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The Prime Timeline

GCC Hallway


Evil Britta ran through the halls, looking both ways in attempt to avoid Evil Abed and Evil Annie. She snuck into the air-conditioning repair annex and turned the heat in the vents off. When she left the air-conditioning control room, she saw Pierce wandering around the hallways.

"Brittles!" he yelled at her with narrowed eyes and walked closer to her, "Ugh, what happened to your hair?"

"What is with people hating my hair?" she shook her head.

"It just seems like you're trying too hard," Pierce replied, "Give me my phone back."

"What do you mean?"

"You stole my phone from me!" Pierce yelled back at her.

"I don't... remember?" Evil Britta replied.

"How do you not remember?" Pierce shook his head, "First you were frenching Winger in the hallway. Then when you two were done being each other's beards, you came over to me, said you could help me access my e-mail and then ran away with my phone!"

Evil Britta began to laugh, "I don't know where it is, Pierce," she then reached out, patted his arm and smiled, "It was good to see you."

Pierce stood still in the hallway as he watched who he thought to be His Britta run down the hallway.

Evil Britta turned a corner and saw Evil Annie and Evil Abed walking down the hallways together. She stood with her back against the locker, hiding around the corner, hoping they wouldn't see her.

"Abed?" Evil Anne asked.

"Yeah?" Evil Abed responded.

"How did we break from the script?"

"Something must have happened, causing the script to essentially disappear."

"So, I can do whatever I want?" Evil Annie rose her eyebrows at him.

"Pretty much... You want to kill Our Britta, don't you?" Evil Abed asked her.

"Did I say that I was going to now that we don't have to follow a script?" Evil Annie tilted her head at him with a smirk, "Besides I know it would piss Jeff off too much. Its kind of funny though, you know, him thinking that we're real and all and how he thinks that if we kill Britta, she would really die."

"It is pretty amusing," Evil Abed agreed, "He takes everything way too seriously."

Evil Britta saw them turn a corner and then eyed a janitor's closet to hide in.

GCC Air Vents- The Prime Timeline


Jeff crawled army style through the vents, following the instructions given to him by Evil Britta. As he reached the end of the vent, he realized that the vent he needed to pass through had been monkey proofed by a strange wired netting.

"Shit," Jeff cursed,"Now I know how Bruce Willis felt," he reached into his back pocket and called Evil Britta.

"Hello?" she asked.

"I'm lost, the way I was supposed to go was blocked."

"Are you kidding me? What are we supposed to do now? We'll never be able to surprise them this way. I told you what they had planned, right?"

"Yeah, she's going to trick me by pretending that we are characters from Mad Men using that Dreama-thing-"

"Its a Dreamatorium," Evil Britta corrected, "What are we supposed to do now?"

Jeff sighed, "I have an idea, but its going to be risky and I don't think you are going to like it."

"What? Please, don't tell me I have to leave this janitor's closet."

"Worse," he replied, "you need to go to the mental hospital and ask Chang how to get to the room. He's the only guy who knows about the vents besides Troy and we can't get help from Troy for obvious reasons."

He didn't hear Evil Britta reply on the other line of the phone.

"Ev-I mean, Britta are you there?"

"Yeah...I'll do it. I call you when I figure out what to do."

The Central Air Room Below the Cafeteria- The Prime Timeline


Evil Jeff lit up another cigarette, indicating his stress from the plan falling apart.

"Can I have a drag?" Annie motioned her head towards the cigarette in Evil Jeff's hand.

"You smoke?" he crinkled his forehead at her.

"Sometimes," she said casually, "Usually, only when I get drunk with Britta."

"No, you shouldn't be smoking."

"Well, neither should you," she responded, raising her eyebrows at him.

"Touche," Evil Jeff replied.

"You do know it causes wrinkles and yellows the teeth? I wouldn't think you would want to ruin that perfect face of yours."

"Some would say that its pointy."

"Well then they can't appreciate what's right in front of them. Come on, just one drag. I really need it. I'm kind of stressed out."

"Fine," he shrugged, then walked over to her and squatted down eye level with her. He held the cigarette in front of her mouth.

"She's gonna cough her head off," Britta laughed while shaking her head as she watched the scene, "One night, I tried to teach her how to do the French inhale and-"

"What are you two doing smoking?' Shirley whispered in an accusative tone to Britta.

"Calm down. Technically I quit. Abed was there too and we were drunk," Britta rolled her eyes "Troy was asleep."

"And I'm glad I was because I hate smoking," Troy winced and shook his head, "It makes me all woozy."

"She can take it," Abed defended her, "She knows what she is doing."

A Hallway in Greendale- The Prime Timeline


Evil Britta ran down the hallway to the parking lot, trying to get to Chang to help Jeff. She felt someone grab her by the arm as she turned a corner.

