The door to the front porch opened and Jefferson Hatter glanced back, dropping the ends of the scarf he had been playing with.

"Hatter." Gold greeted casually. He and madman didn't try to cross paths unless Belle was involved and even then the conversations were awkward.

"Rum." Jefferson smirked. He stood and did half a bow. "How may I be of service?"

Gold mustered rolling his eyes and thrust the camera into the Hatter's hands. "Yesterday you gave Belle a role of film for this. I'd like a whole set if you please. I'll cover any expenses, of course."

Jefferson whistled and examined the device. "Wow, she used the whole role up that fast?"

At that moment the door swung open again and Belle scurried outside rummaging through a mass of photos. "Okay Rumpel I think I found them all—oh hi Jefferson!"

The two friends exchanged embraces before the attentions were turned back to the camera.

"Rum was just telling me how you used up the entire role I gave you yesterday. What could have possible been so captivating that you used up 120 pieces of film?"

Gold cleared his throat and Belle suppressed a blush. "Nature's a beautiful thing."

Jefferson, to the couple's relief, didn't catch on and continued to examine the camera. "Well, I'll see what I can do but I might have to order them out of town…" Jefferson's features scrunched in question as he rubbed his middle finger thumb together. "Belle did you put the camera in the refrigerator? There's mayonnaise under the lens—"

Gold had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing and Belle snatched the camera from Jefferson quickly, blushing madly. "Um eh-yes-something like that." while she struggled with the device, a photo fell from the stack in her hands. Jefferson went to retrieve it and was stopped by Belle's hand.

"I got it!" she shrilled too brightly.

"It's okay, my hand is already on it."

"Jefferson, I got it."

"Come one Belle it's just a nature photo. I'm sure your photography skills aren't' that bad."

"Oh their not." Gold commented offhandedly, smirking wildly. "Not bad at all."

"Can it." Belle hissed.

Jefferson looked at the couple and studied Belle's blush, Gold's all-knowing eyes, and healthy glow they both wore—

"Oh I get it, they're nature photos."


Gold started howling and turned to avoid Belle's slap to the arm.

The mad man laughed with him and wiped a tear from his eye. "Somehow I saw this coming! Come on show me what you got."

Gold made a face and became just a bit defensive. "You want to see photos of Belle and me…in that way?"

"Oh come on, we're all friends here! Please? I promise I'll be respectful and not breath a word to anyone off this porch!"

Belle looked to her husband with pleading eyes, but Gold decided now was the time to be an ass and make Belle regret starting the whole fiasco to begin with. She reluctantly removed her finger, closing her eyes and looking away.

Gold upon seeing the erotic picture clenched his jaw and mental killed off his hard on.

Jefferson's eyes widened for a moment before he burst out laughing. "Whoa! Oh my…whoa! Wait a go Belle! Damn you go Rum!"