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Everyone was freaking out now. Nobody wanted to go in that stupid closet and everyone wanted to leave. Izzy was shaking the names up in the bowl and several people have removed their blindfolds.
Heather stood up and Izzy shot her a glare.

"Where are you going?" Izzy asked her "The game isn't even over yet! hahahaha!"

"I'm switching my seat." Heather rolled her eyes "I'm going to sit on the floor because I want to stretch my legs. Do you have a problem with that, Izzy?"

"I'm going to get a drink." Geoff told Izzy as he walked into the kitchen.

"This has got to be the most awkward game I have ever played." Gwen looked around at the room. "Everyone in this room is going to need therapy."

"I think Chris should pay for it." Alejandro told them "It's his house."

"Hell no!" Chris glared at Alejandro "I'm not paying for you guys to get therapy! Make Lindsay pay it! all I wanted to do was have sex and she called everyone here and Trent came over in a fucking minivan! Speaking of Lindsay, I vote she goes next!" Chris crossed his arms and glared at them all.

"Someone's crabby!" Izzy laughed "So, let's do this Lindsay!"

"Okay!" Lindsay agreed and stood up "Wait...what are we doing again?"

"Just pick a name and go in the closet!" Blainley yelled at her. "Everyone else put the stupid blindfolds on!"

Lindsay reached into the bowl and grabbed a name as everyone else remained blindfolded. When Lindsay pulled the name out she clapped and grabbed the person whose name was on the paper.

"Yay! I'm so glad I got you Tyler!" Lindsay hugged Leshawna.

"Why me?" Leshawna shook her head "I'm not a dude and I'm not Tyler either!"

"Oh!" Lindsay finally got it "You're Lefawnda!"

"Leshawna." Leshawna rolled her eyes

"So, what are we supposed to do?" Lindsay asked the girl.

"You and I aren't doing anything." Leshawna told her "I'm straight and I'm not Tyler before you even say that again!"

"Are we supposed to bring Lemons?" Lindsay asked "Chad told me I should bring lemons to the party to make lemonade with him!"

"Lindsay?"Leshawna glared at her "How did you even make an audition tape to be on this show? I find it very hard to believe you or anyone you may know would how to work a camera."

"Oh! I asked my friend Jason to help me!" Lindsay told her "He told me that I had to make my tape in the bathroom while I was naked in the shower! Then he took the tape home and sent me a copy and I asked my sister Paula to send it to the show! Chad told me I hold the record for best audition tape ever!"

"Really Lindsay?" Leshawna shook her head. "We're supposed to have sex in the closet but that's not happening, even if I was going to be a lesbian I would pick someone I could have a conversation with! Lindsay, I really hope you stay hot forever..."

"That's so nice of you to say, Lefawnda!" Lindsay hugged her "I hope I stay hot, too!"

"Whatever." Leshawna rolled her eyes and opened the door and walked out of the closet while Lindsay just stood there and got her face his with the door. Eventually Lindsay figured it out and went back to sit down on the floor.

Izzy excitedly sat on Chris's lap and placed the gun right between his crotch. Chris was petrified. No man should have anything that dangerous that close to their junk.

"You're turn!" Izzy smirked at him "To be honest I'm kinda hoping I get you because I have a really fun idea for this gun..."

"Can I pass?" Chris asked Izzy.

"On what?" Izzy laughed "On me or going in the closet?"

"Both." Chris rolled his eyes. "The only time I ever use that closet is to store things I don't want laying around. I usually only toss things in it, I don't usually have sex in it..."

"Then I guess it's your lucky day." Gwen rolled her eyes "Just do it and get it over with so I can go home."

"Whatever." Chris sighed and pushed Izzy off him. "If I get Izzy I'm refusing to do this."

"Where's your sense of adventure?!" Izzy laughed at him.

"I put it in the closet years ago!" Chris smirked at Izzy.

"Don't even think of cheating either!" Dawn warned Chris who rolled his eyes.

"Fine! I won't cheat, Shut up so I can do this!" Chris reached into the bowl and just grabbed whatever name was on top. Chris was in complete shock with who he got and let out an annoyed groan and walked over to the girl, grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into the closet.

"My life sucks." Chris stood in the closet and looked around "I don't even get an attractive one and my closet looks like it should be cleaned out..."