"Dammit, Abed!" she cursed at Evil Abed, who had a firm grip on her.

A female voice in the distance began to say, "Here we are, chasing the rabbit for Jeff, while he sits on his ass, once again, making us do all the work for him," Evil Annie appeared around the corner and looked Britta in the eye, with a small, condescending smile. She walked closer to Britta, who was being restrained by Abed and pushed Britta's hair away from her face, while whispering, "The ever so fleeting rabbit, cautious of predators, always running away from its commitments, fucking every male rabbit in sight who offers her the smallest amount of attention... You must have felt pretty accomplished there for a second, you know with escaping and all, but we all know in the end, Britta can't do anything right."

She rolled her eyes at Annie, "You know, I did feel very accomplished," Evil Britta smiled, raising her eyebrows, "And I didn't even need a gun."

"Jeff wouldn't trust you with a gun," Evil Annie shot back with discontent.

"I usually consider Jeff to be a pretty logical guy of sound mind, yet here he is, giving a psychotic person a gun," Evil Britta replied back.

"I'm not psychotic!" Evil Annie screamed at her, then calmed herself to say, "He trusts me."

"I really, really wish I could tell you what he was going to do to her," Evil Britta laughed.

"To-to" Evil Annie began to stutter, "L-lame Annie?"

Evil Britta shot her a wide smile and nodded.

"Wh-what was it?"Evil Annie asked with her brow furrowed.

Evil Britta looked up at the clock in the hall, any minute, class would be let out and the hallway would swarm with students.

"I'll tell you if Abed lets go of my arm," Evil Britta replied.

"Annie," Evil Abed began, "Class is go-"

Evil Annie, rose her pointer finger at Evil Abed, silencing him, "What. Was. He. Going. To. Do?"

Suddenly, the lecture let out and the hallway became crowded, Evil Britta elbowed Evil Abed in the stomach, releasing her from his grasp and ran for the door, escaping through the crowd.

"Fuck!" Evil Annie screamed, as she could not do anything without causing a scene, "How the hell does she keep doing that?"

"Come on, let's follow her," Evil Abed grabbed Evil Annie's hand and pulled her through the crowd.

The Central Air Room Below the Cafeteria-The Prime Timeline


Annie looked into Evil Jeff's eyes as she took a drag from his cigarette, then blew the smoke out into his face.

"Is she trying to piss him off?" Troy panicked.

"No, she's trying to go all Katharine Hepburn on him," Britta whispered back, "See she wants to bone him bad!"

"Its Audrey Hepburn," Abed corrected, "Watch, that may not be the case, Britta."

A Hallway in GreendaleThe Prime Timeline


The Dean while walking to his office, noticed a significant drop in the temperature of the school. Students started to put on their coats and wearing gloves to keep warm. The Dean began rubbing his arms to keep himself warm.

"Dean!" Pierce yelled, "I don't pay tuition to this place to freeze my ass off!"

"Sorry, Pierce," the Dean winced, "It seems like the heat has been turned off. I can't find Troy to fix it, so I guess I'm gonna have to turn it back on myself."

"Fine, just fix it. I can't leave here until I find Brittles. She has my phone, which has the automatic start on my car."

"Oh, Britta," the Dean shook his head, "have you seen what she's done to her hair?"

"Its petty bad, huh?" Pierce replied, "Could I use a computer in your office to access the tracking chip in my phone?"

"I guess so, why not?" the Dean shrugged.

The GCC Air Vents-The Prime Timeline


Jeff laid down in the air vents in an uncomfortable position. As he waited for Evil Britta to call him with further instructions, it started to get hotter.

"What the hell?" Jeff began sweating and took his red dress shirt off, so his sweat would not ruin it.

"Go in the vents, Jeff," he said to himself with a mocking tone, "That way we can surprise them, Jeff. I'll turn the heat off so its not too hot, Jeff. Why can't anything normal happen to me?"

The Central Air RoomThe Prime Timeline


Evil Jeff paced back and forth with his real hand in his pocket, looking down on the ground, his phone began to ring.

"Hello?" he asked.

"J-j-eff!" the phone voice on the phone panicked.

"What, Annie?" he sighed.

"She-she-she-she is going to the psychiatric hospital," Evil Annie gasped, "Wh-why would she need to go there?"

"Annie, calm down," Evil Jeff replied, rolling his eyes.

"Okay, I'm sorry."

"Its okay, now take a deep breathe."

"Done," she replied.

"Good, now listen to me, okay?"


"Do not follow her into the hospital, you got that?"


"Park at the Riverside Falls rest stop across the street and watch her go in and out of the building."

"Okay, okay," Evil Annie replied.

"Do not, under any circumstances leave that car even if she tries to approach you. If she does try to approach you, let Abed talk to her. Do not accept anything she gives you, promise me, okay?"


