Two children laid on the palace grass. One was a young boy, visiting with his father. He was from Archadia and he was already being sought after to become a Judge. The other was a young girl, around the age of seven. Her family owned the palace, and she was next in line to inherit the throne.

"You see those ships up there?" Ffamran asked as he pointed to the sky.

The princess, who was laying on the grass next to the ten year old boy, nodded.

"Well, some day, I will have my own ship! I'll travel the skies and be free!" The young boy exclaimed excitedly.

"Can I come with you?" The girl asked.

"Of course you can, Ashelia! We can change our names and fly all across Ivalice!" The boy stood up quickly and pulled the girl to her feet. With Ashe's dress billowing around her feet, she ran after the boy.

"Ffamran!" She giggled. "Wait for me! Its hard to run in dresses!"

The boy slowed his speed to match hers as they ran through the flower gardens.

They were the best of friends. They held on to each others hands as innocently as children do.

"Come, my princess! I'll rescue you!" Ffamran suddenly took on the role of the hero.

Ashelia knew her part well. "Oh you are so brave as to save me! That dragon nearly had me, and I would have been burned to a crisp had you not come!"

"It was nothing my fair lady!" the boy acted as if he was placing a sword in his belt. "After all. The leading man must protect his princess!" He then held out his hand again as to take hers.

She accepted and placed it in his. "Now, you can come and marry me, and you will become my King!"

"And you will be Queen of the skies!"

The two ran off again, hand-in-hand.

"Ashelia!" her nanny called. "Rasler is here! Come, leave Ffamran alone for a bit, and visit this boy."

The white-haired child peeked his head out the door of the palace.

Ashelia turned to her companion. "Rasler is so boring though! But I have to spend time with him. My father says it has something to do with the future…"

Ffamran nodded. "Well, come find me once you've finished with the boring one! Bye Ashelia!" He hugged his friend. "I'll see you later!"

"Farewell, my leading man," Ashelia curtsied, falling back into her character.

"And to you, my princess," the boy mock bowed.

However, that was the last day they got to see each other. For an emergency in Archadia sent Ffamran home to his mother's deathbed, and Ashelia was announced to be betrothed to Rasler. Both children went on with their lives, forgetting their friend.

Ffamran grew up to become a judge. But just as he said, he got his airship and traveled the skies. He did change his name as well, to Balthier.

Ashelia got married to Rasler, forgetting her wish of freedom. She now went by Ashe, however, as her husband was killed in the war against Archadia, and she ran the Resistance.

But fate would bring these two together again, and a revelation on the Phon Coast would bring back those forgotten memories.

Memories of running hand-in-hand through a flower as they play acted, the innocent way children do, knowing nothing of the cruel fates of the world…