AN: So, sorry it took me so long, but here it is. The first chapter is a bit short and basically just introduces the story. The next chapter will have a bit more compared but I hope you all enjoy the first chapter and sequel to The Forgotten Daughter.

The Sea's Daughter: The Lightning Thief.

Chapter 1: Viva La Vida.

Melinda was back at the pit.

She remembered the pit from a dream during the time she, Ron and Hermione had hidden out at Grimmauld Place. She had the dream seldom after that. This would only be the fourth time in months, but she recalled it with clarity she wished she didn't have.

"That's right little heroine...come to me. Help me strike a blow to shatter those who wrong the demigods so calmly," the voice whispered to her.

"What is it you desire? That you crave? Money, power, Perhaps a lost one, I can bring it all to you. If you only help me."

Melinda shivered but she knew what it was doing. It was tempting her with everything it could think of. Had she been younger she would have crumbled under the strain of the dream and her fatal flaw as it was she sunk to her knees at the pit and tried to remind herself of her own self control.

"How can I help someone I don't know and can't see?" she asked, against her better judgment.

The voice laughed, as if it had won some great victory.

As she was pulled from her dream she realized what she'd done. She had showed weakness, she had alluded to being wiling to help him without even realizing it.

It was almost like what she remembered Voldemort Horcruxes doing. She'd just made herself so much more vulnerable.

Melinda flopped back onto her bunk in the Poseidon cabin with a sigh. She winced as some of her muscles strained against one another and then after a second she stood from her bed.

The Poseidon cabin was much different than what she'd expected, and it was beautiful as well.

It had taken her a while to get used to the twin sized bunk beds and than a few days into her stay she'd pulled her wand and enlarged the beds to full size bunk beds.

On corner of the room, on her side was set up with a potions lab reminiscent to the one she used at Grimmauld Place. And on the opposite side was a roll of book cases, which contained all her favored books.

She'd have to tell Percy not to go near any in the middle and last bookcase closest to the wall.

Most were pulled from the Black family library, others from the Potter family library and other from other families she was able to get access to with her inheritance.

Like Peverell and Ravenclaw – though the two families didn't have much to inherit. The Ravenclaw fortune had been squandered by another descendant centuries ago and all that was left was some portraits, gems (very few) and books.

The point was if her brother tried to pull a book from those two bookcases he'd probably loose a limb. The Black family was pretty paranoid for being descendants of Hufflepuff – another family with nothing left after the fortune had been squandered by multiple descendants.

Not that the Black family cared, they wanted to distant themselves from the name Hufflepuff anyways.

Three weeks, it was hard for Melinda to believe it had only been three weeks since she'd arrived at camp. Four weeks since the war ended.

Walking over to the Potions lab area she lit up her cypress wand and checked on the potion she'd been working on sense she was thirteen years old.

If it worked the right way, and she already knew it did having tested it before the war, it would cure insanity caused by the Cruciatus Curse.

In this case the restoring Alice and Frank Longbottom to sanity, and hopefully bringing some happiness to her friends life.

As far as she knew Neville and Susan were still dating, but she hadn't been in any contact recently. They were all living separate lives right now.

Not to mention it usually took a day or two for an Owl to make it from England to America, and wasn't done often anyways.

She digressed though, the potion would take three months and had been brewing for nearly two weeks so far. By her calculations it would be finished by July 25th, about a week before Neville's and her own eighteenth birthday.

She was extremely proud of her work, it had taken her years to accomplish and now it was done. She had plans to one day publish the potion in the wizarding world, much like many Potion Master and Mistresses did.

Just not right now. She had bigger things to worry about, like the theft of her uncle's master bolt.

The same crime she and Percy were being framed for. She'd seen her brother recently, having gotten a job as a assistant Latin teacher – thanks to the fact Sirius had been fluent in the language like many Pureblood families, she was fluent in Latin as well.

Chiron had not thought it a smart idea to have two children of Poseidon so close together in a mortal setting but she'd put her foot down. She needed to be close to her brother, as to help protect him.

Being the assistant Latin teacher was the safest and most likely cover.

"Uh...Melinda, your snake is looking at me weird," a familiar voice said from behind her and she smirked.

Turning around Melinda flicked her pointer finger up and the light switch instantly came on, and she could see the son of Hermes standing halfway in the cabin door.

The approaching dawn let little light inside the open door and Sesha had curled up a few feet in front of the door and risen, her hood flared as she glared darkly at her friend.

Making friends at Camp Half-Blood hadn't been that hard. It reminded her a little of when she'd attended Hogwarts. To her surprise a few in the camp attended the local wizarding school, Salem Witch and Wizard institute.

They were all children of Hecate though, so it wasn't all that surprising. Opposed to those few children over the centuries who were children of other gods and were a witch or wizard.

