I literally wrote this story months ago, though I didn't want to upload it until now. I really wanted that crisp Holiday feeling to be there when it was read. I'm excited that I finally get to post this! I have a few of the chapters already written or half written, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to post regularly. Just some back up information:

This is an AU wherein the portals never opened. The girls are freshly nineteen years old. Adriane and Emily are in their second years of college (Art school for Adriane, and Emily is Pre-Med). Kara, who previously did a year of Law is currently taking a year off due to the discovery that she hates Law and really has no idea what she want's to do with her life. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 12. 2:37 AM

"I love this song!" Kara shouted over the music. She took one last sip of her drink—something fruity that she didn't quite care for, and placed the glass back on the table, taking Tiffany and Heather's hands. "Come on, lets dance," she giggled, dragging them onto the dance floor. Shine was one of her favourite clubs—one of the only clubs in downtown Stonehill. It was a warm, colourful environment. Perfect for someone like her. The walls were lined with vinyl records, and any that weren't were covered with tiny polished mirror tiles. The bartenders were all dressed in neon, stationed under black lights, and the dance floor was tiled with bright flashing lights. It was the kind of place that played songs from the 80s and 90s, and Kara liked the fact that she could rock out to the Spice Girls in an environment like this. Stonehill wasn't exactly known for it's nightlife, but out of the few clubs they had, this was definitely the best. Even Adriane had fun (on nights where Kara could drag her away from school).

Kara pulled Tiffany and Heather into the middle of the dance floor, moving along to the beat. Kara was an alright dancer, but Tiffany was amazing, as usual. She was a little jealous.

Kara winced as a screeeeeeech echoed throughout the club, sending shivers down her spine and twisting her stomach in knots. "Did you hear that?" Kara yelled over the music.

"What?" Heather yelled back.

Again, Kara heard the screech, this time louder, and longer. She covered her ears, stopping in place.. Was she the only one who could hear it? "I-I'm going to the bathroom," she yelled, stumbling through the crowd towards the woman's washroom. By the time she got there she was doubled over, hands on her head as the noise continued. Kara opened the door, relieved to find only silence within. Dropping her hands, she turned on the nearest sink, splashing cool water over her face. What was going on? Why was she the only one who could hear that?

Kara glanced up to the mirror, but no reflection was there to greet her. Only an endless network of stars. Kara leaned forward, eyes wide. She raised a hand, pressing two fingers to the glass. The surface rippled, then went black. She took a step back, taking in the image in it's entirety.

"Warrior," Adriane opened her eyes, taking a good look around the glade. "Warrior," the voice came again, wafting around her, thick and enthralling. Pulling her down down down.

"You left us,"

"I-I didn't mean to!"

"Run with us,"

"I can't move," Adriane replied, struggling against the fuzzy velvet blackness that surrounded her.

"Help us,"


"We need you, Warrior,"

"I... I can't help you," she muttered. "I can't... I can't breath," She could feel herself being dragged under a thick and syrupy sea. Waves crashed above her, loud and awesome like thunder. Black water filled her lungs and obscured her vision. She must have been pretty far under by now. There was so much pressure. She could feel it in her chest. It was... warm.

Maybe this was for the better. Maybe this time she'd just drift into the Sea of Tranquillity.

The Sea of Tranquillity isn't even a real sea she reminded herself, but even that thought seemed useless. What did she need thoughts for when she was on the Moon? Another crazy notion.

Either way the wolves could have her, because she was done.

Moving was difficult, the world around her suddenly soft and frothy. Her vision was fuzzy, but she was sure that she could see glittering pink bubbles. The smell of cotton-candy, gumballs, and something distinctly sugary overloaded her senses, making her cringe. In the distance she could hear the faint sound of music, coming closer...


If you could call that music. God it was annoying. What was that?

I'm a Barbie girl. In a Barbie wooooorld. Life in plastic. It's fantastic!

Adriane gasped, sitting straight up in bed. She sucked in a deep breath, filling her lungs to bursting. There was a very real fear of running out of air.

I'm a Barbie girl. In a Barbie wooooold. Life in plastic. It's fantastic!

Adriane reached over to her bedside table. She lifted her cellphone from the bottom shelf and examined the glowing screen on the top. KARA it flashed in an obnoxious shade of pink. She groaned, pressing the accept button.

"What?" her voice sounded weak, almost foreign to her own ears. She hoped that Kara wouldn't notice.

"I didn't wake you, did I?" was Kara's hurried response.


"Oh, I-"

"No, it's fine," she interrupted, wiping sweat from her brow with the back of her hand. "I was having a bad dream. What's up?"

"The most messed up thing just happened to me,"

Adriane raised an eyebrow for no one's sake but her own. "What?" she asked dryly.

"So, I was at that club, Shine, you know the one I brought you to last week?" she spoke a million miles a second, Adriane wondered where she got all of her energy at this time of night.

"I remember," she shivered, pulling the blankets tight around her.

"I was there with Heather and Tiffany. We were dancing when all of a sudden there was this loud, high pitched, screechy noise!" she chattered, voice raising to a sharp octave that made Adriane wince.

"Mhmm," she yawned, eyes shifting towards her alarm clock. 3:06am. Damn you, Kara.

"But, like, I was the only one who could hear it. So I go to the washroom, and when I get there it's completely silent, which is nice because by the time I get there my head is killing me. I splash some water on my face and I'm just about to go back when I look up in the mirror. Only, it's not a mirror any more. The whole thing's this dark blue and there are stars and stuff everywhere. Like... Like a fairy map! I go to touch the mirror, and then it just goes black! Like this kind of matte black colour. Like you know that eyeshadow I lent you?"

"Yes, yes. I get it. What else?"

"That's it," she replied unceremoniously. "I left after that,"

"I hate to be the bearer of skepticism here, but did you ever think that maybe you were having an Aura Headache? You did say that they run in your family," Adriane pulled aside her quilt. Even with the central heating, it was cold in the winter. Shivering, she kicked her feet into her slippers, and pulled a blanket over her shoulders.

"I dunno, it was really intense,"

"Yeah well," Adriane made her way to the kitchen, before filling the kettle with water. "That's my guess. Ask Emily?"

"Nah, she'll probably just say the same thing. Miss Pre-Med,"

Adriane smirked, hoisting herself onto the counter top. She crossed one leg over the other, as she waited for the water to boil. A watched pot never boils, or so the saying went. Adriane yearned for the time when she could just zap the kettle, and have it boiling, though she'd never admit it to her friend.

"I already tried calling her anyways, she didn't pick up,"

"She does have an exam tomorrow morning," Adriane glanced at the clock once more,"Or, I guess, this morning..."

"So, what was your dream about? Maybe it had something to do with what happened to me?" Kara replied a little too enthusiastically.

"Uh, it's just like, this reoccurring nightmare I get. Don't worry about it," Minus the Barbie Girl part she thought, dismissing the notion with a shrug. She glanced out the kitchen window, eyes wide as she took in the familiar landscape.

"Well, what if someone's trying to send us a message?"

She wanted to tell her that no one was trying to send them a message. That the portals were closed, and that there was no way of opening them. "How did you get home in the snow?" she asked instead.


"It's snowing,"

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