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Dragon watched his beloved wife teach the class certain spells he had learned long ago. She was just as beautiful as she had been that day they had first met. He knew now that it hadn't been chance. It had been fate.

Anastasia's black skirt swirled around her legs as she captivated him and her students. Her waist long, golden hair was undone, falling down her back in soft waves. She looked like an angel. His angel. His priestess.

He had left his own class temporarily in the care of one of the best swordsmen he had come across in years, so he felt confident that he could watch his own in safety. Ah, his own. To this day the title still gave him shivers of joy and contentment. Nyx only knew what he would do without her. Ne needed her, more than he needed even his sword.

Mercy before the sword. That was her only demand all these years Simple in concept, not in execution. Still, he fought the namesake side of himself and kept the monster at bay. She was worth it.

The sounds of rustling paper and nonsense chatter floated to his sensative ears, telling him class, and the school day, were finished. He walked toward her and captured her within his arms. She made a sound of peace and snuggled closer.

A question he already knew the answer to fell from his lips, "Do you ever regret me?"

"No! How could you ever ask that?"

"It's nice to be reassured."

She beamed at him, "You arrogant fool."

"Your arrogant fool."


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