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Chapter Four

Kim was in the centre of Manchester in yet another bridal shop looking at what felt the 100th gown.

Taking her phone out of her pocket, she logged onto her FB.

Kim Campbell posted on her wall.

"Organising a wedding is so bloody stressful!" She typed before putting her phone back in her pocket.

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Rachel fleet replied to Kin Campbell's post.

"That's why I kept mine simple :)." She quickly typed as she was teaching a class of year 7's.

Kim. Campbell replied to Rachel fleet's reply.

"It is simple!" She typed when she heard her phone bleep.

Josh Stevenson posted on his wall.

"Night out with the lads!" He wrote.

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Tom Clarkson replied to Josh stevenson's post.

"Have a good son and don't do anything I wouldn't lol." He wrote.

Josh Stevenson replied to Tom Clarkson's reply.

"I'm only going out so you and Mrs Boston can have the house to yourselves lol." He wrote.

Tom Clarkson replied to Josh Stevenson's reply.

"You cheeky sod lol." He wrote.

Josh Stevenson replied to Tom Clarkson's reply.

"Just telling it like it is, old man. Lol." He wrote back.

Tom Clarkson replied to Josh Stevenson's reply.

"Oi, who are you calling old? Anyway have a good time son and I'll see you later." He wrote.

Josh Stevenson replied to Tom Clarkson's reply.

"Thanks dad and I will." He wrote.

Rachel Fleet posted on her wall.

"Keeping a lid on something is sooooo hard!" She wrote.

Janeece Bryon replied to Rachel Fleet's post.

"O aye? Lol." She wrote.

Rachel ignored her knowing that if she started typing she wouldn't be able to stop.

Chlo Charles posted on her wall.

"Would like to wish our beautiful daughter Izzie a very happy 3rd birthday!" She wrote.

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Adam Fleet posed on his wall.

"Rach's grand opening tonight! With my beautiful wife Rachel Fleet" He wrote.

Steph Haydock replied to Adam Fleet's posted.

"Rach's?" She wrote.

Adam Fleet replied to Steph Haydock's reply.

"My new restaurant Steph" he wrote.

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