The sun was starting to disappear behind the trees, Nightshade sighed as he looked at his reflection in the water of the lake. It's not just a dream, I know you're trying to warn us mother, but from what?

"You were always a clever young kit, I'm sure you'll figure it out." Startled, Nightshade watched as his reflection started to change; a beautiful white-ginger she-cat with light blue eyes appeared in the water. "Hello, Nightshade." The she-cat mewed, a smile twitching her whiskers.

"Sunflower…mother…is it really you? I'm not dreaming am I?"

Sunflower mewed in amusement, "No, it is I."

"Then to what do I owe this pleasure to of your visit?" Sunflower smiled warmly as the image in the water started to glow. Nightshade watched as his mother appeared beside him; her ginger-white fur glittering with the stars of Starclan. "My son, do not think that I did not see the trick you pulled on your brother." Sunflower gave a purr of amusement, "I just came to congratulate, I am so proud of you."

Nightshade purred in amusement as well. "Oh that was just a bit of fun. It's hard to resist not to when he's so easily fooled." Sunflower gave a small frown at that.

"Do not under estimate your brother Nightshade; he'll retaliate in some way or another."

"He may try, but I'll be ready." Nightshade's eyes shone with delight at the thought of the challenge, than turned into a look of confusion. "Mother, I've missed you so much, but why would you tell me that prophecy? Why not Wildberry our Medicine Cat?" Sunflower sighed and then turned to look at her own reflection in the lake.

"My son," she began, "Great truths have been hidden and I wished they were told sooner. I fear because of these hidden truths that darkness will fall upon Thunderclan, I feel it is best for you to discover them for they are not for the ears of every cat."

"But I do not understand, why tell me? How will telling me this prevents what will happen?"

"I wish I could say; all you should know is that I am sorry, for everything that will transpire. It is important for the truth to be revealed for it has been hidden for far too long, I can't live with the lie anymore… but with these truths darkness and confusion will rise." Sunflower paused and looked deep into Nightshade's emerald eyes. "Know that whatever happens that you must always trust your heart. Know that you are loved and not everything must be faced alone. Once the storm has come, I hope peace will finally be here to stay."

"But mother…" Before Nightshade could finish, Sunflower began to fade away whispering last words of comfort.

"I love you my son." I love you too mother, but how do I discover these truths you wish me to know?

Sighing, Nightshade looked up from the lake and gazed at the sky, the sun was now gone behind the trees. He watched as the sun reflected colours off the water, pink, orange, purple, all the colours were rippling across the water. It was the most breath taking site he had scene, well that and the time Thundercloud tripped and fell into a pile of Fox-dung while they were still apprentices. Well I guess I better be getting back. Don't want to miss the vigil.

As Nightshade made his way back to camp, he was greeted by none other than the Thundercloud's friends, Hollowbelly, Hawkclaw, Swiftheart and Dappletail.

"Hey Nightshade! There you are! We thought you were going to miss the most important tradition of the clans!" Swiftheart mewed loudly as he saw Nightshade appear through the camp entrance. Nightshade couldn't help but roll his eyes at his so called 'friends'.

"Yes," Hollowbelly mewed in agreement, "you were gone so long; we thought a fox had caught you and your prey!" As Hollowbelly mewed he started looking around where Nightshade was standing at the entance; his black pelt blending into the night sky. "Speaking of prey, maybe you should still be an apprentice, for it seems the prey have out smarted you!" The four cats gave out mews of laughter.

"Actually my dear friend," Nightshade began in the calmest voice he could muster, "I had other things to attend too. Matters such as prey can wait until the hunting parties go out at dawn." Nightshade mewed flicking his tail back and forth as Dappletail gave him a disapproving look.

"I see," she mewed mockingly, "you went to go pout when you realized all the prey you still have to catch for Thundercloud."

"You do not need to remind me of what I already know, now if you excuse me. I have a clan to protect." As Nightshade walked away he heard Hawkclaw whisper.

"From what? Mice that not even you can catch." He kept walking as the four of them continued to mew with laughter. Just ignore the; they'll start to respect me once I save the clan from whatever dangers these mysterious truths reveal. Shaking away his thoughts, Nightshade walked over to where Thundercloud, Cloudstar, and Hawkeye were sitting on a ledge beside the clan entrance waiting for him. Hawkeye was the primary night watcher over the clan. He is a dark brown tabby tom who had been born blind, but Starclan had gifted him with the ability to see cats through the vibrations they make on the ground and sounds they make in the forest. Almost nobody was able to get by him, almost everybody except for Nightshade; but he won't tell anybody his secret to getting around the night watcher.
"Brother!" Nightshade heard his brother mew out to him, and smiled at the thought that they wouldn't have to talk the whole night they were out.

"I'm glad you finally decided to join us Nightshade," Cloudstar began, "as you know, on the first night of being a Warrior you must watch over the clan while they sleep. Protect them from any dangers that may lurk in the woods that lie ahead. But the one rule is that you cannot speak." Both Nightshade and Thundercloud nodded in acknowledgement. "Good, Hawkeye" The old fluffy white leader continued, "thank you for your services, tonight you rest." With a bow Hawkeye left without saying a word and headed towards the Warriors Den. "Good luck to the both of you." Cloudstar mewed and he turned to head into his own den behind High Rock. Now the night truly began, Thundercloud and Nightshade sat on the ledge side by side looking out into the dark open forest; neither of them saying a word.

It felt like moons had passed before Nightshade heard something deep within the woods. He thought he had been hearing something but shrugged the feeling off when he noticed Thundercloud tense beside him. Good, I'm not imagining things! Silently, both nodded to each other and jumped off the ledge to investigate where the sound had come from. Nightshades fur blended perfectly with the dark forest surrounding them, while Thoudercloud's fluffy white fur shone whenever the fluffy cat stepped into the moonlight. Mouse brained cat! Whatever made that noise will see him!

Silently Nightshade moved downwind of where the noise had come from. The bush in front of him shook. Whether it's an enemy or prey, they'll regret coming into Thunderclan territory! Tensing his muscles, Nightshade pounced, claws extended, moving as fast as the wind and quite as the forest around him.

He felt his claws dig into the back of his prey and they tumbled through the bushes and mud; claws flashing and teeth bared. Then something unexpected happened, he felt himself lose his grip on his prey as he was flung onto his back.

"Ugh! How dare you, you'll pay!" He mewed in agony as he looked into the right blue eyes of the mysterious intruder. "You…your…"

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