Dressing quickly, I made my way out of the dorm and toward the main building. I kept my eyes down as I followed the sea of dark grey blazers towards the auditorium. One thing I noticed with everyone around me was that it seemed like people knew each other already. Girls were squealing and hugging, while boys were high-fiving and patting one another on the back. I don't know why I felt shocked; socialites normally ran in the same circles as one another. Every one of these kids' parents was someone important. Everyone but me.

Back when Seattle was first being established, the Swan name held some importance. Papa Swan, my dad's father, would sit and tell me stories about the founding families and their importance in our lives. The Swans were the first to build a port off the coast of Seattle so trading and fishing ships could supply the area. They made a name for themselves over the years by rubbing elbows with the right people and working hard to climb up that proverbial socialite ladder. When the time came for my father to take over the family business, he did the one thing no one ever expected… he declined.

My father, much like myself, hated attention. Anything to do with wearing suits, giving speeches, and going to galas was just not looked at as having a good time in his book. My father would rather sit in his dingy, drinking beer, and playing catch and release with the fish. To keep the family name somewhere within the good graces of the small "upper" community, my father took the job of being the mayor of a small vacation town called Forks.

I knew who the important families were, I had seen them every summer for the last ten years of my life, but I wasn't friends with any of them. They were just another family I had to pretend to like. Pretend to respect. And now I was forced to go to school with them.