"Its going to be alright, okay. Now, I have to go. Watch her carefully."

"Alright, bye," Evil Annie said with a high pitched, worried voice.

Evil Troy rose form his corner, narrowing his eyes at Jeff, "Dude!" he yelled, his voice causing everyone in the room to cringe, "This is getting ridiculous!"

Evil Jeff closed his eyes, hung up his phone, and pivoted around to face Evil Troy, "Excuse me, Troy?"

"This is crazy! Britta has run away! Annie is ten times worse than when we got her released from the hospital and Abed-Abed, well even though he is my best friend, this is just, like, really stupid! We need to go home, send Annie back to the hospital to make her better because she is not in good shape, Jeff. Maybe Britta should trick her into going in there!"

"Annie is better than she ever has been before!" Evil Jeff yelled back at him.

"She scares the crap out of you, Jeff," Evil Troy widened his eyes at Evil Jeff and tilted his head, "You just don't want to admit it! That's why you haven't slept with her yet, even though she practically malls you every time Britta isn't around!"

Evil Jeff gritted his teeth, "I haven't slept with her because it would upset Britta too much and she would have ran away!"

"Well, she ran away, anyway!" Evil Troy yelled back at him, "Annie and Abed have lost it and I can't sit by and let this happen anymore! They don't think we are real, Jeff! They think we are fictional characters! They need help! They're gonna kill Britta!"

"Troy!" Evil Jeff yelled back, "Sit the fuck back down over there! Abed and Annie will be fine once we reclaim our former lives! I don't need your input! You're just jealous that they don't include you as much as they used to because you're too much of a pussy to do anything!"

Evil Troy began to tear up, "Th-that's not true."

"Oh, so I guess you weren't crying yesterday because they played Inspector Spacetime without you?" Evil Jeff sarcastically taunted him.

"Its not playing, its an homage and I-I wa-was not crying!" Evil Troy began to hold back tears, but he couldn't his eyes became red and he fell apart, bawling, "Th-they don't re-enact it fun anymore! They are scary when they portray it now and it gives me nightmares!" Tears fell as he walked back to the corner where Evil Shirley was passed out, sleeping.

Evil Jeff turned around and saw Annie smiling at him as she sat tied to her chair.

"You know," Annie looked at Evil Jeff, raising her eyebrows, "I like how aggressive you are."

"Really?" he flashed her a smile.

"You see, Our Jeff, he was never that aggressive...You make people listen to you. You intimidate them and you're ruthless. This aggression in you is going to vastly improve your lawyering skills. I get that," she nodded, "A leader needs to put people in their place."

"Thank you," Evil Jeff smiled back at her. Evil Jeff noticed how the ropes on Annie's chair were chafing her wrists. "Are those ropes too tight?"

"Its fine, I mean I know you need to keep me tied up. I mean, I know the others would never trust me," Annie batted her eyelashes at him.

"She's brilliant," Abed whispered with a small smile as he stared at the scene before him.

"Abed!" Britta yelled with a whisper, "She obviously has Stolkhelm Syndrome! She's going to go all Patty Hearst on us! Look at her eyeing that gun on his waist!"

"Its Stockholm and no, she doesn't. I can tell," Abed nodded back.

"Patty Hearst? Again?" Troy shook his head at Britta, "Do you only have a limited number of references?"

"No," Britta mumbled, "I can reference other things, if I choose to, like, um...I don't know. Give me a break, I have no one writing witty lines for me to say."

"Sweetie, you usually don't have that many witty things to say, anyway," Shirley said with compassion.

"That's subjective," Britta replied.

Evil Jeff's phone rang again. He looked at the caller I.D. and sighed.

"What?" he said with annoyance.

"Guess who?" Evil Britta said.

"Britta there is this 'new' invention called caller I.D. I believe it started to become popular in the late eighties, so people could-"

"Whatever," she interrupted.

"Why are you at the mental hospital?" Evil Jeff asked her.

"No reason," she replied, "Tell them not to kill me. They're starting to freak me out."

"Don't worry," Evil Jeff replied, "Annie's gun isn't loaded. I gave her one with an empty magazine. You shouldn't have ran away in the first place."

He heard her sigh on the other end of the line, "Thank, God. They followed me here and they've been waiting for me to leave."

"Yeah, they called," he replied, "Now, what are you doing there?"

"I needed to get some things," she said.

"I told you that we are not giving Annie anti-psychotics, so if you stole any for her, then it was a waste of your time."

"Fine," she replied, short and declarative. After a pause, she added, "Jeff, let's just go home and forget about this. Its still not too late."

"We are home, Britta."

"I like our timeline, Jeff. Its where we belong."

"What about Annie and Shirley?"

