100 word drabble for the prompt "fall" on the open_on_sunday community on Livejournal. 2nd drabble for this prompt, because the world always needs more Willow/Oz fic. Please review!

Disclaimer: I own nothing in this piece of unofficial fanfiction.

Oz never believed he'd fall in love. But now, every morning, when he wakes up, holding Willow tight, he knows he was wrong. He's so in love with her, with how she buries her face in his chest when she wakes up and the way she crinkles her nose when she laughs. He's amazed that Willow could ever love a monster like him, but she does, with everything inside of her. She kisses him and whispers "I love you," and Oz knows, heart nearly bursting, this is how being in love feels, and he falls for her all over again.