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Of course, the first thing he does when he see's those blue eyes is not stare in awe or wonder, it was shooting out of the bed without thinking and high-tailing it to the door, because for whatever reason, he just freaks out because-where the hell is he? God a forest is one thing, but this color of red was absolutely dreadful! He touches the door knob and before he can even turn it, the door opens in his face and the last thing he see's a small blur of gold and red.

Not icy blue eyes, sadly.

The next time Pitch wakes up, he's tied to a chair. Do you know that feeling of frustration when your tied to a chair, a very-very-uncomfortable chair, in an unfamiliar place in which unfamiliar people are having quite a loud argument you know nothing about and can't even begin to understand? Yeah, that's how Pitch feels right about now. Or at least he's pretty sure he's Pitch, and so do these other people. Of course, as he's learned from the last two hours of non-stop fighting between ice girl and what he can only assume is a giant bunny, or is that a kangaroo?

"You've gotta be kiddin' snowflake! Your telling me that he has no idea who is?! This is Pitch! He's obviously just playin' with us!"

"He's not just Pitch, Bunny! Just look at him, he's younger than Pitch-he...was before! Besides, Pitch wouldn't just...show up and start using cheesy pick-up lines!"

Oh, now that was just offending! His pick-up lines were NOT cheesy...were they?

"Ha, I be-wait, he did what?!"

"Were you not listening to anything I said for the last hour? I explained the whole thing to you! I said-"

"Jacquelyn, Bunny-maybe it is time to calm down and some eggnog, ja?" A cheery, gruff voice cut her off, and thank god for that, because Pitch thought he was just about to scream in frustration.

The man was quite, how to put it, unbelievable. His large, red figure and cheery, loud, and imposing voice made Pitch feel both incredibly joyous and incredibly terrified of him at the same time. Also, whenever he looked at Tooth-or that's what they called her anyway, personally, Pitch thought it was a ridiculous name, but isn't really aloud to talk-his jaw hurt. Then there was the small, golden man, the only one in the room to have taken notice of Pitch's awakening. The man only smiled and waved to him, which confused him, but whatever, at least he didn't feel like the man had an urge to kill him.

At least, he was the only one to notice him until a pair of large, blue eyes turned to him.

"He's awake," Ice girl told her companions, grabbing their attention away from each other and on him. The large bunny-or was that a Kangaroo? He should really just ask-pushed passed her with a look in his that sent shivers running down Pitch's back, and he sink into the chair.

"Alright, ya' dirty scoundrel! Tell us what your up too, and no tricks! You can't fool us!" The rabbit/Kangaroo demanded, and all Pitch could really do was look up at him with wide eyes.

"Um...er...I was...um...," he glanced around, trying to think of something to stay instead of sitting there with his mouth open like and idiot, and when he does speak, it was the first thing to come to his mind. "Are you a Rabbit or a Kangaroo?"

At first his answer was met with silence, which was broken by a snort and the muffled laughter of ice girl. The bunny/kangaroo was looking at him, dumbfounded, no words coming out his mouth. Eventually, the spell was broken and he started to through insult after insult at him, none of witch he was listening to because he was too busy staring at those sapphire blue eyes glanced over at him every now and again attempting to hide their smile and laughter.

"-ey! Are you listening to me, you bloody scum?! I'll have your head for that comment?! I am a bloody rabbit! Not a Kangaroo! DO I LOOK LIKE A BLOODY KANGAROO TO YOU?!"

Pitch, wanting to hear more of that wondrous laughter, looked up at him with a smirk.

"Well, actually...yes, you do."

The Kangaroo-sorry, Rabbit-the Rabbit looked taken aback.

"Honestly, it's probably the accent. Really, oh! And those feet. Have you ever taken a moment to look at those feet? They're really quite huge."

At this point, Ice girl was, quite literally, rolling on the floor with laughter, and even the others had begun to look amused by the whole thing. He grinned, and turned back to the Kanga-Rabbit with another witty comment, and instead got a fist to the face.

He smirked a bit, "Oh, you hit like one too. Are you sure your not a Kangaroo? Or at least wal-," he loses consciousness before he can finish the sentence.

Sad really, he didn't get to see those eye's again before he blacked out.

It was the best I could come with, really. :P When I wrote this chapter, I forget about the little end part I had on the last chapter, who the first few sentence was to make up for that situation because I was too lazy to change the whole thing.

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