"We can help them in our own timeline. We can get Abed a psychiatrist, get a better psychiatrist for Annie, and we can send Shirley to rehab."

"We've gone too far... I don't think there is any going back."

"Okay," she replied.

"So, just come back. I forgive you, Britta. Come back now and everything can go as planned."



"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

The phone then hung up.

Riverside Psychiatric Hospital-The Prime Timeline


Evil Britta walked into the mental hospital. She'd been there before, once, to see Annie right after her first attempt. She remembered how pale Annie was, how innocent she looked, sleeping soundly, but then she remembered the gauze on both of Annie's wrists, stained red from when they stitched her up to stop the bleeding. Evil Britta shook her head, she didn't want to think about that anymore. She walked up to the front desk and took her ID out of her purse, sliding it across the registration desk to the medical receptionist.

"I would like to see Benjamin Chang, please."

"Are you family?"

"A former student."

"Ah, yes. Poor Ben," the receptionist said, "Normally we wouldn't allow visitors unless they're family, especially for those in the high security area. However, Ben doesn't get many visitors and socialization is important to his therapy. Let me ask his doctor."

Britta waited as the receptionist talked on the phone.

"Dr. Georges will be with you in a moment."

Britta nodded back to her.

The doctor came down the hallway, shook Evil Britta's hand, "Hello, Dr. Georges."

"Britta Perry," she nodded, shaking his hand. She remembered this guy, in her timeline he was Annie's psychiatrist.

"Interesting hair color... Let's walk and talk," he said, then gestured with his hand, "come, on."

She began to follow him down the hospital hallway. Dr. Georges, using his I.D badge to get through the heavy, high security doors.

"Now," he began," Benjamin Chang has many different disorders which are conflicting with his treatment. That's why he's been difficult to treat. Its all about getting that prescription cocktail right."

They reached the highest level of lock-up for the patients. Dr. Georges scanned his card, they both wen't through the door. A man in a security uniform stood between them and another door, which led to the hallway of cells.

"He thinks I'm his nemesis," Dr. Georges laughed, "he hates me. So, you'll have to go in alone."

"What?" Evil Britta's eyes widened, "I have to go past that row of crazy people to talk to Chang?"

Dr. Georges winced, "Oooww, we don't like to use the word 'crazy' here. We prefer mentally disturbed or on a mental health vacation."

"Sorry," Evil Britta nodded, "I should take note of that."

"Anyway," Dr. Georges began, 'here are the rules, Do not touch the glass. Do not approach the glass. You pass him nothing at all! Do you understand me? We can't have him escaping and living in the air vents, kidnapping and trying to harm people."

"Okay," Britta nodded.

"And I mean it," Dr. Georges shook his finger at her, then looked out the glass into the hallway, "he's a crafty little man..." he looked at Britta who was staring at him and said, "That's not racist...because he really is, I have no clue how he lived in those air vents without being noticed. He refuses to tell me, but one day, one day I will figure out what is going on inside that head."

Britta sighed, then the security man, buzzed her into the hallway. She walked to the end of the hallway and sat in the metal chair placed in front of a dark, glass cell.

"Chang?" she asked.

"Closer, Closer..." He said.

In Annie Edison's Car at Riverside Falls Rest Stop (Across the Street from Riverside Psychiatric Hospital)- The Prime Timeline


"What is she doing at the mental hospital?" Evil Annie asked, her voice shaky and unsure. Her face dropped as tears formed in her eyes, "She's not tricking me to go back there is she?"

Evil Abed turned, looking her in the eyes and shook his head. He cupped her face with his hand, "Listen to me, I will never let them send you back there. Okay?"

She gave him a slow nod, "Abed?"


"Sometimes I feel like you are the only one who truly cares what happens to me."

After a pause, Evil Abed thought for a moment about the original plan and how His Jeff and His Britta were manipulating her. He came to a realization and said, while staring out the window, "We should run away from here."

"I'm not doing that," she shook her head and sniffed her nose, "What about everyone else? What about Troy?"

"We could come back and get him later. I thought everything would change here. I thought this would make everything else better, but for once, I was wrong. Think about it," Evil Abed began to drift off, "We could be like a Bonnie and Clyde, Kit and Holly, or Pumpkin and Honey. In this Timeline, there's a gun in your bedroom. We could get that and then we both would have one."

"Abed, I am not robbing banks or diners with you. Despite us being fictional, I'm not doing that."

"What else do we have, Annie?" he asked her, "What do we have here? Let's go on the open road...where all we can do is drive, drive away from here."

"We have our friends, Abed," her eyes widened as she tilted her head at him, "We can't do this. I'm supposed to be the irrational one, here, not you."

"Would you rob banks with Jeff?"

