Paring : Akashi x Kagami

Ratings: M

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"Bakagami, you're being too unreasonable lately" Akashi simply stated in front of the fuming red-head. "Who's the one that started it?! You obnoxious idiot" Kagami raised his voice. Akashi was quite taken aback by what Kagami had said. Never had Kagami said something like that to Akashi and on top of it raise his voice at him. Well, no one could raise their voice at him. Akashi simply glared at kagami and without another word stomped off in the opposite direction.

They had been fighting just a moment ago over something so trivial that normally no one would even bother about. Popcorn. Yes popcorn. Kagami had bought Popcorn that aomine gave him after they had a one-on-one match. Kagami was bubbling with Joy as he ate the sweet treat and at the same time talking on the sofa at Akashi's home. The popcorn crumbs had undoubtedly dropped to the carpet that Akashi had just bought and Akashi, of course, was furious had demanded Kagami to pick the crumbs up. Then after they exchanged a few lines here and there, they eventually got into a heated argument.

Akashi was never angry about the popcorn crumbs. He was simply jealous that Kagami kept talking about Aomine the whole time even saying that Aomine was the best. Akashi knew that Kagami didn't give a second thought of what he said but still he felt jealousy crept into him and he insulted Kagami. He sighed as he realized that he shouldn't have done that but his pride kept him from apologizing to Kagami.

Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed across the sky, clearly showing signs that it was going to storm. "I'm going back now!" Akashi heard Kagami yell from the hall way. His isn't going to go out when a storm is clearly approaching is he? Akashi jumped out of the bed without a second thought and shouted " Kagami, you can stay over! A storm is approaching," Kagami , smirked and said "Sure, why not?"

"You can sleep on the couch now if you want or do you want to take a bath since you're all stinky from the match with Aomine," Akashi said with a slight hint of irritation in his voice mentioning his name . "I'll take a bath first, Wanna join me?" Kagami said with a smirk. It seems that he has forgotten about our argument Akashi thought. He knew that if he had joined Kagami in the bath it would definitely lead to them having sex in the bathroom. A blush tinted his cheeks as he remembered the previous incident. Akashi refused Kagami without a second thought and made his way to the master bedroom hoping to have a peaceful night's rest.

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