Luke had been one of the three who had been there the day she'd entered camp. The other two were Annabeth Chase, a girl her brother's age and a daughter of Athena.

If she remembered it was the blonde's mother who'd blown her cover by telling Zeus she existed.

She didn't hold that against Annabeth, and she was on good terms with the blonde but she was better friends with Luke and Samuel.

Samuel was the dark haired boy, a son of Ares, who she'd gotten to know and they'd gained a certain respect for one another which had moved – seeing as Samuel and she were pretty evenly matched in a weapons only battle – to friendship.

She would admit she was closer to Luke. He could understand her own past without judging her and he knew what it was like to feel unwanted.

He also understood loss, having loss Thalia when she'd become a tree. In return she didn't judge him for his bitterness towards the gods or his father.

"Maybe you shouldn't have been sneaking inside my cabin at six-thirty in the morning," Melinda said, placing a hand on her hip.

Luke snorted and nodded.

"Yeah, tell her to let me in, please?" he asked, twitching when Sesha snapped forward threateningly.

Melinda chuckled.

The camp had been very weary of her familiar, knowing she was poisonous but Chiron had been reassured when he learned she could speak the language of the snakes.

She'd been there when he'd announced this fact and that Sesha would not harm anyone unless provoked or protecting her.

::Sesha, let Luke in, please,:: Melinda hissed.

Sesha hissed once more at the blonde boy in front of her.

::One day scarred-one, one day you'll fear me!:: Sesha hissed her warning and Melinda laughed.

::I think he already does, Sesha,:: Mel said and watched as Sesha slithered past Luke, out the door to do Olympus knows what.

Luke looked at the serpent for a moment before turning back to Melinda who had finished adding the last ingredient to her potion; sage, oddly enough. Now all there was to do was wait two months for the next new moon.

"I wanted to see you before you left with Chiron to Yancy today," Luke said as Melinda turned to face him again.

Luke didn't want to admit it, even to himself but he'd a bit of a crush on the daughter of Poseidon. She was strong, independent, powerful and beautiful. Most of all she understood him.

It didn't appear that she liked him as more than a friend though. And Luke did value their friendship. He didn't want to ruin that, but knew he might loose her one day soon despite his attempts, if his master didn't sway her to their side.

He thought with enough tempting she'd be easily swayed.

Melinda smiled.

Luke was by far her best friend out of everyone here. Also the closest to her age that could understand her.

"There's a field trip today, though it was supposed to be last week," Melinda rolled her eyes. "It got rescheduled. Usually I might blow it off but..."

Luke nodded his understanding.

"That new demigod Chiron and Grover have been watching."

"Yeah," Melinda said. "I think we should have told him and brought him here by now, but Chiron thinks otherwise."

"Chiron usually knows what he's doing, but I have to agree with you. Safer here than out there," Luke stated, knowing from experience how hard it was for a demigod in the mortal world.

There was a span of sixty seconds neither talked and then a high pitched but familiar scream.

Luke and Melinda exchanged looks.

"Annabeth and Helios," they said together

Sure enough as they left the Poseidon cabin behind, Melinda still dressed in her pajama pants and think spaghetti strapped purple tank top, they could see a snowy owl fleeing the scene of a crime.

An angry blonde began storming towards the two older demigods, her stormy gray eyes like angry silver fires, and in her hair was the evidence of owl poop.

"Melinda!" Annabeth screeched, her face turning red. "I thought you told that demon bird to stop pooping on me!"

Melinda bit her tongue as to not begin laughing at the poor thirteen year old girl – she'd learned Annabeth's birthday was in February so she was older than her brother by a few months for nearly half the year.

"I'm sorry Anna," Melinda said, smiling sweetly. "I'll talk to Helios again, I'm sure he didn't mean too."

Annabeth took a deep breath, ignoring the nickname Melinda had given her and had been prone to calling her. Annabeth had settled that it was better than Annie.

"Fine, I've got to go shower," Annabeth grumbled and turned tail and headed for the girls showers.

Once she was out of hearing range both Luke and Melinda bent over with laughter. When they were finished and had straightened back up Helios flew over and landed on Melinda's shoulder.

Shaking her head at the bird Melinda sighed.

"What have I told you about pooping on Annabeth's head?" Melinda scolded in question.

Helios puffed out his chest and raised his head high, and hooted twice.

"That's one smart, but devious bird," Luke said and Melinda nodded.

"He must get it from his papa owl, because I know Hedwig wasn't that devious," Melinda said and pulled her cypress wand back out to check the time.

She sighed.

"I've got to go get ready for today, Luke," Melinda said. "I'll see you later."

Melinda flicked her wand, summoning her clothes for the day and and her toiletries before waving one last time at Luke and taking off for the showers.

Melinda had no idea how much things were about to take off. Today would mark the beginning of Percy's trials as a demigod and how far her patience and ability to protect her younger brother while helping save the future of Olympus truly went.