A/N: 100 word drabble for the prompt "fall" on the open_on_sunday community on LJ. Please review!

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"Buffy, it's no use!" Willow sighed. "I'm hopeless!"

"C'mon, you big whiner," Buffy teased affectionately, grabbing her friend by the hands and pulling her to her feet. "Brush yourself off and we'll try again."

"Buffy, we've been trying for hours. I can't—"

"Don't you quit on me, Rosenberg!" Buffy scolded, tugging Willow by the arm. "If it's the last thing I do, I'm going to teach you how to ice skate!"

Willow made it another ten yards without falling. But, as they rounded the corner—


"Sorry, Buffy," Willow apologized, inching off the ice. Buffy shrugged: there was always Xander.