Author's note: Honestly, I am bad at poetry. The only kind I know is rhymes and limericks. Oh well, I thought I put this together…since it was bothering me for awhile. Hate it…enjoy it…doesn't really matter.

Slender Reality

As we all know, Slenderman doesn't die.

Can be hurt and harmed though, I've certainly tried.

Ah, but alas, the silent tall figure with a face but no eyes,

Whose suit is as dark as the blacken night sky,

Came back to me again, and like always, at night.


It was a normal dream, or so did I though,

Until Slender appeared, and t'was me that he sought

And for unknown reasons, I ran instead of fought.


Sooner than later, I ended up in a broken down hospital and alive.

Thankfully for me, it had people that occupied.

Unfortunately for all, Slenderman attacked

And although many fled from the monster inside,

Me, myself, and a few others decided to fight back.


Then that fiend snatched me up, which I did pretty much dread.

Furious and angered to his very deep core,

I attacked him again, just like before

And swiped six bloody slashes unto his head.


Just like before, Slender's face healed into one.

I think the other guys were still getting their guns.

And as I drew back the knife, aimed straight at his throat,

The dream suddenly ended, and I awoke.


Now that I look back, now all calm and stable,

I saw something behind Slenderman in that dream

Call me a liar, do as you please,

But I saw two chairs, a set of poker chips, and a deck of cards on a poker table.

Author's note: So Slenderman really wanted to play Poker after all...I feel bad for my instincts now.

In my opinion, this 'poem' had no rhythm or flow, just rhymes.

This actually happened in my dream…I am serious. Why else would I be posting these things?
If I have any other dreams with Slenderman, I'll post them up on here. Although, I think they shouldn't be poetic. What do you think?