A FULL LIST OF WARRIORS! Hope this helps :D


Leader-Cloudstar: Old fluffy white tom with blue eyes

Deputy- Flameheart: Ginger coloured tabby-tom with blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Wildberry: White, brown and orange calico she-cat with amber eyes

Warriors (More warriors to come, I just haven't thought of all of them yet):

Hawkeye: Dark Brown Tabby with white unseeing eyes. Gifted by Starclan to watch over the camp day and night.

Dappletail: tortoiseshell she cat with amber eyes

Hollowbelly: A plump, fluffy, light brown tabby tom with white paw and green eyes. (Known for eating most of the fresh-kill)

Swiftheart: Golden furred tom with amber eyes.

Hawkclaw: Russian Blue cat, with dark blue eyes.

Frostheart: Light grey she-cat with blue eyes

Thundercloud: Fluffy white tome with dark blue eyes

Nightshade: Sleek-Black tom with emerald green eyes.

Birchtail: mottled brown she-cat with brown eyes.


Ferntail: tortoiseshell she-cat with light green eyes.


Stoneclaw: Light grey tom with blue eyes and white paws. Father of Flameheart and Frostheart.

Embertail: Black she-cat with amber eyes, one orange paw and an orange tipped tail. (Mentor to Frostheart)

Whitepool: creamy White she-cat with light blue eyes


Leader: Ferretstar-Small Light brown tom.

Deputy: Featherpelt-Light gray she-cat with streaks of white in her fur and light blue eyes.

Medicine Cat: Leafpetal- tortoiseshell she-cat with white paw and green eyes.
Apprentice, Reedpaw- light brown tom with a white muzzle.


Whitecloud-Fluffy-white tom

Sandfur- Light ginger she-cat
Apprentice, Gorsepaw

Fuzzywhisker-dark brown tom

Darktail- light brown tom with a dark brown tail

Swiftbreeze- Golden furred she-cat with white stripes

Amberleaf- tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes

Jaywing- light blue tom

Lionclaw-Light golden tom

Leopardspots-light brown she cat with black spots

Spottednose- white she cat with black spots on her muzzle


Oneeye- Black tom with a scar over his right eye

Mousetail-light gray she-cat


Leader-Silverstar- Dark gray she-cat with light blue eyes

Deputy- Mossfur- Dark brown tom with green eyes

Medicine Cat- Ripplepelt- mottled gray she-cat


Littlepool-light gray she-cat
Apprentice, Mosspaw
Mistfur- gray and white she-cat

Lilywhisker-Ginger she-cat

Ferncloud- tortoiseshell tom
Apprentice, Dawnpaw

Duskstripe- light-brown tabby tom

Badgerfang- White tom with black patches

Rosethorn- Small white she cat with a pink nose and sharp claws
Apprentice, Stonepaw

Spottedtail- tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with amber eyes


Gentleheart- Soft furred gray she-cat

Addertail- White-ginger she-cat

Stoneheart- Grumpy black and white tom

Rainsong- Blue she cat

Leader-Shadestar- Big Black tom with ice blue eyes and strong paws.

Deputy- Foxclaw- Ginger she-cat with bright amber eyes

Medicine Cat-Mossyfoot- Dark brown she-cat with white paws
Apprentice, Icepaw


Sharpfang- light creamy white tom
Apprentice, Sagepaw

Lizardfoot- tortoiseshell-she cat

Fireclaw- Dark ginger tom

Blackwing- Black she-cat
Apprentice, Thristlepaw

Whitestripe- Black tom with a white stripe going down his back
Apprentice, Thornpaw

Cedarpelt- Dark gray tom


Brambletail- Dark brown tabby she-cat

Emberfoot- Light brown she-cat with orange paws