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Werewolves and Aliens

Chapter 1: Of Rooftops and Neighbor Boys

The air smelled like stale potato chips and old sweat. The weak a/c mocked me as I watched the wrappers flutter with the wind it created. It didn't reach the back. I felt suffocated, boxes and pillows piled a mile high around me. The uninterrupted scratch of nail against nail file and tone deaf humming filled my ears.

I carefully lifted my legs feeling resistance as sweat glued my skin to the leather. I wiped the back of them as best I could. I settled back into the worn seats with a sigh. It had been like this for hours. Nothing but sweat, humming, and the constant whir of the a/c. I was jerked forward as the car came to a sudden stop.

"It's beautiful honey!" the woman in the passenger seat exclaimed looking out the window. I glanced at the piles of stuff on my sides. I couldn't see anything but the street ahead. We looked to be in a pretty decent town.

"Let's go see our new home." the man stated warmly and the car shut off. "You okay back there?" Brown eyes met my amber ones through the reflective surface of the mirror.

"Sure." my voice thick with sarcasm. He rolled his eyes and got out of the car. One door slammed, but the other was kept open. I unbuckled myself and crawled through the tiny middle space to the front of the car. Once out of the tight constricted metal box I took a deep breath.

I smelled nothing but pollen and the dry heat. I closed the door and followed after the adults. A new house. Two stories, painted an off white with blue trimming. A nice green lawn and garage. A pretty tree in the front. It reminded me of a track house. I looked to our new neighbors house. Nothing moved behind the curtains. the house looked empty.

"Livvy do you plan on gawking at the house all day?" I turned in the direction of the voice. The woman stood by the front door, her perfectly filed nails on her grotesquely white clothed hip. Her fuchsia painted lips forced into a scowl. I blinked simply walking up to her. "I thought so." she left inside the house.

It was a typical styled two story house. The front door led directly to the ornate oak wood stairs, to the left was an empty living room, to the right was the kitchen. If you went passed the stairs you would find a closet space underneath them, across from that would be a guest bedroom with it's private bath, going even further would be the back door. I rolled my eyes seeing the couple standing in the kitchen. On the second floor were two bedrooms. I strolled quickly through the master bedroom, it had it's own bathroom. The bathroom that would most likely end up as mine was directly in between the master and my bedroom.

My new room must have been a nursery before because my walls were painted a cat puke pink with fluffy looking clouds and sleeping baby animals on them. It was empty save for a left over light bulb box. My window was pretty large and over looked the driveway, it was directly positioned with the neighbors window.

The loud rumbling of the moving truck signaled it was my time to stop enjoying the sight of my newborn painted walls. I took the steps two at a time and beat even the movers to the back of the truck. They gave me an apprehensive look as I tapped my foot impatiently.

"Excited to be here Livvy?" I winced in surprise and looked over at the man.

"Not really, just tired." I shrugged knowing it would make him slightly angry at me. The couple were my adoptive parents. Why they adopted a young teen when they did I would never know. Even my Social worker said I would be a challenge for them. Still they endured me, and haven't gave me back to the state after two years, so I think I was stuck with them. Well until I turned eighteen next May.

I was thankful for the labels stuck onto the boxes as we moved in the methodic pace of truck to house and house to truck. I was given an exceptionally heavy box when a loud car roared down the street. I stopped walking curiosity winning over when it pulled into the driveway backwards. The driver was clearly reckless.

"God we have one of those neighbors." Linda muttered walking passed me. I spared her a glance before looking back over at the car. It was a 1970 Pontiac GTO, painted black with cherry red racing stripes.

The driver carelessly got out of the car. It was a teen, probably my age, and boy was he a looker. Even from far away I knew he was pretty tall, and carried himself with that 'I don't give a fuck' attitude. His hair could best be described as messy. He was wearing a black shirt with old looking jeans. He looked over to my new yard and met my gaze.

"Livvy!" I looked away from the teen to see Linda flagging me down from the front door.

"Yes?" I called beginning to walk towards her.

"Just get the dishes in the kitchen so we can actually eat tonight alright?" she nagged at me as I set the box down.