"No, I wouldn't rob banks with Jeff," she replied, emphasizing the 'f's,' "Imagine how much he would order me around. Its starting to piss me off, especially now with the way he looks at Lame Annie. Besides, Jeff only let me out of the hospital when he needed to use me for this."

"You'd kill Britta, but you wouldn't rob a bank?"

"Point taken...Britta is replaceable though, you know that."

"Yeah, but the other five Britta's would be the same as this one."

"Also true," she admitted.

"Let's go then, we may never be able to break from the script again," he rose his eyebrows at her, "Run away with me, Annie."

Riverside Psychiatric Hospital-The Prime Timeline


"What brings you here?" Chang asked from behind the glass of his mental asylum cell, "Ugh and what did you do to your hair?"

"Listen," Evil Britta whispered, "I-I need your help."

"Haha, you think that after you guys got me imprisoned in here, I'm gonna help you?"

"I'm not who you think I am."

"You think because you wear hipster glasses and dyed your hair that it disguises you? Are you really that dumb?"

"Do you believe in parallel universes?"

"Please, Sliders was my favorite TV show in the nineties. It was like a thousand times better than the X-Files."

"Well, that is your opinion," she began, "And despite you being the only person who thinks Sliders was a better show than The X-Files, I have something to say that may shock you."

The Central Air Room-The Prime Timeline


"Hey, can I get a pizza?" Troy yelled over to Evil Jeff, "You know Dog Day Afternoon?"

"I could go for a pizza," Britta nodded.

"Mushroom?" Abed suggested.

"I could make a pizza, if someone untied me," Shirley added.

"Why are you freaks not taking this fucking seriously! I have you tied up and I've threatened you with a fucking gun for Christ's sake and your precious innocent over there is developing Stockholm Syndrome! Instead I get your little commentary of murmurs, laughter and whispers!" Evil Jeff said in a threatening whisper, while he dragged his fingers through his hair, "You know he's not going to rescue you? Right? Because if you knew what was in the works right now, you would be panicking."

"So, no pizza?" Troy tilted his head at him.

"Fine!" Evil Jeff threw his hands up in the air and took his cell phone out, "You guys wanted mushroom, right?"

"Yeah, Britta is still a vegetarian in this Timeline," Abed replied.

Evil Jeff sat down in his chair with his phone to his ear, "Hi, I would like to order a large mushroom pizza..."

After he finished ordering pizza, Evil Jeff stared at Annie for a couple minutes, then got up and walked over to her. He squatted down, so he was eye level with her, "Listen," he said with a gentle whisper. I'm going to untie you, but you have to stay in that chair, okay?"

She looked at him directly in the eyes and said without blinking, "I promise, I won't move from this spot."

Abed spoke with a whisper to his friends, "This is great. She's not crazy. We just need to last past three. That's the time they send us to the Dark Timeline. Then we might not get sent back."

"And we are finally getting pizza," Troy nodded, "Everything seems to be working out."

"One problem," Britta said, "She still doesn't know that we are fictional. If we don't convince her and we get sent back then we have to deal with this 'Evil Jeff driving her crazy' all over again."

"Way to ruin the moment!" Shirley scolded.

"Yeah, Britta," Troy scoffed.

Riverside Psychiatric Hospital-The Prime Timeline


"Is the Chang in your universe imprisoned or in a mental hospital?" Chang asked her.

"No, he has, like, a job somewhere," Evil Britta replied.

"So, can you do it?" Chang whispered to Evil Britta, "What we discussed? Can you get me out of this timeline?"

She paused for a minute, then nodded, "I think so, but Jeff has to get to the Central Air Room first, otherwise I can't use the Dreamatorium."

"Awesome, bring out that map you've been hiding and call Jeff."

"Wait," Evil Britta whispered, "How are you going to get out of here?"

Chang gave her a sly smiled and shifted his eyes towards the ceiling.

The Central Air Room-The Prime Timeline


Evil Jeff removed the ropes from Annie's chair, "Is that better?" he whispered as he let her out of the ropes and rubbed her wrist.

Annie nodded back at him and replied with a breathy whisper, "Much better."

Evil Jeff backed away from her with a slow, cautious pace and sat back in his chair. Annie remained still, not moving from her seat.

"She's gaining his trust," Abed nodded.

"Its Lime-a Syndrome?" Britta turned to Abed.

"Its Lima Syndrome, but yeah," Abed responded.

Annie gripped the seat of the chair, every limb of her body still, but her fingers which tapped the bottom of the seat with nervous patters.

Evil Jeff turned his head towards her, got out of his chair, then walked over to her again, "I'm not going to lie. I'm actually very happy that my plan was interrupted."

"Oh really?" she raised her eyebrows at him.

He nodded back at her, then pulled her chin up with his index and middle finger, "Because I never would have seen this side of you."

