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Werewolves and Aliens

Chapter 2: Summer Lust Only Lasts so Long

The next day we hang out in his lab which is in the back garage. He works on his drug, which he calls Skat, and I write in my notebook. He wears glasses while working. I find they make him look absolutely adorable. He has a mouse named Oscar. I've always wanted a mouse. I watch inquiringly as he loads the finished powder into pens. I'm sitting on the old vintage couch in the cluttered yet surprisingly clean garage.

"Can I have a hit?" I asked setting my notebook down beside me. He stops screwing on the top of the pen. I've noticed a few things about Zeke over the days I've known him. He didn't let people close, not personally close, and neither did I. Everything we had been talking about had nothing to do with us personally.

"Your lucky I like you, or I'd charge." he said handing me the pen. I took it with a head shake.

"You know the pen thing is really convenient, at lot better then a straw." I said placing the open end of the pen in my nostril before snorting the white powder. I handed him the empty container back. He's studying me now, gauging my reaction. The spike of pain everyone feels when snorting recedes to a numbness I hadn't felt in ages. I'd tried drugs, they weren't my thing so I didn't do them. But I was one curious person.

The world goes weird. And the rest of the day I laugh at what Zeke says because it sounds funny to my ears, and I scribble down nonsense into my notebook. I come home all smiles, and even offer to clean up the kitchen after dinner. I believe Bill starts to think that hanging out with the neighbor boy was doing me good. I fall into bed after stripping my clothes.

That next morning I wake up to the incessant knocking on the front door. I scrub my eyes awake before sitting up. With a large yawn I walk out of my door and down the stairs. I scratch my head tiredly before opening the door. Zeke's there looking the tiniest bit of concerned.

"Hello." I say moving away from the door to let him in.

"Hey." he walks into my house and looks around. It's the first time he's been in my house. I yawn again and walk to my kitchen, my feet slapping against the tile. There's a sticky note on the ridge.

"Out of cereal will buy some today, Linda." I read out loud.

"Your house's nice." I glance at Zeke who's leaning against the crappy little table we had like he'd been here many times before.

"As a donkey's ass." I muttered looking through the fridge to see if I could make anything to eat. Zeke snorted at my comment.

"Hey Livvy you're aware your in your underwear right?" he asked with that deep voice of his and I looked down at myself seeing I was indeed in nothing but my bra and bikini underwear. What the fuck?

"Ya thanks for telling me after I bend down." I grumbled not really meaning it. When I look back at him he's simply smirking. I grab two eggs and set them on the counter before getting a pan.

"You're not getting dressed?" he asked with a curious tone as I turned on the stove.

"Isn't it all guys dream for a girl to cook breakfast in their underwear?" I retorted. "I'm too lazy to climb the stairs to my room." I shrug before cracking the eggs into the pan.

"Did Bill and Linda notice anything different last night?" he asked as I waited by the stove for the eggs to get done.

"No, actually Bill commented on that hanging out with you must be having a positive influence on me. They're a little oblivious."

"No doubt in that." he said with a chuckle. I sat at the table once my over easy eggs were done. "So what's the plan for today?" I glanced up at him from my food.

"After I eat I'm getting dressed and after that's it's debatable." I said before munching happily on my eggs. I finished quickly and washed my dishes. "Wanna join me?" I asked as I was walking towards the stairs. Zeke gave me a slow, knee melting smirk before standing. "Before we enter this room I'm going to warn you the walls were that way before I moved in." I said my hand on the knob.

"They can't be that bad." he said rolling his eyes.

"Uhhuh." I said opening the door and watched his reaction. His eyes widened at the sight of the bright pink room and cutesy sleeping animals on the walls. I laughed and went over to my dresser. "Told you so." I said still chuckling as I dug through my drawers to find something that would keep me from sweating to death.

