Title: To Be Young Again

Summery: Pitch was the King of Nightmares, not a teenage boy with cheesy pick-up lines!

Disclaimer: Sadly, these beauties are not my works of creation. Oh, I don't own the pick-up lines either, just sayin' ;)

Jacquelyn Frost nodded in approval as she admired her work from the sky. She a quick flick of her staff, the winter elf dashed of toward the lake which she had called home. 5 years after defeating Pitch and she couldn't be happier. She had believers, tons of them, and it felt so amazing. She loved being a Guardian, and having a family, something she hadn't had for 300 years.

Letting out a sigh of content, Jacquelyn landed gently on to the lake, the tip of her hair barely touching its frozen surface. Sitting down on the ice, she set her beloved staff beside her and gazed up at the night sky, waiting for Sandy to began his work.

Which should be starting right...about...now.

Glowing blue eyes stared in awe as the golden dream sand spread throughout the sky. 322 years and she still felt the same wonder she felt the first time she saw it. The moment, however, was ruined when she felt something wrap around her ankle. Jacquelyn yelped as she was suddenly yanked of the ice. Grasping her stuff, she brought it up in defense before coming face to face with who seemed to be her captor. Upside down and confused, Jacquelyn was looking at a boy who appeared to be around her 'age' with grey skin and slicked back raven hair.

To be honest, he sort of remind her of...

"Hey baby, you look cold. Want to use me as a blanket?"


A new wave of panic washed over her, and she shot ice at the boy, sending him flying toward a tree and releasing her ankle. Jacquelyn landed roughly on the ice, though quickly regaining her balance and going into battle stance. She watched with caution as the boy tried to stand up and gather himself.

"Ugh, why...why did you do that?" he asked with a groan.

Jacquelyn couldn't believe what she was seeing. Was this really Pitch? It looked like him, but younger. A teenager, like her.


The boy looked up at her, a sly grin playing on his face and suddenly disappeared. Jacquelyn lowered her staff slightly in confusion, staring at where the boy had been standing just seconds ago.


"That's my name, don't where it out," 'Pitch' said, re-appearing right in front of Jacquelyn, and a bit to close for her liking.

Jacquelyn jumped in surprise, hitting the boy with her staff, knocking the boy out.

Jacquelyn stared at the now unconscious Pitch, hugging her staff close to herself, trying to calm her breathing.

"I...think I might have to...contact the others..."

So, yeah. Sorry if I made any grammar or spelling mistakes, and criticism is always welcome. :p

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