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This may have Season 4 spoilers. Its also a Season 4 AU and I may end up referencing other fics.

Literally every pairing will be touched upon at some point in this fic. I also just wanted to say that in the first chapter Evil Annie is, well, insane... She also has not gone through the same character development as the Prime Timeline Annie and therefore is essentially, in a way, "stuck," in her pre-"Remedial Chaos Theory," character... which means, "Vritual Systems Analysis," and many other major events of the series did not happen. Also, the majority of her behavior will be explained later on in the fic.

Members of the Dark Study Group will either be addressed as Evil_, or it will be pretty obvious who they are by their personalities or the descriptions in bold. If it becomes confusing to differentiate between the Prime Study Group and the Dark Study Group, just let me know and I'll fix it.

The first Chapter is a prologue and will only contain the Dark Study Group in the Dark Timeline.

The Dark Timeline

October 18th 2011 12:30 pm- The Study Room

The Dark Study Group sat around the study room table, attempting to not look at the two empty seats. In Pierce's place sat a blue lava lamp on the table. Abed insisted on taking it everywhere they went because separation from one another was something none of them had experienced since the incident.

After a long silence, an Abed wearing a felt beard announced, "Jeff, you're Annie's healthcare proxy. Troy and I were her witnesses when she filled out the form."

Jeff rested his only hand across his forehead, "So, now after planning Pierce's funeral, I have to decide this?"

"I was the one who organized the entire thing," Britta replied with a dole frown before restraining herself from tearing up, "It was so beautiful."

"It was, it really was," Troy looked over at the lava lamp next to him and began to cry, his robotic shrieks sending chills up everyone's spines.

"Wh-what's gonna happen to Annie, Jefffff?" Shirley asked, with her hand clinging to a paper bag covered bottle.

"I-I'm not sure," Jeff paused for a moment to think, "After what she did, she needs to stay in a psychiatric facility. I'll find a nice, private one for her. I know we all love Annie and want her to stay with us, but I think its what is best for her."

"But then we wont be able to reclaim our former lives!" Abed interjected.

Jeff gritted his teeth and turned his head towards Abed, "There. Are. No. Other. Timelines! Got it! These are our lives now!" He looked around the table and noticed that Shirley had passed out with her head down on the table, still clutching the bottle.

Abed rose from his seat and stated, "I'll show you. I'll show you all." He adopted a British accent to say, "Come, Constable Reggie. We have work to do"." Troy grabbed the lava lamp they called, 'Pierce,' and began to follow Abed out of the room.

Jeff yelled back at them, "If I find you building another giant cardboard Dreama-whatever, in the living room again, I will-"

"Jeff," Britta interrupted, her brow crinkled, "Let them deal with this in their own way."

"We just got back from Pierce's funeral and Annie tried to kill herself only three days ago...Do you really think that them believing a cardboard box will take them to another dimension is healthy?"

"Its healthier than what Annie tried to do," Britta replied, before grabbing Jeff's only hand.

He looked down at her grasping his hand, closed his eyes and nodded, "Fine, they can make their cardboard contraption, as long as it doesn't take up the entire living room."

April 12, 2012 10:00am- Riverside Psychiatric Hospital

"Mr. Winger, I cannot express how highly I recommend for Miss Edison to stay in our facility, even though she hasn't made an attempt in months and she's been sleeping soundly through the night."

"I don't understand! I have not seen her since her last attempt, nothing has changed and you people have not been helping her! I come here everyday, yet haven't seen her in a month because apparently she is not allowed visitors. And the last time I did see her she was worse! What the hell do you wan't me to do? I am her healthcare proxy and if you do not release her to me immediately, I will seek legal action!"

"Mr. Winger, I don't think you understand...Since the last time you saw her...well we thought by allowing her to write letters and have confidence therapy would help, but... Mr. Winger, if you would only allow me to give her some medication, specifically, because of her past, Wellbutrin XL."

"You are not giving her any medication, unless she threatens again to, to...do what she did that got her here, got that?"

"Okay, she has changed and not in a good way. She has regressed," Dr. Georges nodded and began again, "Miss Edison's guilt has driven her to a state of madness...in order to cope with her guilt and PTSD, she has simply eliminated her conscience, deeming the 'incident,' as a facet of her imagination, a dream. This is a major regression and before this she was doing so well with the exposure therapy too. She suddenly began to feel nothing for others and posed a serious threat to herself and all around her."

