Wrath of the Fox

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"Demon Talking"

"Jinchuriki Talking"


'Demon Thinking'

Chapter 3 - Deal

A very feminine looking boy was walking through the forest. In his hand was a basket, meant for herbs. He moved with a grace that only experienced ninja could pull off. Making no sound and leaving no trace. He stumbled upon a clearing to see a boy asleep in the middle of a crater. The air was thick with residual chakra.

As he walked forward he saw the Konoha headband on the boys forehead. He looked different but this had to be the blond one that had injured Zabuza.

'It would be easy to kill him now' thought the boy as he reached forward. At the last second he hesitated and instead shook the boys shoulder, waking him up.

"You'll catch a cold if sleep outside" said Haku.

"Nah, I've never had a cold." came Naruto's reply, "And you can drop the act, I know you're the hunter-nin." At this Haku tensed and reached for a hidden senbon.

"If you do that, Zabuza will never have the use of his arm again." Again Haku hesitated. "I have a deal for you hunter-san." Haku seemed to be listening. "If you and Zabuza promise to surrender instead of attacking, I will fix Zabuza's arm and pay you what Gato has promised you."

"Oh really, and how do you plan on doing that?" Asked Haku, "oh and call me Haku" Naruto smiled seeing that Haku really didn't want to have to fight.

They talked for many hours planning.

-Line Break-

Naruto walked into Tazuna's house to see his team all eating breakfast. When Kakashi spotted him he seemed to perk up.

"Ah Naruto, why don't you join us for breakfast?" Called out Kakashi like they were all of a sudden close.

"No thanks Hatake. I already ate." Naruto replied calmly.

"You BAKA, you probably poisoned yourself, something that Sasuke-kun would never do."Yelled Sakura, switching from evil banshee to retarded fangirl in a microsecond.

"For your information, I caught a few fish before returning here. They were very nice." Said Naruto as he sat down in the living room with Tazuna who was trying to drink a bottle of sake without his daughter seeing.

When Team 7 was done eating Kakashi told them to follow him out to the clearing they were in the day before.

"Naruto let's see how high up the tree you can get." Kakashi said. Naruto just shrugged before walking all the way to the top without using a handsign to channel his chakra. Kakashi was stunned, he hadn't expected Naruto to be able to do it so easily. Then again now that he could see the resemblance between his sensei and Naruto. He had finally connected the dots, and realised that Naruto was Minato's son. He also realised that it was probably too late to be a central part of his life. The best he could do was help him train.

"Today, Naruto you can come with me, Sakura work on your chakra supply and Sasuke guard Tazuna." Said the cycloptic jounin. Before Sasuke or Sakura could complain Naruto cut in,

"No thanks Hatake, I have some things I need to do. Alone." And with that he walked off, disappearing in swirl of leaves, causing all three of them to widen their eyes.

-Line Break-

Naruto was scouting out Gato's base. Haku had given him a basic layout of the mansion but he trusted his own eyes more than someone else's opinion. From what he could see there were several thugs patrolling the outer walls, as well as what looked to be some wearing samurai armour placed at key points around the compound.

Naruto had his pranking genius mind on overdrive. Just instead of things like chalk erasers and water balloons, he was planning with kunai, shuriken, paper bombs and ninja wire. His lips were twitching, they were somewhere between concentration and a smirk.

-End of the week-

Team 7 minus Naruto, were walking to the bridge with Tazuna. They had left Naruto in bed when they had failed to wake him up. As they were walking a dense mist rolled in causing Kakashi to tense up. When they arrived at the bridge the mist cleared a bit to show the workers all tied up but otherwise unharmed.

Zabuza stepped out of the mist, Haku at his side. Kakashi was about to order Sasuke and Sakura to watch out but Zabuza beat him to it.

"Don't worry Kakashi, we're not here to fight."

"Oh really, then why would you show up here." replied Kakashi

"Simply honouring my end of a deal." stated Zabuza like it was simple.

"What deal?" Said Kakashi as he narrowed his eye.

"Your other genin made me a deal I couldn't refuse, he's gonna pay me, then fix my arm, then I am getting out of this shit hole." continued Zabuza.

"Great so the cripple demon doesn't want to fight and decides to betray me. Doesn't matter anyway. I was going to kill you when you were finished." came the voice of Gato from the end of the bridge. When Zabuza heard this he flared his chakra causing the mist to clear completely.

There was Gato standing behind about 50 thugs.

"It hurts that you think so little of me that you only brought 50 retards." yelled out Zabuza

"Most of men are preparing to crush this idiotic little town, in about 5 minutes my men will destroy everything here." Gato replied.

Zabuza just smirked before charging forward, even with one arm he could still swing Kubikiribocho with little difficulty. Kakashi rushed to keep up, an unofficial competition starting between the two.