In Annie Edison's Car at Riverside Falls Rest Stop (Across the Street from Riverside Psychiatric Hospital)-The Prime Timeline


"I can't run away with you," Evil Annie held a vacant stare on the dashboard.

"Don't you want to entertain the audience?" Evil Abed asked her.

She turned her head towards him and smiled, "I just want things to be normal."

"Things will never be normal again, Annie. In fact, they never were in the first place were they?"

"I know...Its really not fair."

"What isn't fair?"

"That they had to make us, our pasts, our lives, so dark. All because it was a good joke."

"If we left, we wouldn't have to be us. We could be other characters."

She grabbed his hand, "I'm having enough difficulty playing evil. Its starting to get exhausting."

"You play it well, almost effortlessly."

"Thank you," she smiled back.

GCC Air Vents-The Prime Timeline


Jeff laid in the air vent, melting from the heat and anxiously awaiting for further instructions. Finally, his phone rang.

"Yo Winger, in need of some air vent changpertise?" Chang asked on the phone.

"What do you think?"

"Alright, you gotta listen to me because if you move at the wrong changle, then you could be in some trouble."

"What do you mean?"

"The monkeys... Don't let them hear you."

"I thought the school caught Annie's Boobs?"

"Yeah, but Annie's Boobs found some friends when the carnival came to town and they're in there somewhere... you better be careful."

"This is just great, tell the Britta that's with you that I'm going to-"

"Listen, I don't have time to deal with this. I have a enchangment I have to get to as soon as possible. Take a right, then a left, then another left, then another right, then go straight for like eight crawls, but then you have to be careful. There's this big drop that leads to the central venting system. You're gonna have to figure out a way to get down it, then you'll be there in the Central Air Room."

The Central Air Room-The Prime Timeline


Annie's eyes shifted towards the gun in the holster on Evil Jeff's pants, "Can I hold it? The gun, I mean. You can take the ammunition out."

"Alright, but only for a minute. You aren't going to try anything, are you? I shouldn't have untied you."

"I just want to hold it."

"Okay," he nodded back, then took the gun out of its holster from his waist and removed the magazine, without checking the bullets inside of it. As he handed her the gun, she paused and held his hand on the handle. He stared into her eyes and attempted to read her face. He released his grasp on the handle and allowed her to hold it, alone.

"Glock 17?" Annie rose her eyebrows at him, "Someone wanted accuracy, huh?"

"That's because I didn't want to kill any of you."

"Here," Annie handed the gun back to him. Evil Jeff reloaded it, then meandered around Annie's chair.

"This is getting really effed up, Abed. We have to do something if we don't want to repeat the same four years again!" Britta hissed, "And I don't know about you, but I can't take it anymore!"

"She knows what she is doing," Abed nodded.

"Are you sure? Because she looked like she was about to eat that boy's face off," Shirley added.

In Annie Edison's Car at Riverside Falls Rest Stop (Across the Street from Riverside Psychiatric Hospital)-The Prime Timeline


"Abed?" Annie asked him.


"What was Jeff going to do to her...to Prime Annie?"

"You really want to know?"

She nodded back to him.

Flashback- The Dark Timeline- November 07, 2012

"So, how are we gonna do this?" Jeff asked Abed and Britta, as they all smoked cigarettes around Jeff's kitchen island.

"Well, we trick Troy. That should be pretty easy," Abed announced with no emotion, "I can do it."

"And we'll have Annie emotionally batter Britta," Jeff declared, to which Britta scowled back at him, "Abed has already seemed to conditioned her into hating you."

"We set up Andre to cheat and that will have Shirley drink again," Abed replied.

"Good idea," Jeff nodded, "What about Jeff, Abed and Annie?"

"How about we taunt Annie with Adderall?" Abed suggested.

"Yeah, but then how do we get to Abed and Jeff?" Jeff asked.

Britta lit up another cigarette and muttered as she held a vacant stare on the ash tray, "Everyone is a robot..."

"Excuse me, Britta?" Jeff asked.

"Fake, Star Trek arms. I saw them on the Today show... this morning, which is on NBC from seven to ten a.m.," she said with a still, vacant stare.

"You mean Star Wars," Abed corrected.

"Whatever," Britta waved her hand at him. She took a drag of the cigarette and continued, "You're gonna get one, Jeff." She pointed at Jeff without taking her stare off the ashtray.

"Total body prosthesis," Abed announced, tilting his head back at her.

"What does that mean?" she asked Abed.

"Robocop? I wish Troy would actively participate in this. You don't get any of my references."

"So I get a fake arm, big deal?" Jeff said, "I don't see how that helps."

"Then, you sleep with her..." Britta drifted off.

"And convince her that everyone has turned into a robot," Abed added, "Lame Abed figures out what is going on, tells Lame Jeff. Lame Jeff goes to find Lame Annie and Lame Abed goes to find Lame Troy. Its perfect."

