This is a bit of a story, prompted by a friend who suggested Jack Frost would only fall in love with a human girl, whom he could never technically be with. I, myself, am a huge Jack/Tooth fan, but I could not resist a tragic romance. SO! Here's a first chapter of a Jack/Older!Sophie fic.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Jack Frost sat on a fence post in a familiar little town in Virgina. He watched children get off of a school bus, heading for their homes as snowflakes slowly fell towards Earth. Two of them were very familiar. Children he had found himself attracted to playing with the most before he became a Guardian. Or rather, the older brother of the two. Jamie Bennett was a true believer, through and through. Which had to be what attracted the Guardians to him in the war with Pitch Black.

"Hey, it's snowing!" Jamie looked up, turning around and bouncing on the balls of his feet in excitement. "Maybe Jack Frost is here!"

Was Jamie still a believer? He seemed that way as he searched the skies, maybe hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive Guardian.

Jamie Bennett had grown much taller. He had to be about seventeen. It had been nearly ten years since Jack had seen him. His hair was longer and swept to the side, out of his face. There was a hint of a manly stubble trying to force itself to grow on his round, still boyish face. He brought his blue sweater closer to himself as he shivered slightly from the cold. Jack wondered if it was a coincidence or if Jamie bought a blue sweater very close to the same color Jack wore.

"You think so?" Sophie asked as she brushed blonde hair out of her face. She certainly didn't change much. Jack remembered when she was young, wearing a tutu and fairy wings, even when she was sleeping. She ditched the fairy wings, but switched them with wore a green and purple tutu with blue leggings and pink leg warmers. The messy blonde hair she had from youth was still residual. It was long and she allowed it to hang in her face, pinning some of it back with a fairy clip. He wondered how old she was now? Thirteen? Fourteen?

So, they were looking for him, huh? He wondered if they really still believed. The school bus drove away and the siblings began walking home. He lept to a tree, standing on the tallest branches. The winter spirit smirked as he formed a snowball in his hand. It glowed with his essence and he threw it at Jamie.

"Oof!" The boy rubbed the back of his head, laughing as his eyes sparkled and he looked around. "Hey! Who threw that?" he demanded as he scooped snow to throw a snowball.

No one came forth.

"It was probably was third graders playing a prank." Sophie suggested, tugging on Jamie's sweater. "Let's hurry home, it's cold. We can get some hot chocolate and warmer clothes and play in the snow." She shivered in her thin white coat that she seemed to have painted patterns on herself.

"Okay, let's go!" Jamie linked arms with her and ran towards their home. He still seemed so full of childhood wonderment, even though he was so close to becoming an adult. Jack silently followed them, keeping hidden.

Soon after they got home, they were back outside. The snow wasn't heavy enough for them to make snow angels or a snowman. It was barely enough to make a snowball. But the two had no problems with just laying on the ground and watching the snow fall.

Jack stood on their fence.

"Now, that doesn't look like much fun." he said.

"It is." Sophie said. She heard him? "The snow… it's beautiful."

The siblings laid there for a moment before they realized someone had spoken to them. They sat up and looked directly at Jack.

He shoved his hands his in his pockets and grinned at them. They both sat, gaping.

"Jack Frost?" Jamie jumped to his feet, excited. "You're here! You're really here!" The boy ran up to the fence. "I thought I'd never see you again!"

"Hey, there, Jamie. It's good to see you, too." He said as he landed next him. Jamie was almost as tall as him. Last time he saw him, the boy barely reached his waist. There was something about this moment… how he was still believed in by Jamie. How he's never met anyone at this age who believed in the Guardians. They were so close to adulthood and Jamie was just… he was different than them. "Man, you've grown…"

"You sound so surprised. Though, I guess time is different for you, huh? I mean, you're immortal and all. Right? I mean, you're still here. And you haven't changed a bit. And I'm so glad to see you."

"Slow down, Jamie." Jack laughed. He looked to Sophie who was will staring at him.

"Hey, Sophie."

"… You know my name?" she asked.

"Oh, how could I forget? I clearly remember making Easter Eggs with you at Bunnymund's Warren."

"Wait, what? I did—you were—wait, what?" The girl became flustered as she got to her feet, her face turning red.

"I'm not surprised you forgot. You were just a little kid at the time." Jack laughed. "And I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't remember me, seeing as you couldn't see me."

"I-I couldn't?" she asked. "Why not? Cause I didn't believe in you? I'm so sorry! I didn't—I mean—Jamie, he told me—"

"It's okay. No one could see me then." Jack shrugged. "I can't blame you for that."

