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Chapter 4: Energizer Ghost

She woke groggily glancing around the rooms he was in aware that it wasn't her destroyed hotel room and vaguely remembered riding in the ectomobile back to the firehouse would have to be the destination she found herself at. She guessed the sleeping quarters and had a feeling she knew who put her there.

She jerked sharply aware of movement off to her side worried over repetition of what happened to her before. She instead saw Slimer come into the gloomy light cast by the windows in front of her before seeing him offer her a too wide grin for her liking, but she smiled instead.

"I'm at HQ aren't I?" Slimer not quite sure what she meant looked confused for a minute before it seemed to register; he nodded then looking proud of himself. "Where's Egon?" she asked softly seeing his yellow eyes lower before he pointed down and she gathered he had gone either to the basement or downstairs.

Egon had been going over the ghost in her room for hours. He had even put aside his research in hopes of something hitting him and found himself downstairs listening to the others bounce ideas around. Louis had come by with the necessary papers to keep them out of lawsuit central while Janine answered each of their calls effortlessly and as dryly as possible.

Despite the woman upstairs life was normal at Ghostbusters Inc.

Dana had gone home to put Oscar to bed with instructions for Peter to do all he could to save that girl upstairs. Egon had admired her for the orders but found himself only bombarded with more questions he didn't need or want to answer. With the exception of Ray he would have rather not spoken about the woman to anyone.

Drusilla had an uncanny knack of bypassing his safety measures that women could lead to some entertainment but back then he wasn't ready for the truth. She had wanted a commitment and mistakenly took his interest to heart, now he had grown from the young reckless scientist to a bigger one but felt the strange need to apologize becoming overwhelming since her arrival. He deduced that he felt lonely and that she was different than most women. (She already knew everything bad about him.)

Glancing down the opening to the floor below she made out all three men talking around bouncing off ideas and could guess that Peter's family had left. Winston suggested they go upstairs to finish their conversation before she noted Egon had gone silent. Hearing Peter not so subtly get his attention she smiled seeing him jerk startled by how he got the attention.

"Egon she's dressed so we need to solve her apartment issues first." Peter implied more to their relationship than her longtime friend clearly had admitted.

Egon flushing slightly glared at him before turning sharply and starting for the stairs. She saw the others follow however Ray seemed to be pointedly indicating Peter was very out of line to suggest more than they had witnessed the other whom she had yet to meet seemed fairly certain he didn't care.

Slimer moved swiftly in front of Egon before seeing him spare him a look before he turned glancing at the fire poles and caught sight of a familiar figure vanishing from sight. He told the guys to go off to the lounge area while he checked in on their guest. Ignoring Peter's pointed comments and looks Egon turned to the left of the stairs and moved into the sleeping room. He saw the bed vacated and slowly glanced around seeing her leaning against the window staring out at the city life. She half turned giving him a sidelong look before a slow smile lit up her eyes.

"Thanks," She managed despite all problems she had with him at least he cared enough to spare her some embarrassments.

"Not yet," Egon said before glancing over his shoulder. "You still have a very real ghost issue and I don't think it stops at the hotel where you stayed." He had wished not to tell her their latest theory and knew it would be another thing for her to hold against him, but he wasn't leaving her unaware either.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that ghost followed you and clung to you. You must have somehow picked up an PKE or something. The meter's spiked around you when I first brought you up here."

"I have a ghost tracking me?" She asked sounding mildly upset.

"No," He hesitated wondering how much effort it would take to avoid violence. "You must have picked up energy from somewhere and it homed in on you. Now it seems to stay with you."

"I got it here didn't I?" he frowned not wishing to bring any speculations into the mix.

"I don't know." Egon admitted aware of Slimer once again appearing in the room and glancing between them looking strangely appeased by her presence. "Ghosts like you…at least Slimer does." She noticed his presence off to her side and instead of being upset by the idea she found it strangely calming.

"I like ghosts…the ones not out to get me." She stated darkly before crossing her arms, familiar with the idea she was indeed upset he flinched worried he would be on the end of her wrath. "Do you need to do tests?"

"Brain scans, meter readings and the basics to make sure there's no sign of possession." Egon said finding himself fidgeting and settling for the idea of crossing his own arms.

"Now?" He nodded though in most cases he would have rather done it sooner but her sleeping seemed more important.

Three hours later she found herself in a room that would have been considered a living space if it wasn't for the surrounding experiment tubes, shelves full of odds and ends and warnings from the guys to be wise to what she ate, drank and or smelled. It couldn't have been healthy for them to live in this sort of environment but then again they were the scientists and responsible for half of what was within the large top floor.

She moved from the chair of hookups where she had spent most of her time and settled on the edge of their pool table. Her eyes moved around the white walls and mismatched furniture before seeing Egon move quickly to the back of the room where it looked like a lab had been situated. She heard something about how her body energy reacted to particles and the surrounding environmental energies like one would assume a battery reacts when being charged. She knew better than to ask Egon to explain, she would get an answer that made her brain hurt and her thought process even more screwed up than it already was.

She was comforted by the fact that Winston seemed as in the dark as she was and found his dark gaze looking at those in the room with equal annoyance and confusion. It wasn't the being left out so much as it was her head they had been sifting around in and she was the clear point of discussion at the moment. She found herself uncertain of the idea that Egon actually cared for her instead of what scientific information she brought into the study.

It bothered her to know that it most likely meant science still ruled his life. He cared for people but sometimes forgot the fact that he wouldn't take part in their lives. He was an outside influence learning of them and how they worked. He never put himself into that category of being human and never saw himself as an outside influence into the environment.