"Okay okay god I was just admiring the car." I muttered walking back outside. I looked to the driveway, seeing the car but not the driver anymore. Oh well…

"The car? Or was it that boy?" she asked annoyingly following me back to the truck.

"The car. It's a classic. 1970 Pontiac GTO. An amazing car if treated right." I knew I lost her the moment I said classic. She didn't care about anything like that. She was one of those women who was a cheerleader and the most popular in high school. She cared about appearances and social statuses. I was naturally the complete opposite of her.

By the end of the day I had all my boxes in my room, my mattress was on the floor, and my lone dresser was pushed up against one of the walls. Luckily I hadn't packed my pillow or my favorite big blue blanket so I had those tonight. The sun had set hours ago, and we ended up buying from a fast food place that this little town had. Bill actually worked outside the town, but thought it would be a good experience for me to live in a small time town where everyone knew pretty much everyone.

I was glad I simply duck taped my drawers closed and kept all my clothes inside. I grabbed my large over sized shirt. One thing I knew was going to bother me was my window. It was big, and there wasn't a curtain. I changed on the same wall as the window was located. I was not taking any chances of some creep looking up into my window and seeing me changing.

"Hey can I come in?" Bill asked from behind my closed door. I flipped my hair out from beneath the fabric of my shirt before telling him to come in. He opened the door slowly. "I know your not happy with the move, but for the sake of Linda could you try and act a little excited?" he leaned tiredly on the door frame.

"I helped all day, and I didn't complain when she directed me what to do. And she's still unhappy?" I asked defensively. I was being on my best behavior and she was still angry at me? What did this woman want?

"She's says you've been very sulky. You know how she is just try okay? Night." he closed the door before I could tell him just how badly I was going to try. I raked my hands through my thick curly hair before pulling on them. I fell flat on my bed after that. It was way to hot for the blanket. I didn't sleep well that night. I wasn't use to the bedroom, or the atmosphere.

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping. Squinting against the sunlight that poured into my room I stood from my bed. I stretched my muscles as I walked to my dresser. I changed into a tank top and shorts before making my way downstairs. There were two sticky notes on the fridge.

"Went to work have fun you two, Bill." I tore the note off. "Went shopping be back later, cereal on counter, Linda." I crumbled them both and threw them on the counter, near the box of special K cereal. I opened the fridge to find it completely empty. "Of fucking course." I muttered slamming the door close and snatching the box. "it's the middle of summer, I have nothing to eat but dry cereal, and no one's home." I stated while angrily crunching on the cereal. My feet padded almost silently as I walked to the back door.

There was a patio out back, that looked like it hadn't been used in quite a while. The grass was just as green, and a few trees lined the back of the fenced off area. I grabbed another handful of cereal and munched on it while I looked around. A brown boarded fence. I was going to love it here.

I walked back inside and stared at all the boxes. Linda left to shop, which meant she wouldn't be back until after four. I didn't feel like being the one to unpack everything. I placed the now half empty cereal box on the table. Once in my room I slipped on my tennis shoes and headed out front. If I was going to be forced to be home all day I was going to do something productive with my time. Like running.

I made a few circles around the block, and only knew I stopped at the right house because of the neighbor boys car. Everything looked the same to me, and that included all the houses. I sat against my front door not looking forward to entering back into the strangers house.

I'd rather be back in California. Where I still knew people from the foster home. I never had many friends, but the ones I did I was close to. It really sucked when I was adopted because now we only saw each other after school and on the weekends. Then I moved, and now I would most likely never see them again. I hated change.

"It make's us look bad to pass out in the front lawn." I opened my eyes unaware I had been sleeping to see Linda glaring down at me. She was holding a grocery bag.

"Sorry." I mumbled standing and getting out of her way.

"The rest of the bags are in the car." I nodded and hurried to get them. We had two cars. One of the movers drove it for us, because Bill and Linda wanted to experience the road as a family.