For two A ranked ninja, 50 thugs was nothing but a warm up. They were both even needing a tie breaker, Gato proved to be the perfect target. As they reached Gato it appeared he had soiled himself. As the two raised their weapons, Zabuza had Kubikiribocho and Kakashi had a kunai. They were about to swing down but a beam of black and red energy surged past them and hit Gato in the forehead, causing to explode in a rather disgusting mess.

When the ninja on the bridge turned around they saw Naruto standing there with one hand outstretched, smoke in the air around his palm. Behind Naruto were all the civilians of the town, they were holding ropes, the ropes were tied to a large group of Gato's thugs.

"What took you so long gaki. This arm is annoying" called out Zabuza, not even phased about the mess that was once Gato, the same couldn't be said about Sasuke and Sakura though, both were puking over the side of the bridge.

Naruto didn't bat an eyelash at any of his teammates, he just walked over to Zabuza and pulled a sealing scroll out of his cloak.

"This should more than cover what Gato promised you. Now let me fix that arm." said Naruto, before Kakashi could stop him he walked over to Zabuza and touched his shoulder before absorbing a red chakra.

"That should do it and as for what took me so long." Naruto continued.


Naruto waited for his "team" to leave before he jumped out of the bed and threw on his new gear. He was about to head out when he heard a scream from downstairs.

"Tsunami." Naruto realised. He quickly ran down the stairs to see Tsunami being held by a samurai looking thug, and another one above Inari, with his sword raised about to slice Inari in half. As he swung his sword forward Naruto darted in front of him. The thug just smirked thinking he had killed him. He was shocked to see Naruto holding his hand out, his fingers ending in claws.

The thug's sword suddenly fell apart, Naruto had slashed clean through the blade. His confidence faltered, if the boy could cut through his sword with ease, what could he do to flesh. He found out when Naruto's claws passed clean through his jugular.

As he dropped to the ground, blood pouring out of his throat. In the blink of an eye he was across the room, he punched the other thug in the nose, knocking him out the door leaving a trail of blood on the floor.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" exclaimed Naruto, as a clone appeared. The clone stayed with Tsunami and Inari while the original ran outside to finish the job.

"Tsunami, Inari we are going to go into town and round everyone up. Grab any weapons you can and we'll head out." said the clone.

-Outside with Naruto-

Naruto was wiping the blood off his claws when he saw his clone taking Tsunami and Inari into town. He smirked before channelling Kyuubi's yokai into his legs and speeding off to Gato's mansion. When he arrived he saw that less thugs were patrolling the fence meaning the rest were in the central courtyard preparing for the attack. Naruto had infiltrated the mansion earlier in the week setting traps and looking over Gato's plans so he knew what the thugs were doing at the moment.

He smirked before forming the ram sign and triggered the traps set at key locations around the compound trapping the thugs patrolling the fence.

'Hey Kyuubi can you tell me if there are any chakra signatures anywhere other than the courtyard.' thought Naruto.

"There are about 3 weak signatures in Gato's office. Other than that they are all in the courtyard" replied Kyuubi.

'Thanks' and with that Naruto sped off and jumped onto the mansions roof. He looked down at the gathered thugs before smirking.

"Jinchuriki art: Bijuu Barrier" as the tattoo on his left arm faded out a red barrier surrounded the thugs in the courtyard. At first they were shocked before regaining their courage. About half of the 150 assembled thugs rushed the barrier thinking they could break it. They were shocked when they passed right through like it wasn't there. They simply smirked before their smirks changed into looks of horror as their skin started to burn and peel off. Smoke and screams filled the air. They continued to burn even when the skin was all gone leaving nothing behind except sickening puddles of goo.

The remaining thugs were wise enough to surrender. Naruto just made enough shadow clones to outnumber them 3 to 1. The clones proceeded to walk through the barrier with no adverse affects, in fact they seemed to get a power boost from the yokai. They walked forward and started to tie up the thugs, when the last one was tied up the barrier dropped. Naruto walked into the mansion, leaving his clones to guard the thugs until the villagers arrived.

As soon as he entered the building he raced towards Gato's office. Inside he found the 3 people that Kyuubi had mentioned. They were all wearing matching outfits. Grey camouflage pants and dark blue shirts with mesh underneath. They were so similar that they could've been triplets, all about 6" in height with brown eyes and messy black hair. They also had slashed out headbands indicating they were once from Takigakure. Without revealing his presence he started to psyche them out,

"Judging by your chakra signatures you couldn't have be anything higher than genin when you left your village. What didn't like your sensei. You should've stayed in your village, now I will kill you all without breaking a sweat."

Each of them had a different reaction, one looked like he would soil himself, one was slightly worried and the last was just cocky.

