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Chapter 1: Don't Poke An Angry Bear

She learnt a long time ago that knocking like that either pertained to two things in her life. She had upset someone by mistake, purpose or had totally been unprepared for the ideals of stupidity the person could accomplish. The second is that someone she knew did something idiotic and it would be her duty to go to their rescue. (Being nice the last thing they should assume when meeting her.)

She isn't a mean person; in fact she can often win over people just by getting the idea on how to manipulate them. She wouldn't deny that she was vindictive and scheming is her way to often pretend she's human. She had worked at the school for long enough to know that parents hated her, students either despised her or wanted to think she may give them a date. She had no expectations for anyone but herself and that in fact made her rather unpleasant.

"I hate mornings more than work." Glaring at her clock she took notice that whoever is doing the knocking is waking her up two hours too early for work. "I go in at ten!" she put her pillow over her head pretending she didn't hear the noise.

Looking at his watch he exchanged looks with his associate seeing him arch a brow disbelievingly that he would even know a woman that didn't move before seven in the morning. He tried a fourth time before his partner shrugged turning to leave.

"She's home," He said dryly before hitting the door harder aware that his associate didn't look convinced. "She hated mornings then and most likely still refuses to face the reality that the world moves with day instead of the night."

"Not for ghosts," retorted his still skeptical coworker. "Face it Egon…she isn't home or you are going to look like an idiot when some teenager comes to the door yelling at you before thinking you are a-"

He stopped watching Egon stop knocking long enough to hear several clicks and something that might resemble human speech but his associate wasn't sure of that. Looking up she sees a tall man with dark hair lift a long slender finger pushing glasses up his nose that doesn't quite fit his narrow face and raises a brow familiar with the strange curl at his brow. He smiles though it would look more like a grimace to anyone that didn't know this character.

"Good morning," Egon tries seeing her green gaze narrow with agitation before seeing his associate look like he is contemplating an idea of smoothing over the clear disagreeable situation that looks to be about to happen.

"Firstly why is it good?" She managed brushing long thin fingers with black colored nails through wild dark hair that curls to her waist. "Secondly not that I'm not happy to see you Egon but do you think just maybe you could wait until at the least ten when I have to get up?" She found her eyes going over the man cowering slightly at his side and briefly remembered some ridiculous commercial that had been on television often enough to amuse her.

"Nice to see you haven't changed much Dru." She shrugged crossing her arms over a t-shirt two sizes too large for her with Eeyore staring up at the rainy sky and plaid green pajama bottoms that had wears around the bottoms.

Egon looked down noting everything still was far too large for her small frame and yet she seemed too thin for her body too. It was surreal looking into her dark stare before he blinked realizing his coworker had been left to flounder in confusion.

"Drusilla Wren this is my associate, coworker and friend Ray Stantz." She forced a smile that told him she still is waiting for an explanation. "Can we talk inside Dru?"

The last time they had talked Egon had left from their long friendship which she had understood was more a commitment of a future than friends. She recalled a large pile of ignored letters buried someplace in a trunk before she finally caved a few years ago to actually write him. They were friends despite her clear assumption to loathing him; she still cared for his wellbeing and had kept track of all that had occurred with his new hobby and profession.

"About ghosts?" Egon saw Ray once again peer over her with a doubtful look. "Why on earth do you think I actually care?"

She eyed the man off to the side, short dark hair staring between them with a sort of twitch about him. He had a finger delicately placed against his neck trying to act casually despite the wide dark eyes staring between them. She realized being a wrathful bitch wasn't the best of impressions to make on someone that knew Egon, especially if it had been as long as she had been once again keeping track of him. Groaning at the idea she was letting her lack of judgment make decisions over Egon Spengler once again she moved aside holding the sickly greenish gray door aside letting both men enter. (Ray looked worried at the way things were going.)

Silently she took in her small living room overflowing with books, magazines and texts abiding to her lectures she would have that afternoon in her classroom. She pushed aside a pile of graded papers across a small olive colored coffee table before offering them seats on the crème colored two seat couch across from the lounge chair that matched. She saw Egon taking in the room with curiosity before glancing down at her work and then making a note to scan the grade book which she promptly slammed shut.

He smiled that haughty way that once made her happy before she rolled her eyes and waited once again for the reason she was in fact unwise enough to allow him to enter into her home and life again. Taking this opportunity to avoid the strange tension the pair shared, Ray chose to quietly sit on the couch and study Egon who had yet to take his seat.

"It isn't exactly my expertise Dru; I thought we could use your help in some of our more delicate cases." Egon glanced once again down at the papers before seeing most of her books hadn't been touched in an age or two. "Teaching is beneath you by the way."

"Chasing ghosts as I recall wasn't part of your paranormal psychological research." She retorted finding Ray once again seemingly frightened by their lack of tact and clear frustration with each other. "Honestly why are you here Egon?"