"That is the biggest load of crap I've ever heard."

"Fine. If I do let you see her, will you reconsider?"

"If you let me see her then, yes. I will reconsider it, but 'reconsider' is the key word here."

Jeff walked down the white tiled halls. The doctor, used his card to scan Jeff in and led him into the maximum security area. The doors look heavier and more intimidating that the others he passed by earlier.

He stopped in front of door 538b and turned to Jeff, "I want to remind you that she is highly intelligent. She may try to manipulate your emotions. I recommend that you talk to her yourself and then observe a session between me and her, from an area where she cannot see you."

Jeff nodded, before the doctor opened the door. Annie was dressed in a white hospital gown and a blue cardigan sweater while she sat on her bed, staring at the white wall with her back to the door.

"Annie, you have a visitor."

"That's great and all, but you know what would be really awesome?" Annie asked emotionless, without taking her stare off the wall.


"If you gave me something fucking else to do, other than stare at this damn wall all day," she said calmly.

"We tried that remember? You weren't behaving properly in the activity room. We could get you a book or you could listen to music."

"Well, then they should have stopped stealing my fucking pens. They were my pens and they had no fucking right to take my pens!" She began to raise her voice, "I'm not in the mood to read any books and I don't need music."

"Annie, you aren't allowed to have your own pens, remember what happened? You tried to harm yourself and other people."

"Those pens were mine! I'm not going to hurt myself anymore," she said with intense discontent and pointed towards herself as she still stared at the wall, "I shouldn't be here anymore! I hope you know that."

"Annie, would you like to turn around and say, 'hi' to your guest."

She turned around and her eyes lit up, "Jeff!" she exclaimed and ran over to give Jeff a hug. "Where's your arm?" she asked with a pout as she grabbed the air where his arm should have been.

"Annie, don't you remember? It, it...burnt off...I didn't have it last time I saw you. You seem to be talking more now..."

"I was a little different then... Its hard for me to remember. Here come sit down!" she exclaimed, while grabbing Jeff's hand and leading him to the lone chair in her room, next to her desk. She sat on her bed across from him with a giddy smile and held his hand.

"Annie, I'm going to get you out of here."

"You are?" she exclaimed.

"Yes, you are obviously fine. I'm pretty sure anyone would be angry if they had to stare at a blank wall all day."

"Yay! Thank God! I can't stand it anymore," Annie took Jeff's hand, flattening it out in her own, while she started to trace the creases of his palm. The sleeves of her oversized, cornflower blue cardigan fell to her elbows to reveal long, pink vertical scars across her wrists. She looked up at him with her large, fluttering, manipulating eyes and remarked, "It was horrible, Jeff. Someone kept taking my pens."

"I know, I heard. What happened exactly?"

"Well, I was in the activity room and I was writing letters, since I couldn't bring pens into my room anymore. I loved to write letters, but someone kept taking my pens. So the next time I saw their hand trying to take one of my pens away, I took the pen and stabbed it right through their hand," Annie replied in an innocent voice.

"You stabbed an orderly with a pen?" Jeff's voice cracked as his eyes widened.

"Yes, I told you, they kept taking them," Annie took Jeff's hand and put it on her cheek, "How is everyone? I miss them. Do you guys miss me?"

Jeff was slightly baffled about what exactly to say. He composed himself and answered, "Shirley is drinking again, Britta dyed a blue streak into her hair and dresses in only black now instead of the usual three days a week, Troy is fine I guess, as fine as anyone without a voice box can be and Abed has, umm, well, Abed has been enthusiastic for us all to, I guess you could say reclaim our old lives."

"I can't wait to see everyone."

Jeff bit his lip, he was thinking about how he wasn't going to let Annie out of this place and he hadn't even seen her therapy session yet. He decided to just nod at her.

Annie's smile quickly faded, realizing that he wasn't going to get her out. "Jeff," she whispered and inched closer to him, so she was sitting on the edge of the bed, and begged, "please, please let me out of here. I-I need to do productive things. They won't let me do anything productive. I just sit here all day. I know I didn't do anything, Jeff. Abed explained it to me."

"I'm, I'm going to try."

She moved in closer to him and whispered into his ear with a lower voice, "Please, Jeff...Please, I know you wan't me to get out. Don't you miss it?"

"Miss what?" he asked.

"Our old lives. Abed wrote me a letter explaining it all. It wasn't real. Pierce is alive. He's just somewhere...else. Imagine it. Let me out and we can be together, like you want. I know you wan't it Jeff, don't deny it," Annie whispered as she placed his hand on her chest.

