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Anyway, with that excuse out of the way, enjoy the story!

Alduin, the World Eater, has been defeated. His being shattered and bones dormant in the land of Sovngarde Though his soul had not been absorbed by the DragonBorn, he was still unable to regain any sort of form as of yet.

He was able to see and turn his head, but what he couldn't seem to grasp was that he could not see himself, not even his great wings.

He continued to drift in plain white void, seemingly endless and bland. He could not use his Thu'um or move. Knowing this, he soon came to realization that it was his soul that drifted.

"How long must I drift here? If Dovahkiin did not take my soul, what, or rather, when is my fate to come?" He thought to himself.

Almost by cue, he was soon greeted by 9 great titans, in which he recognized one as Akatosh, which gave away the rest. He was apparently greeted by the Nine Divines.

"Well, if it isn't the great Divines. Oh how grateful I am to be in your presence." He said, or rather thought, with as much hatred towards them.

"Silence Alduin! We as well do not wish to talk to you nor be anywhere near your presence, but as I have ordered, I am required to punish you severely." Akatosh boomed throughout the white void.

"What punishment could you all possibly think of that will not result in complete and utter failure to bind me completely to submission? Have you not heard of my prophecy? It cannot be avoided, as I am destined to rise once more to end all of Skyrim." He retorted to the gods.

"Do not worry about that Alduin… The punishment will be for one thing, agonizing and wretched to your standards, that it will make you despise your own existence." Akatosh mocked.

"Is that your pathetic excuse of a threat? You will need to do better than that Akatosh. I will not easily bow down to you or any of the Divines."

The rest of the Divines were quiet during the conversation, their faces seeming to anticipate something to happen. Even Akatosh has gone quiet.

Seconds turned to minutes, and soon to hours, but no one could easily tell time in the realm they were currently presiding.

The silence continued, until Akatosh spoke once more.

"Well, it seems it has arrived. Do not try to be arrogant and create enemies in this plane of existence, you don't wish to fight 2 battles in different dimensions. I give you the best of luck Alduin, as to being the pseudo Left hand of God." With those words, he and the other Divines soon dissipated from the realm, leaving his floating, shapeless soul alone once more.

"What could they possibly mean by that? Left hand of God…As if I was to be a mortal. What a preposterous fate that will be. I could easily kill myself off and change once more to my true form…A punishment that will make me despise my own existence."

He continued to ponder, finding a way out of this loop of continuous self murder, but was cut off as a green portal soon pulled him in to an unknown world.

Halkeginia: Tristinian Academy of Magic

Louise was already dreading this day. She had to summon a familiar, a familiar! She could barely do the most basic of spells without it resulting to literally obliterating the whole classroom, leaving it susceptible to other outside forces to make it crumble.

Known as Louise the Zero for her zero percent of success. She despised the name, but her classmates had a point, she did have zero success on any of her studies.

She sighed as she watched each of her classmates successfully summon amazing familiars, including Kirche with a flame salamander and Tabitha with a powerful blue wind dragon.

"If only I could get a dragon like that." She thought to herself, before sighing as she waited her turn to successfully cause another explosion.

"Miss Valliere, it is your turn." Her teacher, Mr. Colbert said.

"I won't fail, I won't fail, I won't fail!"

She soon started to recite the spell.

"O five elemental spirits, find my servant that resides within the reaches of this world, of which its valor, bravery, beauty and power are unmatched by none. I desire here and plead from my heart…Answer my guidance!"

The summoning circle glowed a bright red, which gave hope to Louise, but it soon deflated as it resulted in a massive explosion.

"Haha, Louise the Zero failed as always! Zero percent of success." A student yelled out.

She dropped to her knees and on the verge of tears. Her one chance to prove that she wasn't a total failure was completely ruined. As the tears were about to roll down, she heard one of the students gasp and looked up.

The smoke still filled the air, only revealing a silhouette of a humanoid figure within. When it soon passed, it revealed a man.

He was strange to many. His short raven hair slowly blew with the wind as his blood red eyes stared into the distance. His pupils were slit as if it was of a reptile. His build was muscular, but still lean, which gave off as a warrior type. His face was circular and his face was somewhat chiseled, but was not as battle ridden. It showed of a fit teenager, roughly 18 to 20 years of age.

His attire was even stranger as his torso all the way to his knees were covered in a black garb made of simple leather, but his forearm and lower legs were fitted with black and silver gauntlets. Their complicated design took the attention of many, including Louise.

Colbert being one out of the daze first turned his attention to Louise.

"Ahem, Miss Valliere. If you would kindly finish the ritual now, it would be great."

Louise made a small nod and approached her familiar. Only about 2-3 heads high, she grabbed his neck and gave him a deep kiss.

Earlier- Alduin's perspective

As his soul was sucked into the portal, he could hear a chant by a woman. It sounded of a small child, but as he continued to journey deeper into the portal, he could see a body getting nearer.

He took a close look at it as it turned and faced his soul. He examined what the human body had. He was correct that they would give him a mortal body, but he continued his quick examination.

It looked simple, with its young look and fit physique, but what took his interest was the Daedric gauntlets and boots it wore. It seems the Divines were kind enough to give him a small amount of gear.

His soul was inevitably sucked into the body. His eyes soon flickered open and a distinct red glow could be seen for just a moment.

He had a strange feeling with the armor he now wore. It was as if he could feel a trace of his essence infused within.

He took his mind off the subject and watched as light entered his vision and the smell of… smoke and dirt.

He slightly quirked an eyebrow before quickly examining his surroundings despite the smoke. Though his body was of a mortal, his senses, strength, and reflexes seemed to be unchanged.

As the smoke cleared, he got an even clearer picture of everything.

Many small children were gathered around him, dressed in some fancy clothing, along with some strange hair colors. Though he took in this, a small pink haired girl walked up to him.

He turned to her, only to be given a deep kiss, and a slight pain on his left hand.

Well…My first few moments as a human and I received a kiss from a small child. Not what I was expecting at all.

He heard the girl talk, but it was a language completely unknown to him, until the words started to form easily.

"…You are hereby my familiar, commoner. You had better be grateful to Birmir that you were given an honor to be a familiar of a noble."

A familiar to girl like her? It was rather a shock, but he had to heed Akatosh's words of not creating enemies. The Dovahkiin was already a pain to fight, and with a new place like this, who know what powerful beings live here.

"I am your eternal s-s-servant mistress…" He painfully said. The word servant was not easy to say for a proud Dovah.

Oh how the mighty have fallen…