"You have a nice book collection." he said, most likely looking at the books I had stacked up in the corner. Then long arms wrapped around my waist, and a warm body pressed into mine. Hot breath tickled my ear before speaking. "Why don't you skip the getting dressed part?" he asked before I felt him lightly nip my ear lobe. I laughed lazily and turned in his embrace. Our lips sought one another out, and I soon found out that Zeke was a very experienced lover.

Afterward we lay on my bed, the frame for it was still in pieces in my closet. I was in the crook of his body, my head laying on his chest. I could hear the steady beating of his heart. His hand was lazily drawing circles into my lower back. The silence was actually kind of comforting.

"Do you know what happened to the family that lived here before?" I asked looking at the pink walls. Zeke made a noise that could only be described as a grunt and a hmm.

"Not really, only that they left abruptly one year." I nodded before sitting up. I was pleasantly tingling in places.

"We can not stay in bed all day." I stated and stood up.

"You're no fun." he complained while standing.

"You weren't saying that a few minutes ago." I pointed out while collecting my under garments. I threw them in the hamper before grabbing new ones from the dresser.

"That's because you were fun then." he said with that damn I-know-everything tone that drove me up the wall sometimes. The front door slammed.

"And that would be Linda." I muttered grabbing my over sized pj shirt and pulling on a pair of pants going commando. I looked over seeing Zeke was already buttoning up his pants.

"Livvy you home?" Linda called from down the stairs I popped out of my bedroom and hoped my hair wasn't a mess.

"Yaa." I felt Zeke appear behind me.

"Oh hello." she said before pinning me with a look that meant she would talk to me later.

"Hi, and thanks for letting me borrow one of your books Livvy." Zeke lied smoothly, but also held up a book. "I'll bring it back tomorrow. Alright?"

"Ya sure, let me walk to the door." I could fee Linda's accusing stare burning holes into my head as I showed Zeke out the door. Once the front door was closed I was pounced on.

"Yaaa a book huh?" she said with her arms crossed.

"Yes I book, I keep them in my room." I pointed out running a hand through my hair.

"And you just happen to have a hickey on your neck."

"What?" I quickly jogged over to the downstairs bathroom. I craned my neck to the side once in front of the mirror and stared at the darkening mark on my neck.

"So it was all for a book huh?" she asked with an amused smirk that made my face heat up.

"Stop giving me that look I'm almost eighteen anyways." I muttered walking passed her and out of the bathroom.

"Which is why I'm not going to say anything about it. But get dressed properly we're going school shopping, that's why I'm home early." I nodded unwilling to argue with her since she was being nice.

They actually had really cute clothing in the stores. Though my sense of fashion was unwaveringly different from Linda's. She liked the soft blues, greens, and yellows, while I went for the reds, blacks, and purples. We argued about my apparel. I won in the end. There was no way she was getting me into that frilly fru fru skirt. We came home with five bags.

I took a shower. Have I ever mentioned I love the shower head in this house? It was at the exact right setting that seemed to massage my skin while I showered. I loved it. I blow dried my hair afterward or I would be dealing with an afro in the morning. I loved my big bouncy rust color red curly hair, but sometimes it was unbelievably hard to manage. I expertly hide the hickey behind my mane of hair from Bill when he came home from work.

It was when I returned back to my bedroom that I noticed an important article of mine is missing. My notebook. My eyes narrow into a dangerous scowl. He took my notebook, I didn't really look at the book he held up. Zeke took my notebook. My personal notebook. That was filled with mini stories about what had happened that day. It was weird, like my diary in story format but a bunch of different story each entry.

He even starred in a few of those journal entries, though if he read them I wonder if he'll be able to recognize that the wispy black lucid darkness was him. Still he took my notebook. I laid down on my bed and buried my head into my pillow. I was going to kill him tomorrow. That was for sure.

I wake up the next morning feeling sore in places unmentionable and groggy. I brushed out my hair before twisting it up and spearing it with a clip. I changed into a spaghetti strap and my low riding jeans. I ate my cereal and was out the door in no time. I calmly knocked on his door.