Jeff pulled his only hand away from her immediately and looked over at the Doctor, who stood near the door. Annie's smile faded and her eyes narrowed.

He looked back at Annie and saw her expression, grabbed her hand, and leaned in to whisper in her ear, "You're right, I'm going to get you out of here," then kissed her on the cheek. Jeff rose up from his chair and said aloud, "I have to go now, Annie, but I'll come again... to get you, okay?"

She nodded at him, with a pleased smile.

Jeff left her room and the doctor followed him.

"What are you're thoughts, Mr. Winger?"

"She obviously can't leave this place. She's gone off the total deep-end."

"Thank you for realizing that, Mr. Winger. Would you still like to observe a session?"

"Yes, I would. I really wan't to see how bad she is."

"She should really be on medicati-"

"No medication!" Jeff yelled.

Jeff sat in a small room and watched a live feed of Annie's therapy session on a television.

"Tell me about Jeff..." The psychiatrist said.

"Jeff Winger?" Annie said with a flirty smile, raising one eyebrow at her psychiatrist, "He really likes me, I can tell. He doesn't like to admit it though. He doesn't like how young I am, but he's gonna get me out of here and then we are going to be together."

"That sounds wonderful Annie, but don't you think you're not ready to leave this place yet?"

"I'm more than ready. Its not my fault you are all fucking incompetent," she shrugged.

"Annie, are you aware that Jeff is the one who has confined you here?"

"Yes, I was going to be a hospital administrator before this entire ordeal. I know he has me voluntarily here...and I know that before I wasn't voluntary because I tried to do something horrible to myself. I'm well aware of how this all works. What twenty-year old woman has a healthcare proxy who isn't her mother? I'll tell you who," Annie began to utter a nervous laugh, "one whose mother is a racist bitch."

"Aren't you angry at Jeff?"

"No, he just doesn't understand. At first, I did need to be here, but now I can talk again and I know what is going on. I know I didn't do anything. It wasn't my fault. Just like how the pen incidents in the activity room weren't my fault. However, you idiots haven't declared me mentally competent and I can't make my own healthcare decisions," she nodded to herself, "Now, Jeff understands. He's going to get me out of here. I can't wait to leave here and be with my friends. They will let me have all the pens I want and we are going to reclaim our former lives."

"Tell me about your friends, Annie."

"Well, there is Troy, Abed, Shirley, Jeff, and-" Annie began then rolled her eyes to the name of, "Britta."

"What about your friend Pierce?"

"Pierce is gone..." She trailed off and then said emotionless, "I thought it was my fault. I had a gun. I'm very good at shooting a gun you know? I didn't shoot it that time though. Its ironic, huh?"

"Yes, you have told us that, many times. Do you still miss Pierce?"

"Sometimes, even though he was kind of mean. I used miss Pierce a lot. It doesn't really matter now. I mean he is alive," She nodded with her mouth half open, before releasing an ominous whisper, "...somewhere...just not here."

"Annie, you do know that Pierce is really not in that lava lamp and he is not coming back?"

Annie erupted into uncontrollable laughter and pointed at herself, "Yo-you, think that I believe Pierce is in a lava lamp? A lava lamp?' She shook her head while laughing, "I know he's not in the lava lamp. His religion is a cult...He's somewhere else. He's just not here..."

"Would you care if another person died and it was your fault, Annie?"

"I told you, there is no point in caring anymore," she looked down at the white tiled floor and added, "At least not here..."

"Tell me about Britta."

"She's sleeping with Jeff," Annie replied in a matter of fact tone, "Abed told me in his letter. You wont let me get letters from him anymore!" she shouted.

"And what do you want to do to Britta?"

"Obviously, I want to stop her from sleeping with Jeff," Annie shrugged with a crinkled forehead, deeming her psychiatrist to be incompetent.

"How do you plan on doing that? Especially from in here?"

"He already wants me...she's just the replacement and if they don't stop when he gets me out. I'll take care of her."

"What are you going to do with her?"

"I'm going to 'replace' her with the Britta from the timeline where she is with Troy."

"Annie, there are no other timelines. That's why we had to stop giving you letters from your friend. He was lying to you, Annie. You are not evil, don't you remember feeling bad for what you did?"

