Moments of Mr. & Mrs. Coleman

Chapter 1: Surprises

She lay on her back her legs stretched out in front of her crossed at the ankle. Her shirt was raised exposing smooth, fair skin that was covered in cold, clear jelly. Her husband stood next to her gripping her hand and from the way he was shifting from one foot to the other she could tell he was nervous- a rarity in itself.

Then again he was well relaxed in comparison to their first visit to the office. The obstetrician turned to them placing the wand back on Ariadne's abdomen,

"Alright listening closely and….there it is" they both listened and then their eyes met in wonder. The architects eyes filled with tears and Arthur's were a little glassy as well. He squeezed his wifes hand as they reveled in the sound of their child's heartbeat. The rhythmic noise echoed around the room causing wide smiles to be etched on to the faces of the soon to be parents.

Lisa smiled from where she stood beside Ariadne watching the couple,

"Now would you like to know the sex?" she asked kindly, turning back to the screen considering the image for several moments,

"Yes" Arthur said quickly excitement laced in his voice, however at the same time exactly Ariadnes voice chimed in,

"No" she said simply and the two turned to look at each other. Lisa, simply laughed politely, it was certainly a ride walking these two through pregnancy. But she knew they were going to be wonderful parents without a doubt.

"Ari we have to know the sex. Then we can plan the baby's room and get everything we need. We can be completely ready for him or her when they get here" Arthur explained practically his voice almost automatically taking on his point man tone,

"We can get the uni sex stuff, you know like yellows and greens and come on Arthur it's a surprise!" Ariadne insisted taking no note of her husbands plan,

"We never get surprises!" she added coaxingly and he simply arched an eyebrow in return,

"We always get surprises" he stated dryly recalling all the reasons he had to dread surprises,

"Yeah but this is a good surprise" undeterred Ariadne continued,

"Ari I don't like surprises" Arthur said but Ariadne's smile only widened on her face and her eyes sparkled,

"Well you were pretty excited about the one I let you in on six weeks ago" Arthur grinned this time as he recalled his wife telling him of her pregnancy. Knowing that he couldn't deny her words he sighed softly turning back to the obstetrician,

"We'd like to keep it as a surprise" he said his words only slightly bitter while Ariadne grinned triumphantly, settling back against the bed,

"Stop smirking" he shot at her and she only laughed loudly – the melodic sound combining with the steady pace of his child's heartbeat. He couldn't help but smile widely and leant down to capture her lips before they both looked back up at the screen watching their baby.

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