Ray under the impression that offering his own explanation on the matter wouldn't favor him chose to keep quiet studying the idea of Egon actually at odds with someone. Not just finding his dry cynicism directed toward boredom but really using his skills on someone clearly on his level. He wondered why Egon had chosen to bring him on this social call instead of Winston who would have been one to at the very least reason with them or even Peter who would have mostly likely gotten clubbed for flirting with her. Egon had a past with Drusilla Wren and it looked like she had yet to let go.

Egon lowered to the couch but didn't relax; he was taut verging on seeming like someone cornered. An example in Ray's ideal would be a lion fighting for dominance over a pack of hyenas, but Ray couldn't determine which predator was which in the sense of his friend and a obstinate woman in the room.

"Parapsychology," Egon corrected once again offering that all knowing look he often directed on someone that had bored him. "The study of which we test the abilities of-"

"By studying those claiming to have supernatural powers or the latter being of which you sit in a lab with cards testing to see if they read minds. I also remember that again that did not involve ghosts, lawsuits or trashing New York." Here Egon paused in his retort his brow furrowing in interest as well as astonishment. "Why are you here?"

Egon taken back by the idea she had kept up with the events that had surrounded his life and the Ghostbusters to begin with made him backtrack a bit. Drusilla still cared enough for his wellbeing whether he walked out on her the way he had or not. She clearly despite being in a job she didn't much care for remained in contact with him even after he had to wait a few years for that glimmer of hope.

He knew her well enough to gather it would take her time to get over the sting that he put a halt to the friendship which he had uncomfortably concluded meant more to her than him at the time. It hadn't ended badly but it hadn't ended nice. She had taken his lack of tact and normal functions around people to mean he didn't like the aspect of people. He actually didn't deal well with people so much as chose to analyze people. It worked better in a lab setting than outside of work or school; she on the other hand didn't seem to mind it and kept lurking around in the pretense of being a friend.

During a difficult class with her lack of mathematical skills he had teased her mercilessly and she had countered with ' show me' as her excuse to his dry tone with her inability to solve a simple physics problem. It wasn't simple for her but he had found ways to deal with it and over time they began to act human outside of classes and she had been the one dragging him to social engagements that often got him threats from someone larger than him or dismissal for talking over their heads.

"Never mind," She dismissed Egon seeing her keeping tabs on him had spooked him into silence. "Mr. Stantz…er…Ray?" He uncertainly looked between them before nodding confirmation. "Why did he drag you from your headquarters all the way to a small campus outside of the city just to speak with me?"

"He wanted someone that specialized in historical aspects of the area and hopefully someone that could-"

"I wanted someone that is delicate when it comes to historical findings and science. Someone that tends to let emotion drive them more than the latter of the two specialties you have." She blinked turning to see Egon eyeing her over his glasses no sign of a smile or indication he was kidding anywhere in those dark telltale eyes.

She crossed her arms realizing that Egon's tact and methods most likely was as effective as the others he worked with. She had a list of things outside of her degrees she had earned. She had been one to try a little of everything when she started school and being around Egon had put her love of history and science ahead of the rest. She finally stood walking slowly to the door and opened it. Egon got the message the minute she left her seat but Ray seemed unsure of the silent conversation the pair clearly were having.

Egon's eyes narrowed giving her a forced smile "Get the hell out of here and don't come back!" was the message her expression and body language was giving him and he knew better than to argue with it.

Egon moved silently past her before leaving Ray behind his not so subtle anger relevant before he disappeared around the corner down the pale tan halls of her apartment complex. Hearing a door slam somewhere off she looked down at the olive tones in the carpet at her feet before being aware of Ray moving past her reluctant to get any sort of attention from her but knowing there was a lot to this story than he had originally known.

Before she shut the door he took a chance she wouldn't hit him just because he let them be during the visit and turned holding out a small card toward her. Drusilla found herself eyeing the simple white paper with a sort of sinking feeling watching him hesitate refusing to draw back. Looking up she saw a pathetic sort of half smile to his face before regarding Ray and wondering what method there was to her choosing to be someone that loved to punish themselves. Reaching out she snatched the card without a word and went to close her door.

"I don't know what happened but at least you got his attention, that's remarkable." Ray waved before rushing down the hall and leaving quickly out of her sight.

Drusilla yawned before slamming her apartment door and glanced down at the card. She turned it around so she could read the black lettering on it with a strange logo in the corner.

'Ghostbusters Inc. Dr. Raymond Stantz, Dr. Egon Spengler, Dr. Peter Venkmin and Winston Zeddemore.' She looked it over seeing the number to call the office and the address written under the names of the men who ran the ghost chase within New York. She tossed the card on the coffee table on her way heading back to bed.

She would process this later; she needed to get ready for work.