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A/N: Okay, so, I was pondering my OTHER Loki story when this idea kinda hit me like lightning. In Avengers, Rogers asks Stark if Coulson was married and of course Stark answers no, because he wasn't; but the idea came to me that it didn't mean that Phil didn't have family and so Abigail Larsen was born in my mind. The story has kind of spiralled out of control from there. Portions of Loki's punishment are actually taken from Norse myth and the other is just well, something I thought would make sense. This story is rated M for a reason there are adult themes and talk of things that may be hard to read because I know they were hard as hell to write.


I walked into the room to hear everyone arguing; most of the "Avengers" didn't think it was right to hand over the Tesseract and Loki to the Asgardians, but I knew there was no way that our jails could hold him. Fury looked like he was ready to kill someone.

"ENOUGH!" he hollered and everyone shut up, "The decision has been made, Thor will take Loki and the Tesseract back to Asgard, there's no use arguing about it."

"Sir?" I questioned and everyone looked over at me.

"Yes Agent Larsen?"

I was trembling, I was scared he'd say no, "Sir, I'd like to request permission to accompany Thor to Asgard, to oversee the punishment of the war criminal and murderer Loki." My voice shook a little on the word murderer.

"Agent Larsen, that very well could be a one-way trip; you go to Asgard, there might not be a way to bring you back."

"Please Sir," I took a deep breath and felt a tear run down my cheek, "I owe it to Phi—my father."

Everyone in the room froze at my words, only Fury had known but the cat was out of the bag now.

"Father?" Stark looked confused, "Did you just say father? I thought Coulson wasn't married."

"He wasn't." I took a deep breath, "it was a long time ago and families are complicated, you should know that Stark."

"Very true, carry on."

Fury was looking at me, his good eye pained. "Thor, do you think the Tesseract would have enough power to transport all three of you?"

"Certainly." He looked from the director to me, "But Abigail, I must warn you, Asgardian justice may not be what you're familiar with here on Earth."

"I don't care." I squared my shoulder, "That man killed my father; I want to know he pays for what he did."

"Very well." Thor nodded, "I will take her to Asgard and along with the All-Father we will find a way to send her back to you once Loki's punishment is complete."


A couple days later we were in a fairly open area of Central Park, getting ready to leave for Asgard. I had a rucksack on my back and I wore black jeans, a black shirt, black leather jacket and my combat boots; I was mourning my father, but I wanted to be functional as well. Thor had fashioned a set of Asgardian restraints and he led the cuffed and gagged god of mischief to where the rest of the Avengers had assembled. I stood next to Rogers, who still wasn't one hundred percent happy that I was going with them. I watched Dr. Selvig bring the Tesseract out of its container and place it in the tube that would allow us to travel to Asgard.

I said good bye to my friends, knowing that I might not be seeing them for a while and then walked to stand beside Thor.

"You are sure about this?" he asked, taking the Tesseract from the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent that had been holding it.


"Very well."

Thor lifted the container and Loki looked like he was sulking as he took hold of the other end. I wrapped my hand around Thor's and together we turned the mechanism and I heard a click and then my vision went blue. Faster than seemed possible we were standing on what looked like it had once been a bridge or walkway, it was shattered on the end and a large man with dark skin and orange eyes stared at us.

"Welcome to Asgard." He said, looking to me. "Thor, your father waits for you in the hall."

"Thank you Heimdall." He grabbed Loki's arm and placed himself between myself and his brother.

The walk was long, but it gave me time to think and to take in the splendor of Asgard. The city looked like it was made of gold and gleamed in the light of a sun that seemed a bit closer than Earth's but did not make the realm any hotter for it. When we entered the hall I nearly fell over. There were thousands of people there; many began to murmur angrily and with confusion when we entered. As we walked up the aisle I saw the massive dais and tried to take in everything. Three men stood the right and they did not look happy. Two women stood on the other side and it clicked that the dark haired woman must be Sif, so the men were the "Warriors Three" who had assisted Thor during the New Mexico incident. The other woman was older, but extremely regal and it dawned on me that I was looking at Frigga, Thor and Loki's mother. This left only one person, as we reached the bottom of the stairs I saw Odin Allfather for the first time and was overcome. He was older, he looked old enough to be my grandfather, but the power he radiated was intimidating. Thor dropped respectfully to his knees, pulling Loki down with him and I followed suit, keeping my eyes on the floor.