"You took my notebook I want it back." was the first thing out of my mouth when he opens the door.

"You'll get it back." he said off handedly and moved away from the door. He's really putting on the layers today. I can see a white shirt poking out beneath a dark blue one and he was wearing an unbuttoned black shirt with navy blue jeans.

"C'mon Zeke that's my personal stuff." I complain following him into the house.

"You're a pretty good writer." he said ignoring my complaint. He puts on his boots before standing back up. "How long have you been writing?"

"Since I learned my abc's." I answer. "I'll leave you alone if you'll just give me the notebook." I follow him out the house and into his garage. I wasn't going to stop following him until I got my notebook back. I see him place his pen's filled with Skat into a small box.

"Sure." he said moving out of the garage and walking towards his car.

"Sure what? I can have my notebook back?" he was a lot taller then me and catching up to him proved difficult.

"not yet I'm not done reading it. Anyways are you coming or what?" he asked opening his car door. I stood blinking bewilderedly momentarily before going to the passenger side. "Hold this." he handed me the box full of Skat.

"Where are we going?" I asked placing the box in my lap. Zeke didn't answer me, just pulled out of the driveway like a mad man. "You know this whole ignoring thing is really annoying." I pointed out as he sped through the town.

"I'm meeting someone, and I'm running a bit late." I nodded looking out the window. I didn't talk the rest of the way there, and neither did he. Though his radio filled the silence beautifully. We pulled into a near empty parking lot outside of town. "Stay in the car alright?" I think it was the first time he looked at me this morning.

"Ya no problem." I handed him the box and he got out. I watched him walk up to one of the few cars and the transaction was made. Money for Skat, Skat for money. And whoever the person was in the car made Zeke nervous. His car was as messy as anyone would expect from a teenager. "So everything go over smoothly?" he glanced at me and smirked, back to his old self.

"Perfectly." and with that he drove off.

"You drive like a damn mad man." I grit my teeth as we skidded across a corner.

"Why thank you." I didn't even bother telling him it wasn't a compliment because he already knew that. When we got back to his place we hung out in his living room.

To my little surprise he had bought something himself. It was weed. Of course because weed was a pretty common drug. We blazed and laughed at the TV like idiots and ate most of the junk food. At the moment we were attempting and failing to throw skittles into each other's mouths. The funniest thing in the world to see a skittle bouncing off the other's face.

"Aha!" Zeke yelled triumphantly as a skittle landed in my mouth. I grinned and started eating the sugary little candy. "Ahh whoever said you could eat it?" he asked dragging me by my ankle towards him. I yelped and laughed when I fell onto my back. He crawled over me, his bigger body engulfing mine. I cocked my head to the side and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Are you seducing me?" I asked with a serious face which of course made him nearly roar with laughter. His head fell to my shoulder as he laughed at my question. "I'm being serious." I grumbled but was giggling.

"I know, that's why it's funny." he commented lifting his head before pushing his lips to mine.

The funny thing about all this was I knew this would never amount more to anything other then lust. He wasn't the kind of guy to have a relationship, and I wasn't looking for one. So as our bodies moved with one another, and I kept giggling at the stupid shit he was telling me, I ignored the little voice in the back of my head telling me I wouldn't be able to stay at an arms length.

Once we were done we cleaned up after ourselves. Because we weren't idiots and he wore a condom, plus we managed to scatter the skittles all over the floor. I also went hunting around the floor for my hair tie, which magically disappeared. When I gave up my search I curled up on the couch next to him and watched the day away.


The weeks that followed went by in a blur. An on more then one occasion a drug induced blur, but it was fun. Sex with Zeke was fun, just as playing video games was fun with Zeke, and writing in my notebook I was finally given back while curled up on the old couch in the garage where Zeke made his drug was fun. I knew that once school started the thing we had going on would end. It was just how life worked and I was perfectly okay with that.