"I told you there is no point in feeling bad anymore!" she glared at he psychiatrist, "I didn't do anything! Pierce is alive!" she said with anger and then spoke with a lighter tone, "Its like we are all in a waking dream. Everything happens, then stops, then goes back, like a reset button. Jeff is going to get me out of here. Then we can be together and reclaim our former lives. That's what Abed told me."

"Didn't Abed tell you that your friends from this 'timeline' were going to kill your," he looked through his clipboard papers, "'counterparts,' in the other 'timelines'? Wouldn't replacing this Britta ruin his plans?"

"The Britta who loves Troy will be better. Abed just doesn't realize it yet," Annie declared with confidence.

"How are you going to 'replace' Britta without her saying something?"

"I'm going to kill her..." she said with a low, serious voice before raising her eyebrows. She shook her head in a slow motion, giving the doctor a knowing smile, "Listen, carefully. We aren't really real anyway, doctor. It won't matter. Don't you understand that?"

1:30pm- Jeff Winger's Apartment

A bearded Troy and a bearded Abed sat on the floor of their blanket fort bedroom, looking over the plans for a giant Dreamatorium, while a giant make-shift cardboard one sat in the middle of the room. Britta sat on the couch and pretended to be reading a book.

"Have you guys seen Shir-" she began to ask, but was interrupted by Jeff storming through the front door. In a fit of rage, he walked over to Abed and grabbed him by the collar. Britta jumped up from the couch and attempted to push Jeff away from Abed, but Jeff's arm was too strong and still had a grip on him. "Jeff!" she screamed, while trying to grab his arm, "Stop it! Let him go!"

Troy began to cry, "Come on, man! You're hurting him!"

"What did you say to her?" he screamed at Abed, who remained calm, "She was getting better, but now she is worse! What the hell did you say to her? You ruined her, Abed!"

Abed remained silent.

Britta cried, "What happened? Is Annie okay?"

"An-" Jeff started to say, but gritted his teeth and replied with controlled rage, "What the hell did you say to her in those letters? She's changed."

"I think its time I showed you something," Abed said with a calm demeanor, "Its one of the things I wrote about to her."

"What is it?" Jeff replied through his gritted teeth, "You better have a damn good reason for convincing her to believe those things."

"Troy, prepare the Dreamatorium," Abed nodded over to Troy.

November 14th 2012 2:30pm - Jeff Winger's Apartment

A one-armed, bearded Jeff Winger appeared out of the giant cardboard Dreamatorium in his apartment. Britta, Abed and Troy sat at his island counter on the stools, playing cards. Britta and Abed smoked cigarettes next to a lava lamp with a picture of Pierce taped to it. Shirley was passed out on the couch, cradling a bottle of scotch.

"So, what's going on over there?" Britta turned her stool around and asked.

"Prime Britta and Prime Troy broke up and she is now sleeping with Prime Jeff secretly. Prime Troy is okay and now dates this other girl. Prime Pierce is getting really racist...I think he may actually be evil, its possibly why we don't have..well...and Prime Shirley's sandwich shop is doing great."

"What about Prime Annie?" Abed asked.

"She's having a crisis about what to do with her life...This is the perfect time to strike, her emotional balance is not well."

"Awesome, go and get her out," Britta shooed him with her hand.

"One problem," Jeff tilted his head at Britta, "She wants to kill you, remember?"

"Oh yeah, maybe we could do this without her?" Britta replied with a shaky laugh and shrugged.

"No," Abed interjected, "We need her. We're not leaving her behind. I have a plan."

"First, one question," Troy squeaked with a robotic voice, "Is Prime Troy's girlfriend hot?"

5:30pm- Riverside Psychiatric Hospital

"Annie, you have a visitor," a nurse called her.

On her bed, Annie laid on her side towards the wall, picking at one of the paint chips.

"Its Mr. Winger, remember how happy you were to see him last time?"

"He NEVER came back!" she yelled.

"Annie, I'm sorry. Your doctor said it would be bad for your treatment. I come everyday and give you cards. Have you gotten any of them?" Jeff replied with a light tone.

"After the fourth month of you not coming, I started to throw them away. I don't understand. I thought you wanted to be with me, but instead you leave me here rotting for nine months while you were fucking Britta."

"Its because we were planning. Annie, we are going to do it...we are going to reclaim our former lives."

She slowly got up and turned around to look at him with a glare.

Jeff said to the nurse, "You can leave us alone, I think we'll be okay."

The nurse nodded and left him alone in her room.

