Author's note: My first poem...of some sort. Oh well. I originally wrote this down on paper and then transfered it to my computer. Then when I found out that there was an Archive for 'Slender', I couldn't resist!

Note: This was what I saw in my dream.

Slenderman Encounter

Oh, the terrors of the night

The sight of them makes you tremble

Slenderman is one of them

He's absolutely is a scary sight


Standing 10 feet high, has no face at all

Most active at nighttime, when he is at large

Takes you away, in reality or sleep

Relentless stalking, he does not want to play cards


I saw him once, in the mists of my dreams

He silently greeted me with his demonic limbs

I embraced him with an M134 Gatling Gun

Despite being scared, he didn't even scream


Slender tried to run, he tried to escape…

I fired 600 armor-piercing rounds into his arms, body, und FACE!

He slowly sat up, Slender wanted to rise…

I pulled out my knife and stabbed him some eyes!


Who knew such a creature could bleed so much?

But there was the clear evidence to this, as such

There he lay, in a puddle of red

Bullet holes everywhere, but of course, not dead.

Then all of a sudden, his 'eyes' I gave him shut!


But before I could do him any more harm,

I woke up to the ringing of my alarm.

When you read this, I hope you understand,

Because that's really what happened when I saw Slenderman.


Unfortunately for all, it was only a dream.


Author's note: All of this was based off my dream awhile back. If I didn't awake to the sound of my alarm, I would have burned him with a flamethrower...I literally was going to, too!
Hope this was poetic enough. Feel free to leave a review if you wish to, or a flame, or something regarding what you just read.

If by some chance Slenderman is reading this (probably isn't)- I'M READY FOR YOU SLENDERMAN! I GOT A TABLE, TWO CHAIRS, POKER CHIPS, AND A DECK OF CARDS WAITING!