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I trembled a bit as I approached the Allfather; I knelt before him and waited for him to speak. The seconds seemed to take forever to tick.

"Rise Abigail." He said and I tried not to wrinkle my nose at the use of my formal name. "You requested an official audience, why?"

I kept my eyes on the floor, "Because Allfather, I wish to make a formal request and did not feel it would appropriate to ask in an informal setting."

"Look at me my child." His voice was friendly.

I raised my eyes and the King of Asgard was smiling, which I was hoping was a good sign.

"What do you wish to ask of me?"

"I wish to formally ask for asylum." I said, "I have decided to resign from S.H.I.E.L.D. However, I know they will not "release" an "asset" such as myself easily and I want to know I will have a safe haven should I need it." I took a deep breath, "I don't want to leave Allfather, I will outlive all of my friends and colleagues my many years and I wish to be with those I have come to care deeply for."

Odin nodded at me, I could see him thinking over what I had said.

"You ask for a great deal Abigail Larsen, it is right that you ask in such a formal setting." He sighed, "I will need time to think on what you have asked. I do not want to disturb the peace between our realms, however, you are as kin to me and that must stand for something. Give me a fortnight and you shall have your answer."

I bowed deeply, "Thank you Allfather."

"Now, come closer and speak to me of my son."

I walked up the stairs and he motioned to a pillow by the throne. I sat and laid my head against his knee like I used when I would sit with my grandmother.

"He is well Odin." I slipped back into the more informal speech he allowed me. "He did have a small setback the other day, but he is recovered and getting stronger each day."

"I am glad to hear this." Odin sounded relieved, "Speak not of this to others, but that punishment was nearly as hard for me to endure as it was Loki."

"You have my confidence grandfather." I whispered and felt him stroke my hair.

"You have been so good for my family Abigail, each of us has found great comfort in your presence here. My wife tells me that Loki has never seemed to so calm." Odin seemed happy about this, "I wish I were able to see him, we have much to discuss."

"I understand." I smiled, feeling so at home in Odin's company, "The acceptance of your family and your people has helped me greatly as well."

"I know." He patted my head and I could tell he was smiling. "I am sure Loki is curious about our talk and lunch will be served soon."

"Ah, yes, I missed lunch other day, I probably shouldn't make a habit of that." I chuckled, "With your leave grandfather, I will return to Loki."

"It is given my dear." I stood and smiled at Odin, he shook my hand and I left the throne room.


Loki was shirtless and sitting in the living room when I returned and for a moment my feet refused to move. He looked incredible. He was sitting with his head turned towards the window and it was clear he was in deep thought. I closed the door softly and it drew his attention. He smiled at me and held out his hand, as he often did when he wanted me close. I walked closer and took his hand, but didn't allow him to draw me into his lap.

"Loki, we need to talk." I sighed, "I had an important conversation with your father today and well, you deserve to know what it was because it will affect you as much as it will affect me."

I could see the fear in his eyes a moment before he hid it with confusion and a bit of pain. "I understand."

"No, I don't think you do my love." I drew him to his feet and over to the couch. "I requested formal audience with Odin a few days ago." I stood and walked to the desk where my letter of resignation was sitting and walked back, "He saw me this morning as you know."

"I do." He looked worried, "Abby, is everything okay?"

"I hope so Loki." I sighed, "I asked your father for formal asylum today."

The look of shock and the overwhelming feeling of confusion nearly knocked me off my feet as I sat back down on the couch next to Loki. I handed him the letter and let him read it. His confusion grew as he read the letter and I saw his face reflect his soul deep confusion.

"You are…resigning from S.H.I.E.L.D." It was half a statement and half a question, "Why?"

"Because, I don't belong there anymore." I kept my voice soft, watching his face, "I hope…that I belong here."

Loki's face turned to mine, "Why would you not my love?" he set the letter down and took my hand, "I would have you by my side for as long as you wish to be here."

I tightened my grip on his hand, "Odin has asked me to give him a fortnight to come to a decision, he regards me as kin, but does not wish to cause problems between our realms." I hung my head a bit, "I know that S.H.I.E.L.D. will not want to let me go lightly, my gifts are rare and not many with them would work for S.H.I.E.L.D."

"Why would Odin regard you as kin?" the confusion was back in his face.