I helped her unpack everything. By the time Bill came home the house looked like we had been living there for a while now. We had dinner together, pork chops. Then we watched a movie before I said I was tired and headed off to bed. My room was undeniably stuffy so I opened my window. I changed back into my pj's before grabbing my journal. Which actually just held all the short little stories my mind could come up with.

I woke up the next morning with my hand asleep. I had fallen asleep on it. This time the kitchen was filled with all noises of breakfast. It smelled of bacon and cheese. I sat at the table without really being noticed.

"Oh hello Livvy I was going to get you in a moment." Linda told me with a smile. I gave her one back and nodded. "How did you sleep?" she asked once breakfast was served.

"Pretty good. It's just hot here." Linda nodded in a way that made me suspect she wasn't actually listening to me.

"Well I got a new job at a hair salon in town, so you're going to be fending for yourself most of the summer. And I enrolled you at the high school yesterday." I nodded along with her chatter as I ate. "Herrington High. The principle is a very nice lady. You'll love it there." I nodded and kept eating. Once I was finished she washed the dishes and left for her work.

I changed into pants and a shirt before grabbing one of the books stacked up on my wall and a towel from my bathroom. I went into Linda and Bill's bedroom. They had the windows over looking the awning on the cover of the patio. I carefully climbed out onto it. It didn't creak under my weight which meant I wasn't going to fall through and break something. With a yawn I laid down the towel before laying on the roof. I read most of the morning on the roof.

A week passed in the same slow and steady fashion. I was getting a nice tan from spending my days on the roof or running. Bill was happy with his new job and Linda was as well. I was bored out of my mind rereading books and writing. But I had no clue how to get anywhere since they didn't trust me enough to buy me a car. I knew an argument was coming though. I could feel it in my bones.

"Olivia!" Linda practically screeched my name. I whipped my head around towards the kitchen where I was watching TV. "What is this?" she came charging into the room with a cup in her hand.

"It's the cup I used to drink some water." I said cautiously.

"And you just left it in the sink." I stood up from the couch. "You do this all that time and I'm sick of it!"

"Sick of what? I was going to clean it." and I was. I just wanted to watch the show on the TV.

"Right you always come up with excuses. Like last month when you were caught shop lifting. The shirt just happened to fall into your bag." she accused angrily.

"It wasn't me! Fuck Linda! For the millionth time it was that bitch Victoria! She set me up!" I explained while slowly inching my way around her.

"Another excuse! Always excuse after excuse! Is that all your good for? Excuses!?" she walked closer to me.

"I make the excuses? What about you! You're always complaining about every little thing! I can bow at your fucking feet and you'd still bitch at me!" the next thing I felt was the stinging slap. I blinked bewilderedly. She just hit me.

"Olivia I'm…" her hand at her throat she looking at me with terrified eyes. I strode passed her. "Olivia please!"

"Fuck you." I ground out slamming the front door behind me. The grass was still damp from being watered. It was about seven. Bill would be coming home any minute now. And soon enough his headlights blinded me from where I sat on the curb.

"Livvy what happened?" he asked when he was out of his car.

"Talk to her god damn it because I have no fucking clue!" I yelled bitterly without looking at him. I heard the front door close firmly. I tore the holder out of my hair and pulled at the roots of my thick mop of hair.

"Fight with parents?" a deep voice asked me. I looked to my right seeing the neighbor boy leaning against a tree a cigarette in hand.

"They're not my parents." I answered watching him take a drag from a cigarette. "Thank God for that." I added as an after thought. He chuckled, it was a dark sound.

"So what started the scream fest?" he asked sounding curious but oddly bored at the same time.

"We were being that loud?" I asked feeling slightly embarrassed.

"Kind of, noise tends to travel in small towns." he took another drag before moving closer. "So what happened?"

"I didn't wash a cup." I saw his eyebrows raise a fraction. "Idiotic I know, but that's Linda for you."

"She sounds like a bitch." he commented sitting down a foot away from me.

"Oh she is." absent mindedly I pulled on one of the ringlets I called hair and pulled it straight before letting it go watching it bounce back into a ringlet.

"So she does that a lot?" he threw his used up cigarette to the ground before toeing it out with his boot.