The girl continued to stand there, looking fluttered and flushed. Jamie laughed at his sister's expense which only made her face turn even more red and she released a tiny whine.

"Hey, hey, relax, 'kay?" He formed a snowflake in his hand and waved it towards the nervous girl. "Let's have some fun." The snowflake landed on her nose and she slowly started giggling. Sophie scooped up some snow and tossed it at the boys, showering them in a light sprinkle of flakes and clumps.

Jack snorted. "Here, try this." He waved his staff along the ground and a wave of snow flew at her, burying her underneath.

"Hey!" she laughed.

"Here ya go!" Jack ran along the snow, using his staff to create snowballs and deeper snow in the near-barren yard. Jamie picked up the ammo and started throwing it at Jack and Sophie and Sophie tried to tackle her brother into the snow banks.

Throughout the afternoon, the three of them had a snowball war, made snow angels (at Sophie's insistance), and built a snowman. Three of them, to be exact. Each one to represent the three of them.

Sophie giggled. "Jamie, yours is really fat."

"'Cause you added too much snow!" he insisted.

"Hey, his is fat? What about the one we started for the dog?" Jack asked as he jabbed a thumb at the large round ball they started and the siblings looked from the ball to Jack.

"That's actually accurate." Sophie stated.

Jack and Jamie laughed and suddenly the door opened. "Jamie, Sophie, time to eat." The three of them looked to the back door. "Oh, look at that. Who are they supposed to be."

"Us!" Sophie beamed.

"And the third one?"

"That's Jack Frost."

Their mother chuckled. "You two have such an imagination. Well, come on. Dinner's gonna get cold."

Sophie looked to Jack and he offered a small smile and a shrug. Of course she wouldn't be able to see him. In fact, these two shouldn't be able to see him.

"Okay, we'll be in in a minute." Jamie said and their mother closed the back door behind her.

The siblings looked to the winter spirit. They both looked a little wilted, red in the face from the cold, and soaked to the bone from playing in the snow. There was still a residue of exhilaration from their games, but the goodbye left a bitter taste in the air.

"Is it going to be a another ten years when we see you again?" Jamie asked.

Jack looked at the ground. He didn't know how to answer them.

Would he see them again? Would THEY see him again? He didn't know if he wanted to face the heartbreak of learning disbelief. Jamie was the first to believe in him. If the boy ever forgot him, then… He didn't know if he could handle it.

And Sophie. Sweet Sophie. She waited for his answer, fidgeting and nervous. Would she stop believing in Jack of her brother did? He was certain she would.

Jack took a deep breath. "I'll come back again. Soon."

"Really? You mean it?!" Jamie jumped on the balls of his feet with excitement.

"Yeah." Jack nodded, grinning.

"How soon is soon?" Jamie insisted.

"Next year? I'm a busy person, you know." Jack put his hands on his hips and puffed his chest, trying to look important. "Being a Guardian and all."

"Can't be sooner?" Jamie asked, looking quite deflated.

"We'll see." Jack ruffled his hair. "Until then, be good, kid."

"Hey!" Jamie laughed and play punched his shoulder. "Keep calling me kid, and I'll be the next bad guy."

"Oh, well, I better watch out then, huh? Big tough Jamie—Ah?" Jack was stopped when arms wrapped around his chest. Sophie held on to him tightly and shivered a bit at how cold he was. "Sophie?"

"I'm so glad I got to meet you." she said quietly. "Thank you, Jack. This was the best day ever."

Jack smiled and hugged her back, looking at her brother who nodded in agreement. The spirit looked back down at the girl and brushed hair from her face. "Maybe next time I'll bring Bunnymund. He'd be happy to see you again, Ankle-biter."

There was a dawn of remembrance on her face. She gasped, looking up at him. "Bunny…"

"Ah, so you remember? Good, Bunny would be disappointed if you forgot."

Her face burned brighter and she held Jack tighter. "Please come back soon. Okay? Promise you'll come back soon."

He pat her head. "Sure."

"Yay." she let out a soft, excited squeal as she released him and ran towards the back door. She stopped and waved at him. "Bye Jack!"

He smiled tenderly and waved at her. "See ya."

Jamie held out a fist towards Jack. The spirit was familiar with this gesture, as he'd seen teens performing this greeting. He met Jamie's fist with his own.

"See ya, Jack."

Jack gave him a small salute. "Soon, Jamie. Promise."

Just a warning, it's going to be a bit slow moving at first. Jamie's actually going to be in it a lot. I mean, why would Jack ignore Jamie? Really? So, I guess the actual main characters are Jack, Jamie and Sophie. And darn it, they don't have a Sophie option for the characters.

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