So I wasn't surprised when I walked into his house one afternoon and found Zeke in a tangle of limbs with some brown haired chick. He simply cocked his head to the side and shrugged at me. I rolled my eyes and shook my head walking back out of the house. So it was fun while it lasted. I wasted my summer away with a guy, because school started in two days, and I was happy about it.

Linda didn't tell me anything when I went to work with her the next day. I walked around the town aimlessly, bubbles of tiny stories popping into my head. I even helped clean up the fallen hair that was being cut away. I evaded the other hair dressers who wanted to snip away at my hair. I was proud of my shoulder length wild locks.

On Sunday Bill made a very obvious attempt not to mention the fact that I was vegetating on the couch. He made small talk with me, and Linda laughed at the jokes he told. I once again wished to be in California. When one rolled around I got bored of sitting on the couch and told them I'd be running around the block. And I did just that. I was waved at by the other neighbors as I passed.

I ate dinner like I usually did, wrote in my notebook and fell asleep. I woke up early that morning to do something with my hair. School didn't start until nine which was freaking crazy because at my old school they started at seven. So I decided to braid my hair. In one big French braid. It took a while and when I was done it was seven forty.

I wore a short sleeved black v necked shirt, that barely showed the swell of my breasts. I wasn't a big chested girl but I also wasn't small. In my opinion I had boobs that fit my body. I tugged on my straight legged black jeans and laced up my high top black and white converse. I lightly brushed my eyelashes with mascara. I looked at myself in the mirror before grabbing my binder and heading down stairs.

"Excited about the first day?" Bill asked as he poured himself coffee.

"Nope." I answered truthfully making a bowl of cereal. "But I'm curious." I finished up my cereal, brushed my teeth, and felt the familiar rush of menstrual blood. Well that answered a few questions that had been popping up into my head.

One of those times we had both gotten high I woke up hours later naked in Zeke's bed and had no idea how I got there. Neither did he apparently because he woke up just as surprised as I did. And I couldn't find the used condom anywhere. So I had been slightly worried, but now all my questions had been answered. I used a tampon before heading off to the bus, almost missing the damn thing.

No one really paid me any attention as I walked on. I sat at an empty seat in the middle of the bus. The front was for geeks, and the back was filled with popular people. I didn't like the back very much. The bus ride was short and soon I was dropped off at Harrington High home to the Hornets. At least it wasn't something like an Armadillo.

The front of the school was filled with the chatter of friends meeting up with one another after a long break. I could already tell this school was built upon the status quo. Jocks and cheerleaders on top, non academic clubs such as dance or drama was next on that social rung, the people no one messed with because they were pretty much anonymous, the next were the loner types that didn't have any friends and was proud of it(most of the time anyhow), and then there was the geeks. Those last two groups were always bullied by everyone else. There were the people who didn't fit into the social ladder and rather hung outside of it. Some people liked it that way, others didn't.

I didn't really care if I fit in or not. This was high school and I planned on getting out of it as quickly as I could. Things like social groups didn't matter to me. I didn't bother asking anyone where the administration office would be I just walked right into the crappy school and started wandering. I found it eventually.

"Hey I'm a new student here and I'm suppose to be getting my papers?" I asked the older looking secretary. She was on the phone. She held up one fire truck red spidery finger for me to wait. I rolled my eyes and sat on a wooden chair near her desk. My first day here and I was already being shoved to the side for…what she had for dinner yesterday? I took a calming breath to keep my cool. I wasn't the best person around crowds, I hated them personally. It was one of the reasons why I liked hanging around the house all summer long.

"Yes your name is?" she looked at me over old glasses.

"Olivia Grace Dahn." she nodded and started trifling through a stack of papers on her desk. Sheesh it was the beginning of school and she was already piled up with work.

"Here it is Miss. Dahn." she held out a small stack of papers. I got up from the chair and took them from her. "I hope you enjoy your stay at our school." she said in that professional I-couldn't-care-less voice.