"What? Yell?" he nodded. "I deserve it most of the time. I'm not the easiest daughter to live with." I shrugged

"You're adopted?" he stared at me, and I had the distinct feeling I was being analyzed.

"For two whole years." I held up my fingers sounding sarcastically happy. "What's your name anyway?" I asked leaning my chin in the palm of my head and looking over at him.

"Zeke you?" he flashed a smile and I felt my mouth go dry.

"Olivia but most people call me-"

"Livvy! You can come back in now!" I nearly groaned out loud as Bills voice rang out. We both stood.

"Coming!" I called before looking back at Zeke. "Nice meeting you." he smiled again.

"Me too, see ya round." I walked off towards Bill, and could feel Zeke's eyes following my every step.

"I don't like that boy, he seems shady." Bill told me when I walked passed him through the doorway. I rolled my eyes as he placed a hand on my shoulder and closed the door. He was acting like a father. "I calmed her down, she's in bed now. I think it would be good if you just went to bed." I nodded and did just that.

When I woke up the house was empty. I had a bowl of cereal, with milk, before changing into a pair of shorts and a tank top. I grabbed my journal and a pen. With practiced ease I got onto the awning. I sat on the edge and opened the notebook. I began writing whatever came through my head.

"Is that all you do all day?" I felt my stomach give a nervous flutter before I looked over seeing Zeke sitting on his awning.

"Are you watching me?" I asked feeling more excited by the fact then crept out. He smirked arrogantly.

"Nope I just saw you on your roof and decided to join you. What is so nice about the roof anyhow?" I looked away and out into the distance. I could see houses for blocks from here.

"It's peaceful." I shrugged closing the notebook.

"I see. And you don't cook from the heat?" I chuckled slightly.

"I wear lots of sunscreen." actually the truth of the matter was I didn't burn often. It was rare that I did.

"Sounds like a good plan. Well I'm thirsty care to join me?" he asked with a half smile. I frowned at him.

"From a house away?" he laughed sending pleasant tingles down to my toes.

"You could come over. We do live like what? Five feet away from each other?" I chewed on my lower lip going through the pros and cons of going over to his house.

"Sure why not." I shrugged and stood from my roof. As I was about to climb into the window I looked over my shoulder. "Can you refrain from staring at my ass while I'm going into my house?" his eyes met mine and he simply smirked. I was probably going to love and hate that smirk. I closed the window after me and dropped my notebook off in my room before heading over to his house.

Now I wasn't a sheltered little girl. I've been to guys houses, so I wasn't nervous because of that. I've done pretty much everything you could with the opposite gender so I wasn't nervous if anything like that ended up happening. What I was nervous about was the fact that Zeke seemed to have that mysterious, dark, bad boy air about him. I knocked on the door. It opened a few seconds later.

"Hey." he said opening the door wider to let me in. The first thing I noticed about his house was that it was set up in the same fashion as mine. The next was that it was filled with very expensive stuff. The third and final one, which I already suspected, was that it was completely empty of human life except for him.

"Parents not home?" I asked curiously. He snorted and closed the door.

"Their never home." he commented like he couldn't care less and walked into the kitchen. I followed him. The kitchen was immaculately clean, and looked like it was off a cooking show. "So what would you like? Beer, soda?" he said beer first. How often was he left alone anyhow?

"Soda would be fine." I stated still staring around the kitchen.

"Hope you don't mind Pepsi." he said handing me a can of Pepsi. I smiled in thanks and took it.

"Actually it's my favorite."

"Well then that's something we have in common." he commented leaning against the island that was in the middle of the kitchen. He had a beer in his hand. "So what made them move to this little town?" he asked after I had taken a sip of the Pepsi.

"Bill got a job offer in the city near here. He moved here though because he thought that it would do me good to live in a small town." I took another sip of the Pepsi.

"Seriously? Makes me wonder what type of person you were before you moved." he said wryly before taking a swig of the beer. It was Corona.

"The kind that would drive the Brady Bunch parents to homicide." I muttered behind the Pepsi making Zeke laugh. "How bout you?" his laughter died down.

