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DJ's sobbing could be heard by everyone in the room. But honestly nobody gave a shit. They were too busy trying to not get shot or raped in a closet. Scott rolled his eyes and walked over to the bowl.

"I guess I'll just get this over with." Scott smirked and winked at Courtney. "I hope I get you."

"If you get me." Courtney stated with a smirk "You'll be coming out with a black eye!"

"Fiesty." Scott winked at her "I like it!"

"Save it for the closet!" Izzy yelled at them "Hurry up and pick someone!"

Everyone put on the stupid blindfolds and Scott picked a name as was quite pleased with who he managed to get. He quickly pushed his person in the closet and slammed the door shut behind him.

"Well looks like I got lucky." Scott smirked at her.

"It appears the universe didn't hear me." Dawn rolled her eyes "I begged them not to let this happen."

"Why wouldn't you want me?" Scott asked her. "I'm a catch!"

"You're aura is a horrible shade of Orange and Red with just a touch of black." Dawn informed him. "You have one of the most horrible aura's I have seen on this show yet! With the acceptance of Alejandro, Heather and Chris you may just be the worst person here! Even Lightning and Courtney have better aura's than you."

"I didn't understand any of that." Scott admitted "So, are you into me?"

"No." Dawn told him.

"Do I stand a chance?" Scott asked him.

"No." Dawn shook her head.

"Will you help me get a girl to have sex with me?" Scott asked hopefully.

"Yes." Dawn told him. "You'll never get with Lindsay, You should definitely try Dakota and Gwen if you're looking for a hook up."

"Gwen?" Scott smirked "She's with Duncan and he'll kill me."

"I don't think so." Dawn smirked at him "Oh, gosh! Is that a magical school bus lunchbox?!"

"Really?" Scott smirked at her "You're impressed with the stupid lunch box?"

"Yes, I must obtain this." Dawn smiled and turned around for a moment and when she faced Scott again the lunchbox was gone.

"Chris has a box of socks!" Scott laughed "Why would Chris have a box of unwashed socks in his closet?"

"They do smell unwashed." Dawn looked grossed out. "I'm guessing Chris went through a phase."

"Oh god, look at this!" Scott reached up on a shelf and found a wig head. "Chris has a long red haired wig? Why?"

"I honestly don't have answers to that." Dawn laughed "He does have a collection of Heather's shaved hair in a bag though...That's also strange. I'm thinking we should tell Heather."

"Why? you said her soul was evil." Scott laughed "Plus, how do you even know it's hers?"

"It says 'Heather's hair' on it." Dawn showed him the bag.

"That's really gross." Scott shuttered. "So, you wanna leave now?"

"Yes." Dawn smiled "This has been...interesting."

Scott sat down on the floor and waited for Dawn to sit down too before he announced to Izzy that he was finished in the closet. Before Izzy could threaten anyone Courtney stood up and volunteered herself again.

"I'd like another shot at this!" Courtney proudly told everyone.

"CoughWHORECough." Duncan fake coughed.

"Maybe this time I'll get it right." Courtney rolled her eyes. "I'm really determined."

Courtney mixed the names up really good in the bowl before she picked one and read it.

"Really?!" Courtney groaned "Seriously?! This sucks!"

Courtney didn't even say anything more as she dragged Gwen into the closet by her hair. Gwen saying ouch the whole way there. Gwen didn't even stand a fighting chance until Courtney left go of her hair once they were in the closet.

"What the hell, Courtney?!" Gwen stood up ready to swing.

"Listen here!" Courtney yelled "Stop ruining my relationships!"

"Listen Bitch, I know Duncan chose me over you but you need to mo-" Gwen was going to say but Courtney shhhh'ed her.

"No, Courtney's talking and Gwen's going to shut her boyfriend stealing mouth!" Courtney shouted. "I'm not even talking about Duncan! I'm talking about Trent!"

"You want to date Trent?" Gwen laughed "How does this concern me and Duncan?"

"Well you're boyfriend is trying to seduce my future boyfriend!" Courtney screamed at Duncan. "Apparently, he succeeded too! You tell him to stay away from Trent!"

"Courtney, you can't be serious." Gwen laughed. "Duncan is not gay! He left you for me and that's just how it is."

"You'll see how funny it is when he leaves you for Trent!" Courtney yelled more "Can you imagine that feeling, Gwen? Your ex boyfriend and your current boyfriend both having sex with each other and not thinking about you in any way! How awkward would that be for you?"

"You're crazy and Trent's kinda nutty." Gwen laughed "I think you two are destined to be! Together you can take over a prison or something and make everyone do whatever you two want! You're controlling and Trent's just weird."

"Fine. Whatever!" Courtney yelled "But don't come crying to me when you're single! I'll be home eating my weight in chocolate ice cream!"

"Whatever." Gwen laughed and opened the door and stepped out.

Courtney came out a few minutes later and glared and Gwen before sitting down again. "This game is incredibly dumb!"

Once again before anyone could say anything Sierra jumped up and ran over to the bowl and shook it incredibly hard and glared at everyone in the room.

"I must have Cody!" Sierra reached into the bowl as she pulled a name out, It was obviously not Cody and Sierra was pissed. "Awww! C'mon!"

Sierra grabbed Noah by the arm and dragged him into the closet and threw him up against the wall.

"What the hell?!" Sierra was mad. "Why can't you be Cody?!"

"Would you like me to borrow his close and I could try?" Noah smirked at her.

"Was that supposed to be funny?" Sierra glared at him. "Because I don't find it amusing! At all."

"Hello worst 7 minutes of my life." Noah laughed to himself and looked at his watch "Oh, wait...It's 6 minutes now."

"This has got to be the worst day of my life." Sierra told Noah. "I really want my Codykins!"

"Technically, he might be mine." Noah smirked "I got him in the closet earlier."

"YOU WHAT?!" Sierra looked like she had those little cartoon flames shooting from her eyes. "

Sierra beat Noah up for the remaining 6 minutes and Noah ended up with a black eye. When Sierra was done she left him in the closet and he walked out and couldn't see out of his left eye. He was pretty sure Sierra may have caused him to lose sight in that eye.

Now everyone was sitting around the room while DJ was sobbing, Noah had a black eye, Courtney was pissed, Gwen was looking at Trent, Dawn and Scott both thought Chris was weird and Duncan of course was confused.

"Who else wants a turn?" Izzy said with a giant grin on her face.

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