"Because, he knew a kinswoman of mine long ago." I sighed, "She was a great warrior, much like Sif."

"During the Frost Giant wars?" Loki asked and I knew this time was painful for him to talk about.

"Yes my love." I held his hand and looked into his eyes, "She was not afraid of them, nor was she scared to fight with your father and the Asgardians against them. She nearly died, many times, but her bravery so impressed Odin that when the Giants had been defeated he returned to Midgard."

"And bestowed upon this warrior the gifts of knowledge and longevity," Loki whispered, "Odin told us this story as children."

"The gifts would be passed to the daughter she carried within her and every first born daughter until her bloodline no longer exists." I continued, watching Loki's eyes widen, "I am one of those daughters."

"Abigail, do you know what this means?" his face was full of shock but then unbelieving joy as well.

"I will not die in a few short decades." I whispered, finding myself more comfortable speaking in the same way as the Asgardians, "That I have centuries to live."

"Oh Abby," he smiled broadly, "I thought we had but one short lifetime together, to know we may have centuries? You could not have made me happier my love."

He kissed me then, drew me into his arms and settled me across his lap. I kissed him back, feeling him tilt his head back so that I had control again. The lust that was growing between us was incredible and I knew that soon we would have to move beyond the kissing, the teasing touches of less intimate areas or we would both go mad. I slid my hand down his chest and stomach but he grabbed my hand and stopped its progress at about his navel. I could feel the muscles clenching as he strained against the movement his body wanted to make.

"No my love," he pulled his lips from mine, "We need not rush this."

I leaned back a bit surprised, the first night we kissed he has seemed ready to take me where he laid and now when he could have me, he was hesitating. I nodded and slid my hand to his side and lay my head on his shoulder, gently kissing his neck.

Lunch came and we ate slowly, occasionally feeding each other and sharing soft kisses. I wished we could stay in this bubble forever, but I knew that soon he would be well enough to leave his quarters and then I would have to return to Earth, provided Odin hadn't come to decision yet.

That night as we cuddled in bed I felt Loki's hand on my stomach and trembled, he ran his fingers along the waist band of my pants and I could feel the conflict in his mind.

"Loki?" I shivered in his arms and he pulled me closer.

"Yes my love."

"Do you not desire me?" I asked, feeling suddenly self-conscious.

"Why would you ask that my love?" he moved so he could see my face and I could see his confusion plain on his face, "You know I do my love, can you not feel it?"

"I am so muddled when I comes to you, I know not which are my feelings and which are yours." I sighed, conflicted, "I think you do; you kiss me so passionately yet will not let it go any further than that."

"Abigail," he sighed, "my sweet, loving Abby, I love you and I desire you so much I am in agony, but I…oh Abby."

"What's wrong my love?" I reached up and stroked his cheek.

"I do not want to disappoint you." He whispered and I gasped in shock.

"Disappoint me?" I tried to search his face for some hint of what he meant but I couldn't find it.

"I am…" he sighed, "I am not as experienced as some men."

"I do not want some men." I whispered, "I want you my love."

"But, what if I cannot please you?"

"You are a god, how could you not?"

"What if I hurt you?" he whispered, "I have never been with a mortal woman before, I do not know how much you could take."

"Try." I whispered, "Start softly and I'll let you know what I need."

He kissed me tenderly and I felt his hand slip under the waistband of my pants.

"You promise you'll tell me if it hurts?"

"Yes." I whispered, pulling him down for a kiss as I opened my legs for him.

He was trembling as I kissed him and I felt my back arch when he cupped my sex. He stopped for a moment and I licked his lips. So softly I wanted to weep from joy he pressed his finger between my lips and I felt him moan.

"So slick." He whispered against my mouth and I sighed as he slowly ran his finger along my slit.

"More." I whispered feeling him just graze my clit, "Right there, more."

He settled his finger against it and pressed a bit harder, stroking and circling. I moaned loudly at the delicious friction and my eyes fluttered closed. I gasped his name as he pressed a bit harder and nibbled my neck.

"Oh yes Loki…just like…that…that's…perfect." I was gasping the words through my pleasure.

"So beautiful." He whispered while nipping my earlobe, "So hot and wet."

