Penny's POV:

It's been five months since Bolt came back. My mother got us of the show, and Bolt got the chance to be a real dog. I started school – and I think it's much better than being a TV star. I get to be a real little girl, a girl who doesn't face the amount of danger I did on the show.

It's like we're finally getting somewhere.

Looking back, no-one at the studio actually cared about what I wanted – it was all about the show. I think that's why they didn't listen to me when I got 'kidnapped' by Dr. Calico. Bolt really needed to know that I'm alright. That it wasn't real. I knew something bad would happen…

When I found out Bolt was missing, it was like someone blasted a hole in my life. I ran to Bolt's trailer and I cried…I cried for hours. No-one understood – except my mom – how I felt at that moment. I was really close to Bolt.

And just when things couldn't get any worst, it did. They wanted to replace Bolt.

I couldn't do it – I didn't want to. Bolt was my best friend, I can't just walk away like he never existed. Don't they even think about what they are asking me to do – to make like I never cared about him? Do they even know how much that hurt? To just stroll away and break my promises to him?

Bolt's POV:

I felt empty out there.

I knew I just had to get back to Penny. She's my person – and she loved me. Of course, I had my doubts, at a few moments. There were so many times I got close to losing my faith.

I had to be with her.

In all my life –despite the fact that I wasn't a super dog- Penny was the most important person in my life. She was my closest friend. I could bear to be without her – couldn't bear to break the promises I made.

Penny's POV:

And that's when it happened.

We were shooting with the 'new' Bolt when something went wrong and the torches used for the scene was knocked over. Five seconds later, there was a rapid growing blaze. I couldn't get out in time.

I was scared – I wished Bolt was here.

Then, I heard a sound that I thought I'd never heard again.

Bolt's POV:

I don't think I'd ever stopped looking.

When we got to the set, I had the wrong impression about my replacement – that Penny didn't really care. That was before the fire. When I noticed the fire; I headed back inside to find Penny.

I don't think she was ever that happy to see me.

Penny's POV:

Bolt saved my life that day.

Just when I lost hope, he came back. I thought I'd never see him again. I thought I lost him when he ran away to try and find me.

And now I got him.

But I thought I lost him.

Bolt's POV:

That was five months ago. I am now happily living with Penny an her mother – they took in Rhino and Mittens too.

I thought I never see Penny's smile again.

But I knew in my heart that we'd be together again.

Yet, I thought I lost her.