"That's rude, Chris." Beth took her blindfold off and crossed her arms. "I got my braces taken out!"

"What's your point?" Chris asked her looking around his closet some more.

"I'm saying I'm a virgin and I'd like to have sex with you." Beth started to remove her girl scout uniform. "To be honest this has always been a fantasy of mine!"

"If you want honesty, I have never had a sexual thought about you in my life." Chris smirked at her. "Why do you even wear that uniform all the time? Are you like a girl scout leader or something? If you are then why are you on this show? shouldn't you be like watching some small kids and making fires in the woods?"

"Chris, I'm offering to give myself to you!" Beth yelled to him "You should be thrilled to death! I'm offering you something that can only happen once in my life and I'm willing to let you do it!"

"Yeah, but you aren't on my list." Chris smirked at her "I'm not interested. I have a list of really hot girls from the show that I'd like to screw and I'm not really into the whole virgin thing, I like my girls to be more...Experienced."

"Really Chris?" Beth glared at him "I didn't even make the list?"

"I didn't even notice you at the party." Chris looked through a box of his stuff.

"Who is on this list?" Beth put her hands on her hips. "I bet you're lying and you don't even have a list!"

"Wanna bet?" Chris smirked at her and reached into his pocket. "Let's see...My list of girls I'd like to do naughty things to! Courtney, Heather, Lindsay, Gwen, Dawn, Dakota and Bridgette!"

"You've got to be kidding me..." Beth grabbed the list and started to scan through it "You even have things you want to do to them next to their names?!"

"Told you I had a list." Chris laughed "Can I have it back?"

"Wait a minute!" Beth pulled the list away from Chris "What is a Swedish Facial and why do you want to give one to Dawn?"

"I said you could see the list!" Chris tried to get it from Beth "I didn't say you could read the whole damn thing!"

"What is a 69 pretzel twister and why do you think Heather would be good at it?" Beth smirked at Chris. "If I could do it would I make the list?"

"No!" Chris grabbed the paper and folded it back up and put it in his pocket "You better not tell them either!"

"Or what?" Beth smirked "All your little fantasy girls will stop exposing themselves in tight clothes? Maybe they'll all start wearing sweatpants and baggy sweat shirts!"

"Fine." Chris sighed "What do you want other than for me to take your virginity? Name it and it's yours if you shut up!"

"I want to be on the next season and I want you to count the wrong number of beds in the girls cabins." Beth smirked at him "I want you to 'Randomly' pick me to go and stay in the boys cabin!"

"Fine." Chris rolled his eyes and opened the door "I'm leaving now."

Chris sat back on his couch and Beth stepped out of the room as well and sat down. Once Beth sat down Chris shot her a dirty look and sighed.

"I'm finished." Chris told Izzy "Thank god..."

"Okay then!" Izzy laughed "Who wants to go next?"

"Allow me." Alejandro stood up and approached the bowl. "I'll be a gentlemen and step into the closet so these beautiful ladies don't have to."

"Where were you when this game started?" Jo glared at Alejandro

"You know the rules!" Alejandro quickly covered his lie up "Ladies first?"

"Nice try, Romeo!" Jo yelled at him "You just didn't want to go!"

"Alright, I admit it!" Alejandro told her "I didn't want to go at first...But now, I do?"

"C'mon loverboy!" Izzy guided him to the bowl and made him pick a name. Once he picked a name he sighed and grabbed his person and went into the closet.

"I'm sorry amigo but I don't swing that way." Alejandro told him.

"Me neither." DJ started crying. "This closet has horrible memories!"

"What do you want me to do about it?" Alejandro asked him tapping his foot.

"Why'd you have to pick me?!" DJ cried "Couldn't you just have lied and brought someone else?!"

"Amigo, if I could I would have!" Alejandro tried to comfort him "If I cheated then Dawn would have known!"

"This is the worst party I've ever been to!" DJ cried more and blew his nose in Alejandro's shirt.

"Okay..." Alejandro sighed "I'm going to quietly leave the closet and you can come out when you're done, sound good?"

"No!" DJ sobbed "If you leave me then I'll be left again just like when my dad left!"

"DJ, I have no clue what you're talking about..." Alejandro told him "I'm going to go see if I can borrow a sweatshirt from someone...Have fun?"

Alejandro walked out of the closet leaving DJ alone for the remaining 3 minutes in which DJ attempted to stop crying.

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