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Author note/ Brief summary: Set in the fifth year. He fell for her since he saw her at the Yule Ball, but Draco knew Hermione will never be his. Ginny knew it will be difficult for the boy-who-lived to love her back, but she is determined. Neville is willing to do anything for Luna. Fate turns, and Draco joins the DA, Harry's love and life is at stake. Harry leads the DA in a magnificent manner, watch how they overthrow Umbridge and the warning war that looms at the year end.

Pairing's: Well just to be a bit clear, it goes like this:

Draco / Hermione (I know many of you don't like this, but I think you should give this pair a chance in this story)

Harry / Ginny

Neville / Luna

Ron / Lavender

Disclaimer: Well, I don't own Harry Potter, and I'm not happy about it. Haha!

Chapter 1: End of another summer.

A rather pale looking boy with perpetually untidy black hair stood looking out of the window into the dark, starless night. He was small and skinny for his age, or in Mrs Weasley's words, 'malnourished.' He had a thin face and knobby knees with round spectacles around his striking green eyes. He stood leaning against the thin frame of the window ignoring the noises and laughter coming from the dinner table behind him. It was the last day of the summer vacation and they were celebrating with a rather large feast with the entire Weasley clan and a few trustworthy aurors. A sad sigh escaped him but he did not move. He stood transfixed, determined not to look anywhere but outside. He was not sure if he could turn around and meet Sirius eyes.

Harry spent the entire dinner staring fixedly on his dinner plate. He did not make any attempts to start a conversation with anybody, he spoke little and talked only when someone else talked or asked him anything. He had to force himself not to look to his right where Sirius sat talking animatedly with Remus and Kingsley. He was not sure if could look at him without tears welling up in his beautiful green eyes. Harry was not an emotional person, but he never really had anyone in his life that genuinely cared about him before, not at least in a paternal way. And now that it was time for him to go back to Hogwarts again, he found it difficult to part with him; just the fear of losing him again sent shivers down his spine. When he was sure he couldn't get another piece of mince cake down his throat without getting everything out, he stood up and walked towards the window with anyone hardly noticing him.

He was not sure how long he stood there but his left leg felt a bit sore as he stood with this entire weight, weighing down on it. The appearance of a tall yet skinny shadow on the window brought him back from his reverie. He stood up straight, balancing his body weight equally of his legs. The laughter had quietened down to a low murmur with the occasional screeching sound of Pig. He turned slowly to his left and stopped mid-way when he realised who the reflection belonged to. His eyes darted back to the starless sky above.

"In a mood Harry?" he heard Sirius as he made his way to him. He could feel his light footsteps on the floor. Harry closed his eyes, momentarily savouring his godfather's voice. He shook his head, giving him a nonverbal no.

"You did not eat much." He was not a person with huge appetite. But he knew he ate even less than what he was usually fed at the Durselys.

"I wasn't hungry." That was true. Harry had particularly lost his appetite since the afternoon before when Ron had mentioned how much they were going to miss Sirius and his jokes. It was then that he realised how close the time was for his departure. Harry knew he took time for granted but then he regretted it too. He thought of thousands of thoughts, talks and memories that he wanted to share with him. But then, it was not possible now.

"You look worried." Sirius took a step towards Harry and his eyes flew open when he sensed his godfather moving towards him.

"I'm fine, really." He tried to convince, but he knew Sirius heard the crack in his voice.

He felt his godfather's hands stretching forward and before he could protest they were on either side of his shoulders. Sirius's fingers held Harry's shoulders firmly and turned him around to face him.

Harry's eyes shot up and met his godfather's eyes. They were hollow and empty. If his eyes hadn't been shining he might have been a corpse. That's what 12 years in Azkaban did to him, stole the twining of his eyes and the handsome smile which he rarely gave.

"Harry…" Harry did not let him finish. He suddenly felt the need to explain his behaviour.

"'s just…I…I…that…" he stammered. He found it difficult to form a coherent sentence. He found no words that he could put in a sentence that would reflect what he wanted to say.

"I'll miss you too." Harry looked a bit startled. He didn't knew that even in his stammering his godfather and caught what he wanted but couldn't say. Words choked in Harry's throat and the rarest of Sirius's smile lit his face. Harry buried his face in his godfather's neck and a single tear ran down his cheek leaving a wet trail behind.

Sirius patted Harry's back in an affectionate way and held him tightly. Sirius knew how much Harry was affected, he was too. There was a part of him which wanted Harry to stop him from going to Hogwarts but he knew just how much dangerous that would be. Apparently, there was no place as safe as Hogwarts was, at least for him. It was better if Harry stayed close to Dumbledore.

His fingers grazed Harry's hair one last time and he took him by his shoulder again. Sirius looked down at his godson's petite figure and guilt washed over him. But he knew better than to control himself, it was not the time for blame and guilt. He forced a smile on his face and saw Harry returning it with a small twinkle in his eyes.

"Just be safe okay? And trust Dumbledore. You're in safe hands." He whispered convincing more to himself than Harry. Sirius was as scared for Harry's life as a child in a thunderstorm. But this time there was no child, just a helpless godfather fearing for his son's life.

Harry saw it all, the pain and grief that haunted the daylights out of his godfather. He knew he was scared for his life and between all these emotions he felt a small seed of happiness grow in his heart as he realised that someone else apart from him was scared for his life.

He squeezed Sirius's hand in response, as he suddenly realized he couldn't rust his voice anymore.

"Are you done? Both of you?" Mrs Weasley called out from the table.

She was looking at the silent conversation for a long time. And when she saw the unknown tears well up in Harry's eyes she knew she had to jump in then.

"You have to get some rest dear, you have to go tomorrow." She said as she made her way where the two of them stood.

"Yeah of course. You should go and sleep. Good night Harry." He said and kissed Harry's forehead lightly, in a fatherly manner.

Harry was far too lost to reply anything. He nodded mutely and murmured his good nights and hastily left the room knowing his legs weren't going to support him for long.

Ron was already fast asleep when Harry tiptoed in their bedroom. He didn't bother changing his clothes and slept fully dressed waiting for the sun to rise which was going to bring a new beginning.


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