"Rise." Odin's voice was soft, but easily heard in the large room. "Thor, I am pleased that you have returned and that you bring your brother with you. I am confused however as to whom this woman is."

"Father, this is Agent Abigail Larsen; she is of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a great warrior. She is one of many that helped fight the Chitauri and save Earth." Thor introduced me and I found myself bowing to Odin in respect of his position.

"And why are you here Abigail Larsen?" Odin addressed me and I forced myself to meet his blue eye.

"Loki murdered my father during his quest to conquer Earth, the realm you call Midgard, I want to witness his punishment." I said my voice clear and steadier than I thought it would be.

"And Thor has explained that Asgardian justice may be different than you are used to?" Odin watched me with great interest.

"Yes All-Father, Thor made me aware of that." I took a deep breath, "On Midgard, when someone has been murdered, the victim's family is allowed to be present during the trial and sometimes, during the punishment; I know your system might be different, but I respectfully request to bear witness to the punishment or sentencing of my father's killer."

Thor placed his hand on my shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

"You are well spoken and respectful." Odin nodded, "I will grant your request, provided you swear not to interfere with the punishment."

"I so swear." I said and Odin nodded.

He looked at Thor, "is there a witness to prove that Loki is indeed responsible for her father's death?"

"Yes Father," Thor's expression was pained, "I was there when Loki stabbed Phil Coulson, I have no doubt that he died of his injuries."

"He did." A single tear trailed down my cheek, "Director Fury and I found him; he died in front of us."

"So heard." Odin sighed, he seemed pained by what he had to do, "Loki Odinson, you have attempted to conquer a peaceful realm, one under the protection of both your brother and your king; you caused the deaths of many innocent people and directly killed at least one person." Odin's voice was tight with emotion, "You are sentenced to one hundred lashes," I saw Frigga gasp and her eyes flutter closed, "AND because your silver tongue has helped you in your schemes, your mouth will be sewn shut."

I nearly vomited when I heard that, "With respect All-Father, I have a question."

"Certainly, you are not aware of our punishments; I will allow your question."

"How long?" I asked, "How long will his mouth remain sewn shut?"

Odin seemed impressed by my question, "that my dear, is up to you."

I would have fallen to my knees had Thor not caught my arm. "Pa—pardon me All-Father?"

"The length of punishment, for certain crimes, is determined by the family of the victim." Odin watched me as I realized what I had gotten myself into.

"May I ask another question?"

Odin nodded.

"How will he eat?"

"He will not." Odin answered, "Nor will he drink until his punishment is complete."

The full weight of what I had to do settled on to my shoulders and I nearly fell again. I looked around Thor, Loki was looking at the floor of the room, but I could see fear in his eyes. He slowly turned his face to look at me and the full force of his emotions hit me; which was the main problem with being an empath. Loki was terrified I would leave him so long that he would either die or never be able to recover from his punishment.

I turned to Thor, "How long can an Asgardian to without food or water?" I asked, "I know you're really long lived but it's obvious you have to eat."

Thor nodded, "I believe, around three weeks." He whispered, "However, Loki is at least half Jotun, I don't know if that would affect how long he could survive."

I nodded, remembering the myths my mother and grandmother used to read me. I turned to face Odin again.

"All-Father, I have made my decision." I said.

"Very well." Odin was looking grim as I forced myself to stay strong.

"I want justice for my father, but I know he would not wish me to become a killer myself, therefore, I request that Loki's punishment be no longer than two and a half weeks."

There was some murmuring through the hall as my request made its way from person to person. The Warriors Three and Sif seemed shocked and a bit angry but there was something akin to gratitude in Frigga's eyes. I nodded shallowly to the queen and she gave me a wan smile.

"So be it." Odin banged his staff on the floor and the boom silenced the room, "Guards, take Loki to the courtyard and prepare him for the first part of his punishment."