"Ya me too." I mumbled looking over the papers. A schedule, a map, and a locker number and combo. Oh joy. I looked to the map then my locker number. Sighing I walked off towards where I thought I should be going.

I abso-fucking-lutely hated this school. It was confusing as hell and to top it all off I had a couple making out in front of my locker. I shoved them over nicely and doubted they even noticed. My locker wouldn't open. The stupid twisty lock just didn't want to twist. Once I did get it open I shoved the book I brought, and my extra pencils into the empty locker. By this time the bell had rang and the halls were almost completely empty.

I looked to my schedule. English 101 with a teacher named Miss. Burke. The map showed me it was across the whole school. With a curse I slammed my locker and locked it before jogging off towards my class. I didn't know their late policy here, but at my old one we got sent out of class. I think I scared my teacher half to death when I burst into the room.

"Uh-uh yes?" she asked behind thick rimmed glasses. She looked like a fragile teacher.

"This is English right?" I asked not wanting to look at the map again. I was thankful I ran so much.

"Yes, you would be?" a nice voice, soothing.

"New student." I handed her my schedule so she could see I wasn't lying.

"Ahh, Olivia why don't you tell the class a little about yourself?" she asked hesitantly. I shrugged and turned to the class, but I didn't look at them, I looked above their heads.

"I'm Olivia Dahn, but I go by Livvy. I came from California. I like listening to music. I drive my guardians crazy, oh and I've witnessed all of three murders as a child. Any questions?" I asked with a fake smile. "I'm just going to take an empty seat." I told the teacher who was staring at me open mouthed. It was when I was in a seat by the window that I noticed I was being stared at by everyone in the room.

It kind of reminded me of all the little kids seeing a new ice cream flavor on an ice cream truck. Miss. Burke began talking about the normal first day of school stuff. I stared into my desk hoping that sooner or later the people around me would get bored of staring at the new red head.

"I want you all to state your name and say one thing you like and one thing you dislike." the collective groan almost made me laugh. "Start over here." kids starting prattling off what they were told to do. I tapped my foot silently to a song I had in my head.

"Zeke Tyler and I dislike people." his voice piqued my interest slightly, but I ignored it. More people and more names I didn't care to know.

"Eylse Garner, I like boys, and dislike split ends." I bit my lip to keep from smirking. What a total superficial bitch. I was also aware it was my turn.

"Livvy Dahn, I like roof tops and dislike preps." the stare at the back of my head began to burn. I smirked knowing I pissed Elyse off behind me. More people more names. Things I didn't care about. Miss. Burke talked on about what we'd be doing in English this year. The bell rang.

"Livvy right?" I turned seeing some guy asking with a leery smile.

"And you are?" I asked flatly. I could see his composure waver slightly.

"Uhh Frank, but I was wondering-"

"Not interested." I glanced him over. He looked like a meat head. "Definitely not interested. Idiots just aren't my thing." I flashed him a smile and continued to walk where I believed would be my second period. My second period teacher was a drunk. It went over in the same fashion, except this time we were able to talk amongst ourselves. I was of course the center of everyone's attention.

"So where'd you come from?" the girl sitting in front of me asked.

"Nowhere." I answered watching their looks turn confused. "California." eyes lit up like vultures.

"Really what was that like?" a guy asked who was sitting beside me.

"More entertaining I guess." I shrugged not wanting to talk to them, but I understood that this was the first initiation. It was where I would be labeled within the social ladder or outside of it.

"Did you meet any celebrities?" I rolled my eyes at that question.

"No because I lived no where near Hollywood. And why do you all care anyhow? I'm not that exciting."

"Well you just have that look." I glanced seeing a preppy girl say with a purse of her lips. This was going to be a very long year.

My third period was with some old red headed lady. She looked nice enough. Then came lunch. A prep from third said she just had to show me to some chick named Delilah, and I found myself being dragged over to the tables filled with jocks and cheerleaders.