"I don't think I wan't to anymore," she stated with nonchalance, "I don't want to see you anymore."

"Well, I'm the only one who can get you out of here-"

"Yeah, remind me to change my healthcare proxy to Abed, when I'm declared mentally competent," she scoffed.

"Well, with the way you've been behaving, that may be a ways away down the road. You can't keep telling them that you want to kill people and that everything is not real. Besides, its not me you want," Jeff added.

"I know, I just told you that I didn't want to see you any more. Didn't I?"

"We both know you were lying when you said that. No, what I mean is, you don't want this one-armed Jeff. You don't want Evil Jeff. I mean Evil Jeff leaves you here for nine months alone while he sleeps with Britta. No, you want Prime Jeff. He has two arms and he's re-connected with his father, he cares about people, he is almost a real lawyer again and this is the best part...I think he loves Annie... He just hasn't realized it yet. He's everything I wish I could be."

"Really?" she raised her eyebrows at him. Annie stood up from her bed and walked over to him with caution.

"But here's the thing-"Jeff began.

"There's always a catch with you," she narrowed her eyes at him, gritting her teeth.

"He is sleeping with Prime Britta."

"And its always Britta," she replied with disdain.

"But, you can have the Prime Jeff Winger," Jeff began, "The best version."

"That's subjective...Wait, how can I do that?" she walked closer to him, so they were inches away from each other and tilted her head at him.

"You are the one who is going to destroy Prime Britta's psyche. You see, Abed didn't do a good enough job last time."

"So, I get to leave this place?" she gave him a breathy whisper as she grasped the collar of his shirt between her middle and index finger, feeling the material.

"Yes, right now, but you are not allowed to harm Our Britta, agreed?"

"Agreed," she replied with a smirk before giving him a hug.

7:00pm- Jeff Winger's Apartment

The group waited at Jeff's apartment. Jeff and Annie came through his door. Annie's hair was wavier and messier, she wore sweatpants, a t-shirt and her blue cardigan.

"Abed!" she exclaimed, before running over and giving him a hug, "You have a beard, too. Just like Jeff." She stroked his beard with her gentle fingers.

"Its all part of the ensemble," Abed nodded.

"And Troy!" she ran over and hugged a bearded Troy.

"We missed you, Annie. We were like really sad when your letters stopped." Troy replied.

"Your voice..." she winced for a moment and closed her eyes before calming herself and replied, "They took away my pens."

She walked over to a passed out Shirley on the couch, bent down and stroked her hair.

Britta forced a smile, "Heyyyy, Annie. How are you?"

"Fine," Annie snapped, "Is there somewhere I can take a nap?"

"Yeah, down the hallway," Jeff motioned, "You can take a nap in the bedroom for now. I'll send Britta to buy an air mattress for you to sleep on. We won't be here for much longer, otherwise I would buy you a real bed."

"Where is my air mattress going to go? You only have one bedroom."

"Like I said, we are only gonna be here for a couple more weeks...Shirley passes out on the couch and Troy and Abed sleep in the blanket fort. I thought you would want to stay with them."

"Yeah, I would like to stay with them," Annie nodded in the understanding that Jeff and Britta stayed in the same room.

She walked down the hall and laid down in the bed.

"I'm leaving the door open. Don't close it. We will be quiet."

"You're never going to leave me alone? Are you?" she asked.

"No. I'm not risking the chance you may do something to yourself. I can't lose you Annie, you mean too much to us...to me."


They sat around Jeff' Kitchen island, while Jeff explained the plan.

"So, we all know how the plan from this summer didn't work out like we thought,"Jeff announced.

"Prime Abed-" Britta started to say.

"He's Lame Abed," Abed interrupted.

"Lame Abed," Britta began again while narrowing her eyes at Abed, "has already caught on, you know? I mean a one-armed lawyer, Jeff? Could you have been more obvious?"

"Well, I thought it would work. I mean we did blackmail Starburns to disappear. I thought the wig, the scar and my new beard would be enough. Also, unfortunately ruining Prime Britta was a lot harder than we thought."

"I almost got Jeff though," Abed cursed, "And I almost had Britta too, she was contemplating dying her hair."

"It was such a waste telling you my secrets," Britta scoffed at Abed.

"I had to know. I thought I could break her, she's so goofy and weak," Abed affirmed, "I thought I could completely shatter her confidence."

"Well, you did a shitty job," Britta put her cigarette out in the ashtray with a violent motion.