Britta shook her head, "We can't do that."

"You were the one who suggested it," Abed replied.

"But its...its like too fucked up, even for us to do."

"I'll do it," Jeff declared, " I want us to be in the Prime Timeline. I want Shirley to have her kids and I want Annie to be able to go to school."

"You just want to sleep with her," Britta scoffed.

"That's not it!" Jeff yelled back at her.

"Then why have you been sneaking off to the Prime Timeline to watch her, Jeff?"

"I have not!"

"Yes, you have! You watched her all summer!"

"No, I didn't!"

Present-The Prime Timeline

"There she goes!" Evil Abed said in the middle of the story, to bring attention to Britta leaving the mental hospital, "We have to follow her back to Greendale."

The Central Air Room-The Prime Timeline


Evil Jeff stood in front of the chair and offered his left hand to Annie.

"Dude!" Evil Troy squeaked, "What are you doing?"

"Sit down and shut it," Evil Jeff turned his head around his shoulder and yelled back.

Annie, looked at his hand, his real hand and grabbed it. He pulled her up from the chair and into his embrace. She looked up at him, her heart racing out of nervousness.

He stroked her wavy hair with his left hand, then looked her in the eyes, "Are you happy, Annie?"

She bit her bottom lip and nodded to him.

"Do you want to stay here, with me?"

"More than anything," she replied.

"Abed!" Britta began to panic, "I think I was right."

"You're never right. Just wait, she has something up her sleeve. I can tell by her body language," Abed whispered back.

Evil Jeff, grasped her back and pulled her closer. Se leaned down and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. She pulled away and said, "I want you so badly, right now."

"I can't leave Our Troy alone with them."

Annie kissed him again, this time, her hand wandered across his chest and to his waist. She grabbed the gun out of the holster, backed away and pointed it towards him.

"Untie them, now," Annie ordered Evil Jeff, with a low, demanding voice.

"Annie? Its me, Jeff," He rose his hands in the air and began to walk closer to her.

"Untie them! Now!" she barked at him, "Or I will shoot you in the fucking head. If you try to hurt my friends, I. Will. Fuck. You. Up. That's a promise."

Troy and Abed's mouths dropped as they turned their heads to look at each other.

"Badass Annie has returned," Abed nodded with a slight smile.

"That's great and all," Britta replied, "But she still thinks we're real. We need to convince her the second he lets us go."

"Ugh," Shirley, Abed and Troy groaned.

"Really?" Shirley looked over at Britta, pursing her lips, "Can't you rejoice about something that goes right?"

The GCC Air Vents-The Prime Timeline


As Jeff continued to army crawl through the vents, following Chang's instructions, he began to hear a banging noise.

"What the hell?" he said with wide-eyes. He looked down and noticed a hole in the air vent, a bullet hole.

A Hallway in Greendale-The Prime Timeline


Evil Britta ran into the front entrance of Greendale, where she was met by Pierce.

"Britta Perry! Lesbian, anarchist thief! Give me my phone now!" Pierce yelled.

"I told you before, I," she pointed to herself, "do not have your phone! Someone else does!"

"Then why does by phone GPS tracker say that it was last seen here in this hallway?"Pierce raised one eyebrow at her.

"I don't know, Pierce!" she yelled back, "You know what? I don't have time for this! I have to go no-" Evil Britta felt each of her arms be grabbed. She looked to her left and right, to see Evil Abed and Evil Annie on each side of her.

"Hey Pierce!" Evil Annie said with a cheery demeanor and a wide smile, "What's going on?"

"Brittles took my phone and she won't give it back, " he gestured to Evil Britta.

"Someone else has it, Pierce!" Evil Britta exclaimed, "Please get out of here before things get-"

Evil Annie smirked and interrupted Evil Britta, "We'll get it back for you. We just need to have a little talk with Britta, don't we Abed?"

"Its true," Evil Abed nodded, "We'll get the phone back for you."

"Thanks you guys," Pierce nodded as he watched Evil Abed and Evil Annie take Evil Britta around the corner.

Evil Annie pinned Evil Britta against the lockers and pointed the gun to Britta's temple, "Now you better fucking come with us! Or I'm gonna blow your head off!"

"Annie?" Evil Britta replied.

"Yes?" she answered with anger in her eyes.

"That gun is not loaded," Evil Britta said with a calm, matter of fact tone.

"Of course it is! Jeff trusts me! See?" Evil Annie held the gun up in the air and shot it. A bullet released from the gun, making a hole in the styrofoam ceiling and letting off a ding noise from hitting something metal.

"Shit," Evil Britta cursed shaking her head, "What a fucking idiot, he gave you the wrong gun."

"Wrong gun?"