"You think you can intimidate us, we are the famous tripwire triplets, renowned in Taki as the best trapping genin team the village has ever seen." the last one pronounced cockily. This just confused Naruto as they obviously hadn't placed any traps, or even tried to apparently, they didn't even have any weapons with them. Naruto decided to put the coward out of his misery first, quickly darting into the room and snapping his neck before taking a step back.

The other two hadn't even seen him enter the room, they had only heard a crack and looked over to see their brother drop down dead. The one who had been worried was now shaking like a leaf. But the cocky one was now shaking with rage. They both spun to see Naruto simply checking his nails which were slowly getting longer and sharper. The scared one suddenly straightened up like he wasn't in control anymore.

Thin wires were connected to him controlling his movements like a puppet.

"Brother what are you doing." cried the poor man.

"Don't worry I'm a very good puppeteer." said the cocky one in a rage filled voice.

Naruto looked on in disgust, using his own brother as a weapon. He decided that maybe he deserved a bit of mercy, and by mercy he meant a quick death. Naruto shot forward and in one sweep of his claws killed the man and severed the wires.

"There is one thing my sensei actually taught me, do you know what that was. Teamwork. Those who break the rules are scum but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum." Said Naruto before he continued, "That makes you even worse, using your own brother as a weapon." Naruto then charged forward placing a yokai powered punch to the man's throat. Yokai leaking into the man's chakra network, slowly burning him from the inside out.

Naruto was angry, wait scrap that he was furious. He had never had a family but if he had he wouldn't use them as a weapon. As these thoughts were going through his head a 3rd tattoo appeared on his right arm. The same fox tail as the other two but directly opposite on his arm spiralling around.

"Good work kit, you gained control of the third tail, but you should probably calm down before you lose control." called the Kyuubi.

Naruto calmed causing his tattoos to return to full colour. Seeing the 3rd tattoo on his arm he smirked. He walked over to the wall of the office and grabbed a small hidden handle and tugged, making the entire wall swing out, revealing a large safe door.

"Hmm chakra proof, like the Hokage vault. Shame chakra proof doesn't mean yokai proof. Let's see if I mastered this jutsu." Said Naruto. He held out one of his hands palm up. Little black and white balls of energy started being sucked into a ball above his palm. They continued to form the ball until it was about the size of a bowling ball. When it was done he placed his other hand over the top and pressed down, causing the ball to compress down to the size of a golf ball. When it was small enough he clapped his hands together causing the ball to disappear. He pointed his palms towards the vault door before calling out,

"Jinchuriki art: Bijuu Blast!" and with that black and red energy shot out of his palms causing the door to heat up and melt. After a few seconds the door was nothing but a puddle.

"Hmm the right hand discharged faster than the left, I should get rid of the rest of the yokai soon before it blows my arm off." Said Naruto.

"What the hell are you!" cried the last triplet as his life was slipping away because of the yokai burning away his chakra coils.

"huh, oh you're talking to me. I'm your worst nightmare, the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune." said Naruto with barely repressed bloodlust in his voice. The last thing the missing nin saw was Naruto grinning with his fang like canines poking out.

Once the man was dead Naruto walked into the vault and started sealing things into scrolls. Haku and Zabuza had supplied him with the scrolls. Once everything was sealed up he split the scroll into categories, one pile for the villagers, a smaller pile for Zabuza and Haku, and the rest for Team 7 and Konoha as extra payment for the mission, seeing as it would be bumped up to at least A.

Naruto then distributed the scrolls for the village to the villagers and put Zabuza's scrolls into a slightly larger scroll before placing it in a pocket in his coat. The ones for Team 7 and the Hokage he placed into the various pockets on his pants.

Once this was done Naruto and the villagers marched Gato's thugs to the bridge.

-Flashback End-

"And that pretty much sums it up." finished Naruto.

"Well Gaki, with this much money we can return to Kiri and help out the rebellion. If you ever need help from us don't hesitate to call." said Zabuza as he shook Naruto's hand before he and Haku raced off to collect their belongings and leave Nami.

Naruto looked down to see a scroll in his pocket. He pulled it out and gave it a quick once over before smirking and thanking Zabuza in his head. He placed the scroll in his pocket before his team could see it before walking over to them.

By this point Sakura and Sasuke had stopped puking over the side but they were both a little green.

"Hatake, you should probably take those two back to Tazuna's house while I clean up here." said Naruto in a voice that showed his disgust for his teammates. Kakashi just nodded before grabbing them both and walking off.

That afternoon Naruto and a legion of clones helped Tazuna clean the blood and other such fluids off the bridge.

-One week later-

Team 7 were walking across the completed bridge, the cheers of the villagers could still be heard. Naruto using the Kyuubi's chakra had heard them dub the bridge as "The Great Naruto Bridge" causing him to smirk the whole trip back.

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