"This time, its going to work," Jeff urged, "I don't care what we have to resort to."

"It has to work," Troy commented, causing everyone to shudder from his voice.

"What if it doesn't?" Annie asked as she stared out the window at the snow.

"Then none of us will ever get to do anything we planned. I mean we've already dropped out of Greendale." Jeff replied, "Britta will be a waitress, Abed will have to work at his dad's falafel stand, Shirley will lose custody of her kids, Troy will probably be okay, he's good at fixing things, and I, I guess I'll have to finally tell my mother that I did not lose my arm in a speed boat accident and that I'm really not a lawyer."

"And you'll send me back to the hospital, wont you?" she said with a vacant voice.

"I'm not sending you back there, got it?" Jeff wen't over to her and put his arm around her in an embrace, stroking her hair, "I'll take care of you. Okay, Annie?" She looked up at him and managed a nod, before he kissed her on the forehead.

Britta rolled her eyes and took a long drag from her newly lit cigarette.

He walked back to his seat at the island and addressed the group, "So, Annie, you have Britta, Britta has Shirley, Abed has Jeff and Troy, Troy has Abed...and I have Annie. We bring Shirley back with us after Abed gets to Troy and we regroup...everyone on the same page?" he turned to Britta, who was painting her nails with black nail polish as the cigarette hung from her lips, "Are you even paying attention?"

"Yeah," she scoffed while rolling her eyes, "My part is pretty simple, actually. Lure Shirley to the strip club by pretending that I'm going to find 'God', but we have to pick up my friend, Cherry Daiquiri, a stripper, on the way. There Shirley sees Andre, who is still a bastard who bangs strippers...because we are the horrible people who set him up in the first place."

"Where did you get that stripper name anyway?" Troy asked.

"Some Chuck Palahniuk book. I decided to read darker stuff, now that I'm supposed to be 'evil' and all," Britta emphasized 'evil' in a mocking voice.

"She's not fully committing," Abed tilted his head at her.

"Um, excuse me, but I've dyed my hair and I've painted my nails. I think I'm fully committing to this plan of reclaiming my former life by destroying other people, and I'm fucking a one-armed ex-lawyer, who may or may not be a narcissistic sociopath. What else do you want me to do?"

"I can think of many things that you could do, many things," Abed deadpanned then turned to Jeff, "She's gonna mess this up, Jeff. Her blue and orange morality is going to screw us over."

"She'll be fine. She has Shirley, it won't be that hard. Its not like we gave her Annie or you. They would be a lot harder to break."

"Fine," Abed replied, then walked over to Britta, pointing his finger at her, "If you mess this up..."

"Jesus Christ, I'm not going to, Abed," Britta's eyes widened.

"I didn't finish, I'll let Annie take care of you."

Britta looked over at Annie, who was still vacantly staring out the window.

"You ruined her with those damn letters! What did you say to her?" she screamed at Abed, "She was still so pure and innocent and you fucking ruined her! What did you say to her, Abed? What did you tell her that you didn't tell us?"

Troy began to cry.

"Enough! No one is killing Britta, even if she messes up the plan," Jeff yelled, "Look! You two and your constant fighting has made him cry, again."

Annie suddenly asked, "What are you going to do to her?"

Jeff turned around and looked at her, "To who?"

"To the Prime Annie."

"I don't think I should tell you."

"Come on Jeff, I'm part of the plan too. Let me know. Everyone else already does," Annie shrugged.

Jeff hung his head low, "I'm, I'm not going to tell you, Annie. Just worry about your part in the plan."

"I should know! I mean she is me after all..."

"Don't think like that," Abed replied, "Don't connect with them."

"But, but-" Annie began.

"Annie? Don't you wan't Prime Jeff?" Britta asked with a sing-song voice before blowing on her nails while smirking.

Troy's eyes widened, fully knowing that Annie wasn't getting Prime Jeff. Abed was supposed to cut his arm off and banish him to the Dark Timeline. He texted Abed, so his voice would not be heard, What did they tell her?

Abed leaned over and whispered back, "Don't worry about it and stick to the plan."

December 10th 2012 9:30 pm- Jeff Winger's Apartment

"Where do you go every Tuesday night!" Troy, Abed and Annie heard Jeff yell from his bedroom.

"He-here we go ag-again," A drunken Shirley commented to them as she sat on the couch.

"Don't worry about it," They heard Britta respond through the walls.