"Jeff was supposed to give you an unloaded gun, so you wouldn't try to kill me."

"That's a lie!"

"Its not."

"You mean, he was betraying me too?"

Evil Britta nodded, "That's not the only way he was going to betray you..."

"Wh-what else?" Evil Annie tilted her head at Evil Britta.

"He was gonna trick you into thinking he loved you, so you would listen to him."

"S-so that and he was going to trick Prime Annie into sleeping with him?" Evil Annie began to suck her bottom lip.

"Yeah," Evil Britta shuddered.

"And you two were still going to sleep together?"

Evil Britta nodded back to her.

Tears began to fall from Evil Annie's eyes. She began to breathe in and out, hyperventilating.

"Are you okay?" Evil Britta asked her.

"I'm fine!" Evil Annie said through gritted teeth. She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breathe. She said with a calm voice, "Abed?"

"Yeah, Annie?" he replied.

"I think its time for us to take care of Jeff," she said with a matter of fact tone.

"Really? ...Are you sure?" he asked her with wide eyes.

She shook her head, her face displaying a look of disgust, "He's gone too far this time."

"Okay," Evil Abed nodded to her, "I agree."

Evil Annie looked at her watch, "We still have an hour and a half. Let's go to the costume closet and get props to pay homage to what we were talking about earlier," she raised her eyebrows at him.

Evil Abed enacted a small smile, "Hot, hot, hot."

Evil Annie put the gun in her sweater and began to walk down the hallway, "Abed, take Britta with us."

Evil Abed dragged Britta by the arm down the hallway, following Annie, "Wait, what is going on?" Evil Britta asked.

"Didn't you hear her?" he replied, "She wants to put Jeff in his place."

"Meaning, she wants to... kill him?" Evil Britta's eyes widened.

"Probably," Evil Abed replied.

"Annie! Wait!" Evil Britta yelled as Abed dragged her down the hallway.

Annie stopped mid-walk, turned around and shrugged, "Yeah?"

"I thought you loved, Jeff!"

"That was before I became the primary antagonist of this story... I've got bigger plans, now because Britta, 'By the time you swear you're his, Shivering and sighing. And he vows his passion is, Infinite, undying. Lady make note of this - One of you is lying,' Dorothy Parker-Women's Studies, sophomore year," Annie smirked, then added, "I don't love Jeff... I needed some character motivation. Don't you see? They needed me to love Jeff so he could manipulate me, so he could lie to me," she began to smile, shaking her head and declared with a calm demeanor, "They aren't in control anymore... Jeff isn't in control anymore and I can do whatever I please. No one fucks with me like that and gets away with it, especially someone like Jeff Winger," she turned around and began to walk down the hallway, humming 'Daybreak.'

"Jesus Christ, she's fucking creepy," Evil Britta commented, "And who the hell remembers a poem from a class they took like two years ago? Abed, this is spiraling out of control! Tell her to stop!"

"Britta, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity," he replied, "We're the villains, its our job to create conflict for the hero."

The Central Air Room-The Prime Timeline


"Get. In. That. Chair!" Annie yelled at Evil Jeff, then turned her attention to Evil Troy, "Untie them, Evil Troy!"

Evil Troy nodded to her and untied the members on the Prime Study Group.

When Annie's attention was temporarily diverted, Evil Jeff sat up in the chair and began to walk with caution, over to her. Annie saw him out of the corner of her eye.

"Stop!" she yelled and aimed her gun up in the air. She prepared herself for the sound of the bullet leaving, but instead, all she heard was a click.

"What the hell?" she ejected the round from the chamber and shot again, and again, up in the air. Then checked the magazine of the gun. She looked up with wide eyes, "It-it-it-its not loaded...these are snap caps..."

"Fuck," Evil Jeff muttered, then began to laugh out of nervousness, "She has it," he uttered through his laughter, "Sh-she has the loaded gun..."

"Who has it?" Annie asked.

"My Annie," he pointed to himself, "That's what you get for giving a woman a gun while she's trying to seduce you!" he exclaimed.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Shirley asked narrowing her eyes at him.

"It means she was trying to shove her hands down my pants when I was giving her the gun earlier!" Evil Jeff snapped back.

"Why does this not surprise me?" Britta commented while rolling her eyes.

"I-I accidentally gave a psychotic sociopath a loaded gun in the Prime Timeline!" he shook his head, then said with a nervous smile, "I completely fucked up. See, its not just you guys that's fucked, its all of us," he motioned around the room, "If she, I mean My Annie, discovers what My Britta and I planned, then we are all royally fucked." He sat down in his chair and slouched over, his hands covering his face.

"What did you and Evil Britta plan?" Britta asked.

"We-we-" before Evil Jeff could finish his statement, they heard steps coming down the stairs.