harf life: episoad wun equals im getting thirsi!

gman freeman was juts of too get sume milk wen suddenly a headc rab came and jpumped on to the mans hed! "OH NO! gordan freeman yelled as the headcrab went on to alexs hed " saiv me john freman! alex screamd at her top of her voise and the vortgornt saivd her but then it went on the vortogorts hed and then the guy in harf life how gives you the hevy suitcame and saivd her "thank you for saving me you guy" sad alex. "no plobrem. now gman about that milk, im getting thirsi!" and the laffeded all happily evera until th e day of there deaf wen they were still laffededing together becos they weer gosets

next tmie on im getting thirsty

they r gosets, but wat abowt zombees! ?