A/N: Okay, so this is a little plot bunny that I simply could not get out of my head. I've tried to tell it a million times that I have four tests to study for, along with final projects to complete, but alas, it would not leave me alone.

I blame the fact that I am now obsessed with this movie. It was just awesome!

Anyways, while watching it for like, the third time (and ignoring the fact that yes, I do have 4 tests to study for and take in the next few days), I got to wondering. Jack figured out how to fix his staff pretty quickly after Pitch snapped it.

So, this is my explanation for it. I've never done a 5:1 story before, so we'll see how this turns out.

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Jack knew the staff was important from the moment his foot had first kicked it, sending it clattering against the frozen lake. After picking it up, Jack learned that it held power. It allowed him to freeze things, to create frost on any surface that he touched.

Jack learned that it allowed him to create snow and ice and bring the blizzards. But the thing he loved most about it was its ability to let him ride the wind.

Jack loved riding the wind, allowing it to blow him to where he was needed to spread his frigid joy. The wind had been there from the beginning, to pick him up and introduce him to the world, before whisking him away from the pain caused when he went unnoticed and unseen.

The wind was there to comfort him when loneliness struck, which it often did. After all, there was no one around who could see Jack Frost, and the only being to have talked with him had been the moon, but that had only been to give him his name.

But the wind was always there for Jack, and loved to pick him up and toss him about like the snowflakes he created. The wind kept Jack entertained as he learned to ride it. It became Jack's closest, and for a long time only, friend.

And it was because of this that Jack feared losing his staff, the one connection he had to the wind. And the only power he had. At least, that's what Jack thought.

Three months after his awakening Jack was attempting a new trick while riding the wind; that trick being to surf on top of his staff through the wind. But, being the reckless teenager that he was, he eventually lost control.

Jack felt himself tumble through the air, felt the wind try to catch him as he fell, but he had lost his grip on his staff and the wind had a hard time catching him when he had no contact with the aging piece of wood.

The wind however, did manage to blow Jack into a large bank of soft snow so that he rolled through it, unharmed.

At least he was unharmed until he ran into a tree and a resounding SNAP echoed around him. Jack gasped at the sudden pain in his chest; it felt as though a part of him had been ripped violently away.

It took several minutes for Jack to catch his breath, and several more minutes before he could push through the ache he felt and clamber to his feet. As he spotted his staff he felt true fear rush through him at the sight. His staff was laying in two pieces beside him, the wood no longer frosted over.

And Jack was horrified.

He didn't know what to do. His staff was the only thing connecting him to the wind. Without it, he would loose his best friend. He would become invisible to everyone and everything, to roam forever as a spirit, no power, no friends, no one, nothing.

Jack's breathing picked up in panic, coming in short gasps as he reached out and picked up the two pieces with shaking hands. He held the pieces together, a distant part of him wishing it to be fixed, but the wood remained broken. His hands slipped, and he held two pieces once again.

No, Jack thought, bringing the two pieces together once more. Still, nothing happened. He felt a sinking sensation in his stomach as tears flowed down his cheeks, crystalizing as they froze and dropped to the snow beneath the boy. Dropping the broken wood, Jack sobbed.

He sobbed for his loneliness, for the never ending stream of people who could not see him, would not acknowledge him, walked right through him. He sobbed for the abandonment he felt, at being dropped in the middle of his lake with nothing more than his name and his staff. He sobbed for his powers, no more now that the staff lay in front of him, two separate pieces. But most of all, he sobbed for the loss of the wind, for the friendship he would never again have.

A small breeze ruffled his hair as he sobbed, and tendrils of air wrapped around him. The wind seemed to be saying, I'm here. I miss you. Come back to me.

"I don't know how," Jack rasped out. He would have shrugged off the grip if the wind had a physical form. "I can't! Not ever again." Jack sobbed harder.

You can, the wind seemed to whisper in his ear. Please, you can. Try it. Once more. I need you. The wind whisked around him once more, and then it was gone.

Jack sniffed and wiped the tears from his eyes before looking at his staff once more.

He didn't know how and he didn't care, he just knew that he had to fix it. Jack couldn't continue without his staff, couldn't go on without that connection to the wind and that piece of wood that was slowly becoming part of him.

Because Jack Frost needed the wind too.

Picking up the two pieces once more, he pushed them together, blinking back the still falling tears. He was alone enough as it was, did the wind really have to abandon him as well? He squeezed his eyes shut, willing his staff to fix itself, to mend so that he would once again be connected to the wind, feel the freedom the wind allowed once more. Be connected to the only friend he had ever known.

Jack felt a strange tugging sensation, almost the same as when he sent out a particularly strong blizzard over an area, and he felt power flow from his hands. He watched in stunned amazement as the brilliant glow of frost fused the two pieces of wood together and decorated the staff once more.

Jack laughed as the wind gently picked him up, tossing him high into the air to assure itself he was unharmed. He had done it; he had fixed his staff and gotten his friend back. But Jack had also learned something about himself. He learned that not all his power came from the staff. The tugging sensation he felt, he recognized it as the feeling he got whenever he used his power.

Perhaps, Jack thought as the wind carried him over a small Russian town and they left a wake of snowflakes trailing behind them. Perhaps my staff isn't where I get my power.

But either way, Jack knew that it was his connection to the wind. A connection he didn't want to loose. And so Jack made a promise that he would never break his staff again.

So, what did you think? Even before I read up on Jack's staff, I never thought it was the source of his power, I always believed it was just a conduit for his own great power. So I was pleased when I read about it and found out I was right :) This was just his first inkling into that notion. Should I continue?