Moments of Mr & Mrs Coleman

Chapter 2. Little baby bumps

He gulped down the last remnants of coffee quickly stowing away the evidence as he heard Ariadne skipping down the stairs behind him. He really should tell her to be more careful now.

He turned and couldn't help but grin at his girlfriend who stood in front of him.

The back jeans she wore looked as if they were painted on her and yet the point man found they were hard to pay attention to when all she wore on top was a lacy, black bra that her breasts filled out even more than usual, plump with her pregnancy. Normally if Arthur realised that he wasn't focused on either of these things he'd begin to worry what the hell was wrong with him but all he could see was her wide, giddy grin and sparkling eyes.

She walked barefoot towards him and his eyes flitted down as the sparkle of her wedding rings caught his eye. When she was no more than several steps from him he raised an eyebrow at her and her grin only widened even further. She then stopped and swiveled gracefully on her heel, turning sideways.

"Was this here yesterday?" she asked innocently looking up at him and it was then that he saw what she was talking about. His eyes widened. Ariadne raised a hand to settle on her stomach and Arthur felt his heart swell. It was him that took the last few steps to her before he dropped down to his knees softly. He grinned up at her, eye level with her stomach where he could see the barely there bump that was forming. He placed a hand on either sides of her hips and turned her until she was facing him again.

"Hi baby" he breathed into her stomach and he heard her laugh. Looking up at her with wide eyes he spoke,

"Look Ari" she nodded hearing the excitement in his voice that only matched hers,

"I know" she grinned and he smiled again planting a kiss on her stomach just above her belly button. Then, while his hand did not once break contact with her bump, he slowly rose to his feet. Arthur ran a hand down his wife's flushed cheek staring at her with wonder and disbelief.

She reach up and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him even closer to her as his lips met hers. It was a kiss of love; pure, undying, unwavering, everlasting love. It was full of excitement, of hope and passion. It was a kiss of an architect and point man in love, married, in their home, with their child safely between them. And neither could be happier.

"I love you so much" he spoke, the words muffled against her lips.

"I love you too"

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