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A/N: If you guys have read ANYTHING I wrote in the past, You'll know I'm a huge fan of swearing! This story will have some of the most random couples you will ever see in this story! Most selected by YOU and some selected by me! Depending on how boring I think you guys are getting with the couples, I may spice it up a bit! You will also know that I will make these people do hot and sexy things, Some may be beyond fluff and others may just walk a fine fine line to a rated M and others may leave you to use your imagination But if you read anything I wrote you already know how demented I can be! So let's get this party started...

All Chris wanted to do was have sex with Lindsay! That's all he wanted to do tonight! The show was over and he was getting ready for season 5 and this was his only night off and he figured he would reward himself and do something he always wanted to do, Which would be to have sex with Lindsay who never got the hint! So finally he texted her and just flat out asked her! She said yes and she would be over in an hour! Chris was really excited until he opened the door and saw Lindsay standing at the door with Owen, Duncan, Bridgette, Geoff, Sierra and Beth.

"Uh...Hi" Chris stared at the group "What are you all doing here?"

"Lindsay texted me the deets!" Beth hugged Chris who was only wearing his robe which made it really awkward.

"She texted ALL of you?" Chris looked at Lindsay "You texted them all?!"

"Duh!" Lindsay giggled "You said you were having a sexy party! I'm really sexy and I love parties so I figured you wouldn't mind if I brought a few people!"

"Maybe if they were girls..." Chris sighed "I actually said you and I should have a sex party..."

"This party is going to be SO rad!" Geoff happily walked into the house along with everyone else who completed ignored Chris's comments and outfit.

"Bout' time you did something cool for us!" Duncan high fived Geoff.

"Trent just texted me and said he's on his way!" Geoff told Chris "Let's turn on some music!"

"Trent's coming over too?" Chris asked getting annoyed

"Yeah!" Beth laughed at Chris "He's bringing his mom's minivan!"

"Why?" Chris got wide eyed "Why is Trent coming to my house with a Minivan?"

"He's picking up Gwen and Noah" Duncan told Chris rolling his eyes "He's also bringing his neighbor who was also on the show...Mike I think he said his name was"

"We are NOT having a party at my house!" Chris told them "Lindsay got it all wrong...As usual"

"Lindsay said it was a sexy cast party and we should invite everyone" Bridgette told him as she looked through his music. "We'll need some good music!"

"Trent is also bring Cody!" Sierra happily jumped up and down "I'm so excited to see him! I haven't seen him since the beginning of season 4, When he filed harassment charges against me!"

"You think you would get the hint" Noah rolled his eyes as he walked in the door "This party already looks lame!"

"Cody!" Sierra ran up and hugged him "I knew a restraining order couldn't keep us apart!"

"Oh...hi Sierra..." Cody awkwardly walked over to Chris "Do you have any candy? Or strong liquor? I'm going to need it to survive this party!"

"There is NO party!" Chris sighed as his doorbell rang "Tell Trent and whoever else you guys carpooled with that you need to go home!"

Once Chris opened the door he found Zoey, Jo, Staci, Justin, Alejandro, Heather, Courtney, Trent and Harold standing outside his door

"Thanks for the invite!" Trent smiled at Chris "That was really cool of you! I have to admit though, Parking really sucks in your neighborhood"

"Let me guess?" Chris sighed "You all rode in Trent's mom's minivan?"

"Yeah!" Zoey told Chris "It was so nice of Trent to give us all a ride!"

"It was so nice of Lindsay to tell you about a party that I never agreed to!" Chris told her rolling his eyes.

Within minutes of being annoyed Chris sat down on his couch and sighed, All he wanted was to have sex! Now he was never going to get them to leave! The doorbell rang again

"I got it!" Geoff hopped over the couch and ran to the door and opened it to see Leshawna, Cameron, DJ, Izzy, Sam, Dakota, Scott, Dawn and Katie and Sadie along with Eva and Lighting and Anne Maria.

"SERIOUSLY?!" Chris yelled "I'd be better off just hiring a hooker!"

Within minutes Leshawna and Geoff had loud music blasting from every room in Chris's house and everyone was dancing all over and eating all his food and he quite frankly was ready to beat the shit out of them all.

"Chris, I'm calling the cops!" Blainley walked in his door that Lightning left open on the way in. "This music is too loud!"

"They won't leave" Chris told her "So, I guess I'm having a party!"

"C'mon Blainley!" Justin grabbed her "Dance with me!"

"Me?" Blainley blushed "I'm flattered..."

Chris shook his head and came to the realization that he was going to have a party even if he didn't want to so he was just going to go with the flow.

Moments later Chef ran into the party and yelled at Chris

"You had a party and didn't invite me?!" Chef glared at him "I'm you're neighbor and best friend! How could you forget!"

"It wasn't an intentional party..." Chris muttered "Being as everyone is here though and I can't seem to get them to leave we might as well..."

"HEY EVERYONE I HAVE AN IDEA!" Izzy grabbed Chris's Megaphone and yelled to the group "LET'S ALL PLAY A PARTY GAME!"

"What kind of game, Eh?" Zeke asked

"I brought everyone here one of those eye mask things that you sleep with!" Izzy told them "I figured this could be like 7 minutes in heaven without a confession!"

"This sounds stupid" Heather told her

"One person can draw a name from a bowl! We all put our masks on and turn off the lights!" Izzy told them "Only the person picking the name can remove the blindfold to see the name! They get that person and they go in the closet and can do WHATEVER they want for 7 minutes! The rest of us won't know who is with who! So it'll be totally fun! Kinda like a really bad one night stand!"

"So it's like 7 minutes in heaven where nobody knows who goes in the closet with who?" Leshawna asked

"And we don't have to fess up who we got stuck with?" Scott asked

"What if we get someone of the same sex?" Gwen asked

"You HAVE to do it!" Izzy laughed "That's what makes it fun! Only the two in the closet can take the blindfolds off! The rest of us have to sit in the dark and wait for them to get done and nobody ever has to admit how much they secretly wanted it!"

Izzy managed to get everyone to play and they all sat around and looked at each other

"So, who wants to go first?" Trent asked as Izzy passed out the blindfolds.

Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone, Everyone is there! You can couple up whoever you want as a suggestion Chris, Chef and Blainley are playing too!

-Everyone is Blindfolded.

-Someone volunteers to pick a name from the bowl

-They get to go in the closet with the person they pick for 7 minutes.

-They can do whatever they want

-outside of the closet the lights are shut off and everyone is blindfolded so nobody has to know who went in and did what with who!

I'll take gay and straight couples! be creative.

anyone wanna suggest someone? I'll do 2 or 3 a chapter.