AN: So, this is the beginning of the sequel to Waking Up The Ghost. This starts a few weeks before Hera takes Percy and don't worry. I have plans to make it safe for Percy and the baby. Some have asked what the babies name will be.

The first name was revealed in Waking Up The Ghost, during the River Styx memory. But their daughters full name will be Maeve Anna-Grace Castellan. This chapter is rather short but they'll get longer as we go on.

I hope you enjoy the first chapter.

One More Day.

Chapter 1: Meet The Parents.

Percy never believed her life would be like this.

Growing up she'd thought she'd be lucky to graduate from High School with all her expulsions and now here she was, seventeen and married.

She had to admit, it felt great to be Persephone Castellan. It actually felt right, and she'd never been one to think about marriage before she met Luke.

She didn't get to see him all the time, contrary to some campers beliefs. He was busy, he wasn't just the god of demigods. He was the god of other domains too, and they kept him just as busy. Not today though, Luke had come to her before with news about his mother.

It seemed when the oracle's curse had been lifted May began to become coherent. Hermes had called in a favor with Dionysus and after a month of recovering May Castellan was as sane as Percy's own mother.

"You ready, love?" Luke asked, leaning against the door frame of the Poseidon cabin. "They should have arrived at the restaurant by now."

Percy looked at him from where she had shrugged her white coat on. It being the end of October meant it was getting closer to winter and the nights were rather chilly. Not to mention she'd began getting cold rather easily recently. Under the coat she had on a blue knee length dress and ankle length brown leather boots and black lace leggings.

"Yeah," she said, walking over to take the hand he held out for her. "How are we getting there?"

Luke smiled and pulled out what would probably look like a walking cane to mortals but in reality was his sword. After he'd become a god Backbiter had been returned to him, but it had been broken back down and any trace of Kronos' scythe had been stripped from it. It was still long, four feet and celestial bronze and steel. And it still had the ability of opening portals to another location.

"We'll take the car if you'd prefer," Luke said, and Percy shook her head.

"No, I know you want to see your mother again," she said. "And we'll be late otherwise."

Percy turned and stepped into Luke's arms, leaning her head against his chest and he slashed the sword around them and moments later she noticed them in a side alley next to the restaurant.


"You must be May," Sally said, taking a seat at the table the woman around her own age sat at.

Paul sat beside his wife, and both took the time to observe the woman whose son their daughter had married – despite the fact Percy was only his step-daughter he considered her his daughter, seeing as he currently had no biological children.

May looked a thousand times better then she had in early August. Her hair was no longer white, but a sandy-golden blonde, much like her sons, and her eyes were no longer cloudy but a pale hazel-green (more green than hazel it appeared).

"I am, you two must be Percy's parents," May said, smiling sadly. "I'm sorry about what my son put her through over the years, he's a good boy. I have to blame myself for what he went through growing up, if only I had listened to Hermes..."

She trailed off but they understood what she meant. Percy had explained to Sally what May had tried to do when Luke was a baby. The curse on the Oracle at the time had caused her to get the visions more than she already had and to basically go insane.

"Don't apologize, Luke's already done so. We don't blame him and Percy knew what she was getting into when they began dating," Sally said.

Paul nodded.

"Beside, they seem to be one of the happiest married couple I know," Paul said, smiling. "By the way, I'm Paul Blofis."

Sally's eyes widened at the fact they hadn't exchanged introductions yet and she held out her hand for May to shake, following her husbands lead.

"And I'm Sally Jackson-Blofis."

May smiled.

"I'm May Castellan, as you know"

The three adults spent the next ten minutes conversing with one another and ordering appetizers and wine. Finally Sally took a look at her watch and frowned.

"Hmm, the kids should be here shortly. They're a little late," Sally said.

May laughed.

"Luke was always shuffling from being late for something or being early," she said, smiling sadly at the fact she could barely recall Luke growing up now that she had her mind back.

"I heard my name," a familiar deep voice said from behind her.

Paul and Sally both looked up to see Luke and Percy coming over, smiling and when May stood up and gasped at the sight of her son they were sure they saw tears mist over Luke's ice blue eyes.

"Oh, my baby boy," May said and closed the gap between them to pull the much taller boy into a hug.

Percy stepped aside some to give them some room and she was shocked when May let her son go and looked her with knowing before pulled her into a big hug.

"And you must be Persephone," May said, pulling back. "Thank you dear, for humoring me back in August."

Percy blinked.

"You remember that?" she asked.

May laughed.

"I remember a bit from the years, mostly from when Luke was a little boy, but even that get's blurry the older he gets. I do remember thinking how I could ever mistake my blonde haired, blued son for a beautiful brunette, greened eyed young woman," May said and than he eyes landed on Percy's abdomen which was lightly swollen.

It would only be apparent to those looking for it. Or if they got a looked at her from the right angle.

"Hermes told me you were expecting," May said, smiling. "Congratulations dear, though now I feel rather old. I don't look old enough to be a grandmother, do I?"

Percy could tell where Luke got some of his humor from, and smiled. Truth be told, May Castellan looked like a normal middle aged woman, but compared to when they'd last seen her she looked a decade younger.

Looking at Luke as May motioned for them to take a seat, Percy smiled. As they say Percy slipped her hand into his and leaned closer to him.

"Looks like we both owe Mr. D for helping your mother out," she whispered.

Luke snorted and smiled.

"I'm happy she's okay now, I can't remember her ever being like this," he whispered back and Percy squeezed his hand in reassurance.

Everything would be fine.

What could possibly go wrong? Famous last words?