This was the moment of truth.

Weeks have passed, and Beck had been doing the leg exercises religiously on Sophia, just as Dr. Rose prescribed. There were times when Sophia was fussy about them since it made her legs feel extremely weird, but once reminded that this could be a chance at walking, she complied without another complaint.

There were also times when Beck would almost be caught by Jade doing the stretches, but he immediately disguised it as playing by him taking her feet and tickling and biting them jokingly, making the three of them laugh.

"Hello again, Miss Soph! How are you feeling today?" Dr. Rose asked as Beck was setting her daughter in the all too familiar examining table.

"I feel like I'm gonna walk today!" Sophia chirped happily, grinning at the thought of being able to do what the other kids were doing.

"Well, let's just hope that today'll be the day. Daddy, her shoes?" Dr. Rose said to Sophia first, and then to Beck, who was already taking off her boots.

"Gosh, Soph, that stinks!" Beck joked as he took her socks off, scrunching up his face and waving his hand to rid of the 'stench'. Sophia laughed heartily as she lifted her foot up for Beck to smell – on her own. Beck's eyes widened as he saw her accomplish this small feat, then proceeded to pepper kisses all over Sophia's face, much to her delight.

"Someone's ambitious." Dr. Rose remarked with a smile, writing down her progress. "Alright, Miss Soph. Let's do the usual. Can you wiggle your toes for me?"

Sophia did so without any difficulty.

"What about jerking your foot? Can you jerk your right one for me?" Sophia jerked her left one, still not knowing which one is which. "What about your other one?" She jerked the right one.

"Do you think you can raise you leg up a bit, like what you did earlier?" Dr. Rose asked. Sophia lifted one up tentatively before bringing her foot down to create a mountain with her leg. She did the same with the other.

"My, my, Miss Soph. You've improved a lot! Daddy must've done a really good job with the stretches, didn't he?" Dr. Rose said, propping Sophia up so that she would be sitting up. She let her feet slide so that her legs were flat on the table once again.

"Alright, we're going to try something, alright? Beck, do you think you could stand her up? Hold her around her waist." Dr. Rose said, and Beck immediately complied. He was in a squatting position, his arms easily supporting his daughter's whole body.

"Look, baby girl, you're standing up!" Beck whispered in Sophia's ear, kissing her temple. Sophia grinned a mile wide, looking down at her feet that, for the first time, are planted firmly on the ground.

"Alright, now very carefully, I want you to take one step at a time." Dr. Rose said. "Hold on to daddy's arms if you need any help. He'll be right there to catch you."

"Dr. Rose, I don't think I can keep this from my wife any longer. Do you mind if I call her and wait for her? I mean, I really don't want her missing this." Beck said, picking Sophia up and sitting down on a chair, setting his daughter on his lap.

"If you wish." Dr. Rose smiled as she went out of the room to give the two some space.

Beck pressed speed dial number 4 and waited for his wife to pick up.

"What do you want?" Jade asked, obviously chewing on something because her voice came out muffled and sort of unclear.

"Hello to you too, babe. Hey, I was just wondering if you can come by the children's hospital—" At the mention of this, Beck heard a plate or a glass break from the other end of the line.

"What the hell happened?!" Jade huffed, her voice panicky as she rushed to her car.

"Babe, I promise you, it's nothing fatal. You're actually going to be happy about this." Beck said calmly, bouncing Sophia on his lap.

"Tell me, how can I be happy if my baby's in a hospital?!" Jade almost screeched. Beck heard the car door slam and the engine start from the other end.

"Just, come over. Sophia is not injured or harmed in any way. Just come over. It's the one right across the—"

"I know where to go. I'll see you in 15." Jade grunted as she cut her husband off the line.

Jade busted in the room where Beck and Sophia (as well as Dr. Rose) were, and she didn't take any time at all to get to Beck and snatch Sophia from his grip, immediately checking for scars and bruises.

"Baby, what happened? Did you get hurt?" Jade asked frantically, kissing Sophia's forehead repeatedly and hugging her close to her body.

"I told you, babe, she's fine. She's just got something to show you." Beck intervened, kissing Jade's temple and pulling her to sit down on the chair that he was sitting on. Beck took Sophia from Jade and walked to the other end of the room.

"Do you think you could record this, Dr. Rose?" Beck asked politely, handing her his phone, and she took it willingly.

"Alright, we'll start again. Just one leg at a time, alright?" Dr. Rose prompted, Beck's phone camera already recording.

Sophia let out a shaky breath. "Don't let me fall, daddy. Don't let me fall."

Beck's heart basically leaped with joy. For the first time in months, she actually called her daddy. Beck kissed her temple as he tightened his hold on her. "I've got you, baby girl."

With Beck in his squat position and his arm tightly wrapped around her waist, he urged his daughter to move forward. "Come on, baby girl, just like when you were showing me your stinky feet. Only this time, you're standing up. Come on, lift it up," Beck said, supporting her first step with his hand.

"There we go! Alright, second step. Do you think you can do it on your own?" Beck asked. With a determined face, she took a second wobbly step on her own. She swerved a bit, but it was still a step.

"You're doing so good, baby girl. Look, you're making momma cry." Beck whispered in her ear. At that moment, Sophia looked up from her feet and saw her mother sitting down, now on the floor, with tears going down her eyes.

"Can you walk to me, Soph?" Jade asked in a trembling voice, not at all caring about who would see or not. With a newfound inspiration, Sophia took another courageous yet wobbly step forward. With Beck's guidance, she was able to inch her way about a foot from Jade. Beck released his hold from Sophia and she walked tiny quick steps on her own before tripping over Jade, who caught her before she could fall flat on her face.

"Did you see me, momma? Did you see me walk?" Sophia's tone was exhausted yet accomplished. Her arms were around Jade's neck, and she was standing in front of Jade with her hands standing her up.

Jade nods, a few more tears slipping from her eyes. "I did, baby. You made me so proud."

"Then when I can walk on my own I can run and play and people can't make fun of me now." Sophia grinned, sitting down on her mother's lap.

With a sentimental smile, Jade nods. "That's right, Soph." Jade looks up, and saw that Beck was just watching them in his kneeling position. "So he's been helping you walk this whole time?"

"Mm-hmm. Daddy's been stretchin' me every day." Sophia grinned, kicking her feet back and forth.

"You've got to stop keeping secrets from me." Jade said as Beck sat down next to her.

"Yeah, I don't think so." Beck teased. "You know you love me, anyway."

"Mm-hmm. Sure." Jade shot back without any malice, and then looked down at the small girl who was now dozing off. Sophia yawned cutely and snuggled deeper into her mother's embrace.

"Come on. Let's go home."


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