It seemed that Egon felt what was going on to her was indeed worrisome. Ray had taken notice to him going over the readings and looking grim with each new readout and test that they went over. It seemed logical that even if the past wasn't a good thing that he still had some thoughts on her wellbeing and what was in fact happening to her. It meant maybe Egon liked Drusilla and he actually was acting in his environment or lack of one.

Ray tapped Egon on the shoulder seeing Peter had stopped with the questions bored with lack of answers and had chosen to instead go through Egon's notes. This usually provoked reactions and it had yet to do so, it proved his theory that Drusilla meant more to Egon than just some friend. It was difficult to decide if there was more involvement in the future between them because of the clear wall of distrust and tension that had been around the two since he met the woman.

Finally feeling put aside long enough Drusilla made herself known by standing off to the side of Egon and pointedly clearing her throat. A trick Egon had used often enough but somehow it seemed more threatening coming from her, in proving the point he looked up from the workup sheet between him and Ray and found himself lowering his gaze back down to the paperwork.

"Egon!" He flinched aware of her warning tone and sighed.

"It seems there are other reasons ghosts like you Dru." Ray moved over to the microscope to do more tests and observe the ectoplasm readings on the strands of hair she had given them. "You attract them due to your natural energies."


"You are a walking charger that brings entities that have been driven into hiding out into the open. Kind of like pollination." Ray intervened seeing Egon giving him a look that said 'that wasn't helpful.

"I'm a walking ghost charger?" She questioned feeling strangely stupid which was new for her; usually she could follow Egon's over the top thinking. "They virtually disappear from the place they haunt and because I am present they come oozing out of the walls?"

"They're more like parasites Dru," Egon looked over seeing Winston and Peter didn't looked convinced by this method any more than he felt comfortable with it. "The good energies you give off send out a positive charge gaining attention of ghosts like Slimer but when you're upset or something they find the negative ones."

"So because I got pissed off at you I drag out a ghost from hell?" she asks softly, too softly for his liking which makes him squint suspiciously up at her. "Egon! This isn't what I had in mind when I chose to come help you!"

"I recall leaving without asking…again." He added returning to the paperwork on the desk and going over the readings Ray's recent test had shown.

A sharp crash alerts them to Janine yelling in frustration below before all of them go to look down the hole where the poles reach the ground floor. All eyes widen in stunned shock seeing Slimer rampaging throwing around folders, tipping over filing boxes and ransacking their headquarters. Peter and Winston drop down the pole to calm the strange change in personality of their familiar ghost friend while Ray and Egon both look at Drusilla in shock.

Ray moves quickly to their untested ghost calming device which had been originally intended for the slime that was activated by human emotional changes and vanished leaving Egon to calm the red faced Drusilla who had yet to calm down. In fact she was muttering under her breath wondering to herself what had gotten her back into a mess of this context and then remembered she went to Egon's aid against her best judgment.

It would seem she had no judgment when it came to Egon Spengler, it also was pretty clear that he never felt the way she had and that this was a waste of her time. Now she had to worry about waking ghosts up and having the wreck her life or destroy her place of work. The list of problems this discovery brought with it never would end and she realized that it had been her fault for even coming to Ghostbusters HQ. If she had stayed home this wouldn't have happened, if she never met Egon she would have been safer and wiser for the trouble she would have missed out on.

"I should have stayed home!" She finished her rant just now becoming away that Egon had been the only one not dealing with Slimer's new symptoms to rampage the downstairs.

"You need to calm down Dru, you're the reason Slimer's going crazy." He tried sternly seeing it had no effect and only got him one of her dark glares. "Please?" he tried finding himself disliking the idea that being desperate was beneath him.

"Why? Because he's destroying your-" Egon reached out pulling her close not really sure of what he was doing, it worked when women needed someone to cry on and he also couldn't believe he was relying on advice from Peter Venkman.

Stunned by the arms wrapping around her and pulling her close Drusilla shut up realizing Egon was holding her. It had been the first time in a long time and hadn't felt much different than the first time. She closed her eyes ignoring the familiar aspects of chemicals around the room and found the faintest scent of cologne he had worn when she knew him. He smelled good and it was a comforting sort of aspect to realize that this tall skinny man still had the courage to get into her personal space despite her temper.

There was no method to holding Drusilla it just happened and much to his concern it felt alright. He didn't mind their time together and had begun to realize there was a certain amount of comfort between them. That had been part of his reason for leaving; comfort wasn't alright in the aspect of science because he had to reach out in a zone that defied all comfort levels. Drusilla rested on his shoulder beginning to relax and actually to his astonishment snuggled into him. He held her closer by reflex hearing the commotion downstairs begin to settle while Winston stopped Ray from making Slimer their test subject for the device that only seemed to cause the emotional reactive slime to react by blowing itself up and reforming. (He wasn't sure that would work with Slimer.)

Several moments of silence went by before she slowly blinked realizing who was holding her and found herself gently pushing back aware of Egon's arms dropping quickly, far too quickly to deny that he didn't have a soft spot for her somewhere underneath the ego driven scientist.

"He's calm!" both looked to the hole hearing Peter's confirmation that the rampaging ghost had stopped tearing up their HQ.

Slowly Drusilla pushed her hair over her shoulders and looked down at the floor. Her face burning before she slowly walked to the edge of the hole and squatted down. She saw that the downstairs looked as though hurricanes had hit it at random. Papers, files and furniture where everywhere and Slimer was in the center of it all looking terrified, odd for a ghost in her opinion but none the less she felt it was her fault he had ransacked the place.

She reached out to the pole finding hands stopping her by catching her waist and pulling her back from the exit she was attempting. Egon directed her attention to the fact that Slimer had wild eyes and wasn't quite safe to approach yet. Nodding she moved from his attempt on her safety and took the safe way down.