"Guys this is Livvy, Livvy this is everyone." my eyes scanned the crowd.

"Hello I'm Delilah, chief editor of the school newspaper and the head cheer captain." Delilah was a pretty girl with a shark toothed smile. She was the girl who climbed the social ladder by manipulation and back stabbing. She was on top and anyone who tried to take that from her would be toast. I automatically appreciated her for her obvious lying skills, and hated her for being that bitch.

"Livvy, new kid." I said with the same fake little smile. I spent my lunch talking to Jocks and preps. I didn't like it, but I couldn't think of an excuse to leave. A few minutes before the bell rang I left them saying I wanted to get to my fourth so I wouldn't be late.

I had science next. I didn't particularly like science either. Sure watching Zeke tinker away at his lab was alright, but in science class we were made to participate which ended in things blowing up and people getting hurt. That's just how it was with me and science. The teachers name was Mr. Furlong. He was a somewhat dorky looking guy. There weren't many people in the class early. A gothic girl with dirty blonde chin length hair, and an extremely pale curly haired boy with a camera slung around his neck.

"Hey is this seat taken?" I asked the dorky kid who turned to me with wide eyes. Almost like I had three heads. "Hello?" he blinked seemingly to return to Earth.

"No." I nodded and sat on the seat next to him. I placed my binder on the table. "You're going to ruin your chances at ever being popular if you sit next to me." he stated fiddling with his camera. I turned to him and leaned my elbow on the table.

"Would you believe me if I told you I couldn't care less?" he glanced at me before nodding. "So what's your name?"

"Casey." he said shyly not looking me in the eye. Not many people could look me in the eye for more then a few seconds.

"Well I'm Livvy it's nice to meet you Casey." I said with a toothless smile.

"Casey you keeping the new girl all to yourself?" we both looked to the new voice. A rather cute looking black guy stood on the other side of the table we were sitting at. Casey looked down to the table. "Hey Livvy right?" he said flashing me a smile. "Why don't you ditch the impotent wimp and sit with me?" I leaned forward a slow smirk forming on my lips.

"I'd take an impotent wimp over an egotistical jerk any day." I giggled like a little girl and sat back. He frowned but went away. "So you like taking photos?" I said looking at his camera. Casey gave me a fish out of water look before answering.

Hours later I was sitting at the dinner table with Bill and Linda when I felt it. The undeniable itch in my skin. I rolled my shoulders to relieve the itch but it didn't work. It grew worse. I rubbed my neck and curled my toes.

"Is it coming on hard?" Bill asked in a quiet voice as they watched me struggle.

"Harder then last time…" I muttered standing up.

"Why do you wait until your forced to Livvy? You know if you do it often then-"

"Because it reminds me of them." I snapped beginning to pace the kitchen. "You have it ready right? I can't control myself when I'm forced." Bill nodded wiped his hands on a napkin and stood. I followed him into the hallway. He opened the crawl space beneath the stairs. Inside were chains. "I have to change something I'll be right back." I hurried into the bathroom and changed my tampon. I also changed in the middle of the school day.

"I really wish you would just do it often so we wouldn't have to resort to this." he said with a heavy sigh as he locked the inward spiked training collar around my neck, and the chains to bind my ankles and wrists.

"And I wish I didn't have to do this at all, but God doesn't care about what we wish." I snarled the itch intensifying to the pain. I could feel my bones begin the move, the first snap and pop left me gasping. "Get out and close the fucking door." I snarled and Bill closed the door leaving me with the darkness and myself.

It hurt, like it always did. I could feel every bone in my body break and morph into a different structure. My skin would ripple hair growing out of it, my hands shrunk and morphed, my legs bent in ways impossible for a human to stand. My mouth grew longer and sharp thick teeth grew in from my blunt human ones. The whole time cursing my parents for infecting me with this curse. I felt myself begin to recede and fade, the me went into it's dark corner.