"Only…for…you…my love." I couldn't stop gasping and moaning, the feelings were becoming too much.

With one firm roll of my hips against his questing fingers I felt myself shatter into a million pieces. Pleasure like I had never experienced slammed into my body and my back arched hard I screamed in ecstasy. My hip undulated against his fingers and I cried out his name and fisted my hands in the sheets.

I lay in his arms, shaking with pleasure and forced myself to open my eyes; there was astonishment on his face. His fingers were still between my legs but he wasn't moving them. I drew him down for a kiss and gently rolled my hips, making myself shiver.

"You…are…incredible my love." I whispered against his lips, "Never have I experienced pleasure like that. You are truly a god."

He smiled down at me, "You mean that my love?"

"Every word." I smiled.

"I have never had a woman react to my touch like you did." His face flushed with colour, "Most only wanted to be with me because I am a prince and they thought they could improve their standing."

"They are fools."

"Why do you wish to be with me?"

"Because I love you."

"That I am so small does not bother you?"

"You have great strength Loki, size is not everything." I smiled as my eyes drifted lower, "Although, I'd say in some areas you are not by any stretch of the imagination small."

"You…think so?" he seemed unsure.

I slowly pushed him back onto the bed and ran my fingers down his chest and stomach. He was shaking and I could feel his fear.

"Let me see you?" I whispered, running my fingertips around his navel, "Let me…please you?"

His eyes were a mixture of lust and fear but he nodded. I grasped the waist of his pants and started to lower them, careful to lift them over his erection. Touching me had obviously turned him on but I kept my eyes on his face as I drew the pants down his legs. Slowly I let my gaze drift down his body, appreciating the lean muscle in his chest and abs. My eyes widen when I got to his cock.

"Oh…my…god…" the words left my mouth before I realized it, but they were reverent.


I turned my stunned gaze to his face and let him see the admiration and lust in my eyes.

"You are perfect my love."

I stretched my hand out and gently grasped him; he moaned as I wrapped my hand around him and I realized I couldn't full get my hand around. I shivered as I thought of him filling me and slowly drew my hand up and then back down him. His head slammed back into the pillow on a moan and I repeated my movement.

"Abby…" his voice shook, "please…do not…tease me."

"Never my love," I smiled, "I am just getting used to you."

I made my grip a bit firmer and stroked faster, this seemed to be what he wanted because as I moved down he started rocking his hips up to meet my fist. He was panting and his eyes were clenched shut. His head was arched back and I leaned up to nibble his neck, never breaking pace. He groaned my name and I felt him starting to tremble.

"Let it go my love," I whispered in his ear, "let me please you."

"Oh…oh my Abby." He groaned and I felt him stiffen and then pulse in my hand, "Abby."

I kissed him tenderly as I slowed my movements and let him ride out his pleasure. He was cooler than most men, but I figured that was due to him being a Frost Giant. His chest heaved as I pulled back from the kiss and there was a look of shock and almost awe on his face.

"Abby, no one has ever done that for me." he whispered, "No one has ever wanted to touch me like that."

I kissed him softly and tucked a lock of hair behind his ear, "I do. I will. And if you want, I will do so much more my love."

"I do." He kissed me again and sighed, "I fear I have made a mess."

I smiled and lifted my hand which had some of him on it. I watched his face as I put my finger in my mouth and licked it clean. Dear gods I had never tasted anything better; he was almost too sweet but there was a bit of saltiness to him as well and I'm sure I moaned. I saw his eyes widen and continued to clean my hand. When I was done he was in shock.

"Do all…Midgardian women do this?" he asked, pointing at my hand.

"No." I smiled, "And, I have never done so before."

"Why not?"

"I never wanted to." I smiled, "But you are special and I have wanted to taste you for weeks."

Loki shivered, "Such words."

I moved so my lips near his ear, "if you would allow it, my love, my king, I would you take you in my mouth and please you that way as well."

The moan that my words drew from his lips lit my blood on fire. He held me close and I placed my hand on his heart.

"Not tonight sweet Abby, but soon perhaps."

"Whenever you wish my love," I rubbed my fingers against his chest and smiled as he shivered.

"Perhaps, since we are both…sweaty…we could bathe?"

I stood and led him to the bathroom, I had a feeling this would be a good night.