"Don't worry about it? Where do you go? Where could you possibly need to go in dress clothes and high heels at ten o'clock at night? You're screwing around, aren't you?"

Britta laughed at him in disbelief, "I can't believe you. You're looking for an excuse aren't you?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, Jeff, let's just say now that the only two women in this universe who would fuck you without making you pay for it, are living under the same roof as you...you're looking for excuses to screw around with her."

"That's not it! They can hear you out there, you know!" he screamed.

"I don't care and really? Do you expect me to not think that you hadn't done anything when you left for three days into the other timeline this summer?"

"I told you, nothing happened!"

"Fuck this," Britta shouted. She bursted out of their bedroom and walked with a brisk pace out of the front door.

Annie smiled and began to walk down the hallway. Abed grabbed her by the shoulder and shook his head. "Don't go in there, it will ruin everything."

"No, it won't," she gritted her teeth at him.

"Annie," he tilted his head at her, "remember what I told you?"

"Fine," she crossed her arms and pouted, "I'll stay away, but you're not being fair to me, you know that?"

December 11th 2012 7:00 am- Jeff Winger's Apartment

The next morning, Annie, Abed and Troy were laying down, awake, in their beds in the blanket fort, to not disrupt a sleeping Shirley. They heard the front door to the apartment open.

Britta, who was dressed in a lab coat and her dress clothes came through Jeff's apartment door and lit up a cigarette. After digging through her oversized purse for a moment, she pulled out something wrapped in a cloth and tossed it on the kitchen island.

"You're welcome," she stated and gave Abed a dirty look as she flicked her cigarette ashes into an ash tray. She then began to walk down the hallway to her and Jeff's bedroom, where Jeff was still sleeping, and closed the door.

"What is it?" Annie asked.

Troy got out of bed and walked over to the kitchen area. He unwrapped the object and replied with a sorrowful look, "Its a realistic robotic arm prototype. It looks and feels like a real arm. Abed asked Britta to steal it from a lab. I'm supposed to make it work."

"Like Luke Skywalker's," Abed nodded.

"For, for Jeff?" Annie stammered.

Troy nodded back.

"So they wont know?" she asked.

"So they won't know," Abed repeated with a nod as he looked down at her on the air mattress, "Also, this is an essential tool for Jeff to gain his confidence back. He'll be a true leader again."

"That's where she had been going?"

Troy nodded back at her and left the room to go to the bathroom. Then Jeff came out of his bedroom and walked over to the kitchen table, picking up the prosthetic arm and observing it. His eyes closed and he frowned. After shaking his head, Jeff walked back into his room.

Annie got off her air mattress and laid down next to Abed on his bottom bunk and turned towards him.

"Can you hear it, Annie?" Abed whispered.

She nodded, "Its a guitar... Have you always heard it?"

"Yeah," Abed nodded back.

"Do they know? Can they hear it too?" she whispered with wide eyes.

He shook his head then caressed her cheek while whispering back, "You and I are the only ones who do."

Jeff walked into their room and closed the door. Britta looked away from him as she sat on the bed and smoked a cigarette. He sat down next to her, but she scooted away.

"Thank you," he said.

"Abed made me do it," she replied, then added, "but I also knew it would make you happy."

"I'm sorry he's been questioning your motives."

"Its not going to change anything, I hope you know that. You can change the surroundings, but you can't change what our personalities have become. We're shadows now," she said without looking at him.

"I mean, for you and me, it may not mean anything. I mean, yeah I will have one arm forever, but think about Shirley and Annie. Over there we can get her sober and she'll still be married and have custody of her kids and Annie will be able to go to school and not be labeled a mental patient. Pierce will be there and everyone at Greendale will stop pitying us. I know you hate to be pitied."

She managed a laugh before turning towards him and looking him in the eyes, "I, I don't think I can do this. Its getting ridiculous...Does Abed even know that this isn't a game? That this is real life? Because I know Annie doesn't understand and he's the one feeding ideas into her head. Troy will do whatever he says...We are going to ruin six perfectly happy people's lives. Our lives Jeff..."

"Thats not fair, Britta. They're not us. Its not our fault we got the wrong roll of the die."

She nodded back at him, "Yeah, I guess you're right," then leaned her head on his shoulder with no arm and remarked, "I like the Jeff Winger with no right arm, I don't see why one with two arms is better."

A/N: The next two chapters will explain more about what Evil Annie was talking about and what Evil Abed may have told her.