Facebook Waterloo Road style.

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Bolton Smiley

Paul Langley

Alesha Dillon

Danielle Harker

Sambuca Kelly

Denzil Kelly

Josh Stevenson

Mika Grainger

Chlo Charles

Donte Charles

Kim Campbell

Chris Mead

Tom Clarkson

Davina Shackleton

Janeece Bryon

Maxine Barlow

Nicki Boston

Rachel Fleet

Adam Fleet

Steph Haydock

Mikayla White

Matt Widing

Lauren Andrews

Chapter one

Bolton had just another session of his radio show and thought he'd log onto Facebook to see what was happening.

Bolton Smiley wrote on his wall

"Wouldn't it be well mint if Miss Mason got a FB, init? Lol." He typed, as he thought fondly of the woman who had turned his life around and wondering what she was doing at this very moment.

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Danielle Harker replied to Bolton Smiley's wall post -

"Yeah B and pigs fly. Lol." She typed, being the rather stuck up person she was.

Bolton Smiley replied to the comment Danielle Harker left on his wall

" Shut up, Dan. I was only sayin' and you never know, init." He typed, shaking his head at how immature Danielle could be.

Danielle Harker replied to Bolton Smiley's reply

" Get your head out of the clouds mate, she's too stuck up! Lol." She typed back, rather full of herself.

Bolton Smiley replied to Danielle Harker's reply.

"I said shut up, Dan. Your taking it too far. There's no need for that man. Mason's alright." He typed back, getting a little annoyed at his friend as he remembered Rachel Mason had helped her out of a few sticky situations herself.

Alesha was sat beside Danielle and thought she'd get her two cents worth in.

Alesha Dillon replied to Bolton Smiley's post

"Why are you getting hot and bothered for B? :L." She typed, when her laptop finally booted up and she had logged to her FB page.

Bolton Smiley replied to her post

"She helped me out init."

He typed back before having enough of the two drama queens and logging off FB and shutting laptop, putting it on the side before going to get something to eat.

Kim Campbell post on her wall.

"Spending the night cuddled up on the sofa with my man Chris Mead and my baby boy! Mwah xx."

She typed before putting her phone back down on the coffee table.

A couple of seconds later her phone bleeped, showing her that.

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Sambuca Kelly updated a new photo. Tagged Lauren Andrews.

"crackin' night out!." She typed beside the picture she uploaded as she lay in bed.

Janeece Bryon wrote on her wall

" I know y'all don't hehehe :)xx." She typed, as she sat on Maxine's bed after having a girlie"s night in.

Maxine Barlow replied to Janeece Bryon's post.

" Janeece you were told to keep sh doom!

She typed, rather annoyed at Janeece and her big mouth.

Janeece Bryon replied to Maxine Barlow's reply

" I didn't tell anyone :P." She typed back.

Danielle Harker replied to Janeece Bryon's post.

"What do you know?xx". She typed, curious as to know what was going on.

Janeece Bryon replied to Danielle Harker's reply

" I can't say! :(". Janeece typed back.

Danielle Harker replied to Janeece Bryon's reply

"Why?x". She typed back her reply.

Janeece Bryon replied to Danielle Harker's reply

"I'm not allowed." She typed back.

Maxine Barlow replied to Janeece Bryon's post

" That's right so keep it shut!

And stop being such a baby!" She typed.

Janeece Bryon replied to Maxine Barlow's reply on her post

" Alright, alright keep ya knickers on. Max! Xx". She typed back, before putting her phone down.

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