"I've been here my whole life." he said with a careless shrug.

"Sounds like a blast." I said sarcastically.

"I make the most of it." his tone suggested a whole slew of things. I gave him a once over. He was in a dark gray shirt, somewhat baggy pants.

"I bet you do." I met his gaze and noticed his eye color was a deep chocolate brown. "So is there anything fun to do in this place?" I asked slightly shifting my head to the side. He bit back a smile and took a step toward me.

"There are a few things." he said still walking toward me. I took a step back by reflex, and found I was closer to a counter then I thought.

"Anything I might like?" I asked watching his lips more then anything else. I glanced up at him again. he was extremely close.

"Most likely." his voice was lower, rougher. His hands planted themselves on either side of me and he bent down, our lips almost touching. I would only guess later it was me who tilted my head back. Our lips met softly. Despite his bad boy personality he seemed to carry he was a gentle kisser. I felt his hand softly bury itself in my hair tipping it further back making it easier to kiss me.

I felt his tongue quickly dart out to taste my lips. I opened my mouth in a silent invitation. Our tongues tentatively explored one another, getting use to the other's feel. My arms encircled his neck. He was a really good kisser, that much was for sure. I just hoped I wasn't half bad. Guys have told me I was good, but I never did believe what others have said about me. When he pulled away I was one hundred percent positive my cheeks were flushed.

"Fun enough for you?" he asked his breath washing over me. I met his gaze and nodded with a small chuckle.

"Ya…ya it was." his smile seemed kind of accomplished and he moved away, his hand leaving my hair, and my arms leaving his neck.

"Wanna watch some TV?" he asked grabbing his beer from the island counter.

"Sure." I looked to the counter I had backed myself into earlier and saw my Pepsi sitting beside me. When I had put it down I couldn't remember. He had a large screen TV, and couch that looked like you could drown in it. It was that fluffy. I awkwardly sat beside him on the over stuffed piece of furniture. He turned the TV onto the movie channel. An action movie was on. I quickly relaxed, and after the first movie found myself barefooted and sitting cross legged on the over stuff couch leaning towards the TV because it was a horror suspense movie on.

"You know I kind of expected you to be cowering at this stuff." Zeke commented after one of the main characters was brutally murdered.

"I am not one of those chicks who hide behind a guys arm while watching a horror flick. I actually enjoy them." I smiled and went back to watching the movie.

"Good to know."

I stayed until I heard Linda's car pull up into the driveway. That night she chewed my ear out for being at a guys house all day. Then right before I fell asleep Bill gave me the talk about sex, which he was already a few years late on. I shrugged his words off and told him I wasn't a whore.

I spent the next five days in the same fashion. I would go over to Zeke's and we'd watch movies, eat junk food, and make out. Easy. It was all at an easy pace. And it was beginning to remind me of a cheesy romance movie. Or that one book I had gotten for a birthday one year. I learned early on Zeke was intelligent to the point of being an ass. My personality fit his wonderfully, which meant we argued about a lot of things. Though it was always about our ideals or views on something.

It was the sixth day that I had found out about the real Zeke. I had had my head in his lap while watching some sitcom on the TV. I was thirsty, but this time I didn't bother to tell him I just got up and went to the kitchen. I'm pretty sure he let me go on purpose. I opened the huge stainless steel fridge and was met with something that looked like it was out of a movie. One half of the fridge was filled with things you'd normally find in a fridge, the rest though weren't. I recognized them immediately as the chemical's to make drugs. Zeke was a fucking drug producer.

"Holy fuck." I said taking a step back. He makes no noise from the living room. What did he expect me to do? Run away? I grab the beer that's on the second shelf and close the fridge door. I open the bottle with the bottle opener and go back into the living room. I sit down beside him and take a long drink of the alcohol. "So what do you make?" I asked with an eyebrow arched. I see something in his eyes before he answers. Almost blatant surprise.

"My own recipe." he answers with a cocky tone. I roll my eyes and lean into him, he puts an arm around my shoulders pulling me closer. I take a drink from the beer.