the night." Hunter answered, "You do realize you talk in your sleep, most of it was in French, you sang a little to."

"Oh god, please just kill me now." Sebastian groaned pulling the covers over his head.

"Come on, we need to meet the others in the choir room." Hunter stated, pushing back the covers.

Looking down Sebastian realized he was wearing Hunter's shirt, even if he was slightly taller than Hunter, the military teen was bulker.

"What others?" Sebastian asked, putting on a pair of sweat pants Hunter offered him.

"Nick, Jeff, Thad, Flint and Trent" Hunter explained. "They want to see you."

Hunter finished dressing and the two walked down the hall a few freshmen gave them questioning glances but walked on, a few of Sebastian's old friends and teammates, were happy to see him.

"You head to the choir room, while I go get you something to eat." Hunter offered, he stopped and handed Seb is cell phone" One more things, Jake wanted you to text Marley, to tell her you're okay."

Giving a nod, Sebastian walked towards the choir room and sent his text to Marley. As he came close to the choir room he heard giggling and what sound like Hunter yelling.

The old Sebastian would have walked right in but the new Sebastian knocked, he heard shuffling and what sounded like Jeff squeaking. The door opened, and soon someone was hugging him.

"Seb! I'm so glad your back!" Jeff yelled.

"I missed you to Jeff." Sebastian was relieved, he was honestly afraid the blond would hate him, even after everything he did; Jeff was the only one who was nice to him. "I'm so sorry."

"It's okay Seb." Jeff stated hugging Sebastian tighter as the other teen cried.

"I was such a jerk...even to you but you never hated me."

"Cause everyone needs a friend." Jeff answered,

"God, only you could say such a sickinly sweet cliché and mean it." Sebastian laughed, the two ended the hug.

Nick hugged him, and patting his back, Thad hugged him next ruffling his hair; Flint was last lifting the smaller teen off the ground in a bone crushing hug, after the taller teen set Sebastian down, he turned to Trent.

"Trent...I'm sorry, I am really really sorry." Sebastian told him.

"You're forgiven Sebastian." Trent smiled and hugged his old friend.

"So what were you guys laughing at earlier?" Sebastian asked, wiping his eyes trying to get rid of any evidence that he had been crying.

"We were watching Hunter's 'Roid Rage' video." Flint answered, smiling.

Roid rage, steroids the memories of last night flooded his mind, his vision went black as a wave of guilt rushed over him.

"Shit, Seb. Seb you need to calm down alright." Trent voice pitched, like it always did when he panicked.

"Yeah Sebby, Hunter isn't on steroids none of us are." Jeff replied.

"You're lying." Sebastian cried, his body started to become heavy with guilt as he sunk to the floor. Flint caught him before Sebastian could hit his head.

"No he's not." Flint soothed, rubbing Sebastian back, "It was just a trick we pulled on New Direction."

"Yes, they're 'investigation' started to get people's attention so we had to make it look real for them." Thad added,


"Because, we had to make it look convicting for them," Hunter soon joined the conversation, Hunter explained their plan, the others jumping in and as they continued on Sebastian started to relax.

"Can I watch the video?" Sebastian asked, the others broke into a huge grin while Hunter groaned.

"Fine, the things I do for my team." After giving them his permission, the seven friends all found a seat, Sebastian between Hunter and Jeff as they watched the videos.

"Oh god." Sebastian was laughing at the end of the video, "Pencils?"

"Shut up. And yes Splenda does taste like freaking Pencils."

"I love the fact even when you're meant to go into a rage you avoid saying fuck." Sebastian added. "And Hunter...I want to come back to the Warblers."

Try as I may, I could not make Hunter the bad guy. I could not make him give the Warblers Steroids or have him lie to Sebastian I-I just couldn't.