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Fifteen years had passed, fifteen years of peace. Naruto was now Emperor Consort and without a doubt the most envied man in the world, along with a successful author of action literature. Right now, he was looking at his wives and children from the exterior walkway of their inner garden.

With Hinata, he had Hikari and Genji, both wielding the Byakugan. Hikari, 9 years old, was like a mini Hinata with blond hair and her father's bubbly behaviour, but happily she had inherited her mother's smarts. Genji on the other hand was a 7 years old, blue-haired version of Naruto even though some of his Hyuga heritage was showing, calm and highly intelligent, and with an unhealthy love for pranks.

With Fu, he had three children. The first-born, elder of the five, was Asaki, the 10 years old boy having inherited both of his parent's enthusiasm and joy, making him a very lively kid and an excellent brother, always ready to help his younger siblings. He had blond straight hair and his mother's orange eyes, his face looked almost like a carbon copy of his father's when he was a child. Next were his twins, Hiroo and Keiko, both 6. Hiroo was a happy child whose face was a mix of his parents, with Fuu's tan skin and hair colour, but his father's unruly hair. His eyes came from his mother, but his smile was definitely Uzumaki. Keiko looked a lot like her brother, the main difference being that her eyes were blue. Other than that, she was slightly calmer than Hiroo, but not by much. She also was more responsible, somewhat. Well, if you can call a 6 years old responsible.

Right now, the five were running around, laughing and playing. Quite a peaceful day. They had yet to make a prank. Naruto looked fondly at his family, something he had desired all his life, even though he never imagined it would come to him in such a fashion.

The world was at peace too, he had managed to keep his place as a reliable mediator and had managed to bring peace to the elemental nations. After that, it didn't take long for them to request integration into the Empire. Now, the whole continent was unified and at peace. However, they couldn't afford to be completely at peace, the nations from overseas weren't as peaceful, and tales of wars reached them through the merchants. For now, they seemed content fighting among themselves, each continent being an arena, but no one knew when they would turn to others for conquest or when their wars would spill on them. So, they kept a strong military structure. Besides, it helped dealing with bandits.

The knowledge of his ability of using chakra had spread and, despite his fears, it hadn't caused any problems. Well, there was that one incident when he was helping Gaara negotiate with that Terumi fellow from Kiri … After that, he had learned never to leave shadow clones at the mercy of his girls when he was negotiating. It could be way too embarrassing.

Pulling himself out of his musing, Naruto stepped into the garden, quickly drawing the attention of the whole family. His children ran to him, screaming in joy at the sight of their daddy. They all began talking at the same time, babbling about their day, causing Naruto to erupt into laughter.

"Hey, hey, not at the same time now, I can't understand! Come on; let's go see your mommies, alright?"

Of course, the children all agreed happily, running back to their mothers, the younger racing with each other to know who would get to be hugged first. Naruto shook his head, an amused smile on his lips. While Fu distracted the children, Hinata sent a curious glance toward Naruto, it wasn't exactly like him to miss an occasion to hug his numerous children. Smiling softly, the blond tapped the side of his head, prompting her to activate her byakugan. Upon spotting the people Naruto had sensed, a knowing smile made it's way to her face. Naruto joined his wives and children in the shade of a Sakura tree, sitting happily among his family. Genji, being the first to reach his lap gained the privilege of being the first to talk about his day, mostly complaining about the boring stuff he had to learn.

The family's attention was suddenly drawn to the entrance of the garden, as one five years old Emiko Hyuga-Sarutobi came in running and calling out her cousins. Almost in an instant, the five Uzumaki kids were around their cousin, hugging her and talking excitedly with her. Soon after Emiko, her parents followed, and the imperial … err … triple? Went to greet them.

"We weren't expecting you until tomorrow, what happened? Left earlier?" Asked Naruto.

"No, it's just that Emiko was being impossible, she was always asking that we go faster. She's quite eager to see you guys." Answered Konohamaru, smiling broadly. They then looked at their wives, the three of them engrossed in a heated discussion punctuated by evil chuckles and sinister smiles.

"Here they go again."

"Last time they had this kind of discussion, Homura had a heart attack. What did they do this time?"

"Koharu tried to push the new daymio to declare our independence. It didn't go well, but Hanabi-chan wants to make her pay, something about undermining the Hokage's authority."

"I guess that's one more retirement for medical reasons then."


"Well, I won't complain, these two old geezers really need to learn when to let go."

The afternoon was spent watching the six children playing around the garden, laughing at each other's stories, big or small. Looking at the setting sun, with the children soundly asleep in their parents' arms, Naruto felt at peace.

'Yup, the beginning was shitty as hell, but the ending sure is good. One fine fairy tale.'

"You are to surrender your petty kingdom to our Lord; should you refuse, you will meet your demise. You will abandon your sinful customs and your devilish sorcery. Bow! For the gods walk at our side!"

Hinata looked in disdain at the fool that dared talk to her in such a manner. He was dressed in a long black robe, with white shoulder pads bearing the crest of some kingdom or church from overseas. He and his followers had arrived a few days earlier, demanding an audience. And now here they were, giving her orders. She got up from her throne, walking calmly toward them.

"Many before you tried to subdue me. They wanted my wealth, my power, my body. You are no different. Like them all, you will fail." Turning a lazy eye to one of the acolytes, she created a crimson sword of natural energy, causing the superstitious outlanders to look at her in fear and hatred. "Bring this message to your sovereign; the Empire of the Sixth Path will not bow, and if he dares to attack, he will be crushed. Tell him exactly my words as you uncover your leader's head."

"You can't do that! D-diplomatic immunity …" Babbled the man, suddenly very afraid. He was interrupted by Hinata's laugh.

"I am a kunoichi, I killed thousands. One little priest won't change a thing. As for diplomatic immunity, you forgot one thing …" Moving as lightning, she removed the man's head from his shoulders.

"I am an Empress. And my word ... Is law."

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